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May 11, 2009

Wheel of Fortune Challenged

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 We have been watching Wheel of Fortune for many years and still watch it almost every day. When I watch I am usually watching with my wife and she is a word “guru”.  My wife has been known to solve the word puzzles without any letters posted on the board.  She did this just last week on a final puzzle.  This totally amazes me.

 Now I sit there and struggle with every puzzle even though once in awhile when the wife is out of the room, manage to solve the puzzle before the contestant.  Sometimes when I am watching alone and getting close to solving, my wife will walk in to the room, glance at the TV screen, pause for two seconds and she solves the puzzle.  Ugh!

  So in order to “beef” up my word association I secretly started playing “Text Twist” on Yahoo.  In this game they give you several letters and you move the letters to boxes to make words.  In order to continue your game you need to make a word that uses all the letters.  The other words are just bonuses to your score.  It has helped, but just last week I was playing and my daughter just happened to walk by and as she passed she told me the answer without missing a step. Ugh!

  So now when we watch the “Wheel” I sit quietly and listen to my wife and daughter verbally working out the answer.  If for some reason the answer pops in to my head like a flash from divine intervention, I will blurt out the answer.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it makes my day.

  I will continue to do the “Text Twist” if for no other reason than to beat my high score of 38,000.  I don’t remember how I did it, but can only assume a computer glitch had something to do with it.

  At this point I will stop at “nothing” to continue my pursuit of learning more words. 


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