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January 19, 2010

“Planet Earth” the Discovery Channel Series — Review

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The team at AAN all agree that the BBC series “Planet Earth” on the Discovery Channel was probably the BEST documentary done about this great planet.  We say “was” because the second series will be out in March and we need to wait and see if it’s any better than the original.  The commentator on the original series is Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) and the commentator on the second series will be Oprah Winfrey (‘O’).

All of us on the team have watched all the mini-episodes of the original series many times and we all have enjoyed every moment.  We especially appreciated the “special” episode they did on how the series was photographed.  “Wow!”  Great job you guys and gals.

We all are looking forward to March when the second series premiers and will be reporting on our “take” on the final product.

To Discovery Channel we say, “Bravo! Discovery Channel” on this series. We can only hope that this kind of quality product will replace some of those “dooms day”  or “what if” shows you run to fill time slots.

Nothing we can think of has been done that can match the quality of this series.

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