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October 1, 2014

The Voice Season 7 – Blind Auditions

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VioceOnce again we had two night’s of a The Voice Concert and the interactions between Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake are proving to be entertaining in itself.   We were laughing at the bantering and  the crafty way the teams are being built.  Looks like the teams are filling up and the battle rounds will be starting soon.  (I wonder how we add Pharrell to our dictionary so we won’t keep getting the dreaded spell checker underline?).

It’s been a great two nights and we have nothing else to report yet except to leave you with this question, “A cowboy rides in to town on Friday, stays three nights, and leaves on Friday.  How is this possible ?”  (Leave the answer as a comment and we will report next week who posted the correct answer).


September 24, 2014

The Voice Season 7 – Audition Night #2

VioceOnce again another The Voice Concert and we enjoyed every moment.  Sure looks like the two rookie judges have come prepared and are giving Adam and Blake a run for their money.  Pharrell is fun to watch and we would type more about him but when we type his name here we get the dreaded spell check underline.

So finally the season started and we have been waiting for years (exaggeration) for this season to start.  During the break we tuned in on “Rising Star” and we liked the concept, but the execution seemed a little off.  The mentors / judges were terrible, possibly the worst we have seen since Demi Lavto was on the X factor.  There were several times when the “judge” would say to a contestant “I didn’t like when you did that “run”, but I voted yes anyway.”  What?  Talk about two faced ! Kesha rarely voted “no” even when she voiced what she did not like about a performance.  We must say that we picked the winner Jessia Kinch from the 1st time we heard him and hoped he would win.

The other show we watched every week was America’s Got Talent (AGT), and found this to be one of their best seasons ever.  When it got down to the finals it was up for grams as to who was going to win.  Mat Franco one of our favorites took home the million bucks and Emily West came in second, another one of our favorites.

Then after not watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) for two years we tuned in and when it conflicted with AGT we taped it and watched later.  Once again we were impressed by the level of dancing and Valerie was my grand-daughters favorite.  Valerie came in second with Rickie winning.  We are looking forward to next season already.  This show constantly amazes us by the quality of the dancing.

We have nothing else to report except that the special health drink and vitamins just got delivered and we will be reporting on the effects after we use them for about a week.

September 22, 2014

The Voice starts Tonight Finally

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VioceFinally it’s September 22, 2014 and the premier is tonight.  We have seen many promotions over the past few months about the two new judges Pharrell and Gwen Stefani.  Just last week we saw Gwen and Blake on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and they were doing a lip sync challenge, which was awesome.  It’s over on if you want to go see it.  Be prepared to ROFL.

We are so looking for ward to the new season.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get off Twitter long enough to start doing more posts.  We never though Twitter could be so additive but some of those sites with scenic photographs (Pics) are great.  Every time we see a pic that we think is interesting we do the Re-Tweet thingy.  If you are following us on Twitter then you know.

So have a great night and we must wait 3 hours for the West coast (Left coast)  show to start, yeah 3 hours behind the East Coast and two behind the Midwest, but hey when winter starts and you guys are moaning about “below zero” we sit here and smile.

We hope the car poolers will be stooping in every once in awhile.

We need to go out and get some healthy munchies for tonight, yes healthy, no more junk food, well maybe once in awhile, but for the most part it’s healthy and starting tomorrow we found a company that provides a health drink and vitamins (male) going to give a try.  We plan to report our experiences along the way, but we need to use the drink at least a week.

We have NOTHING else to report at this time.

May 26, 2014

The Voice 2014 Final results and some others


Josh_downloadWell folks The Voice winner for 2014 is Josh Kaufman and we have been partying ever since the final show, so that is why the late post.  Josh is a fellow Hoosier and when Josh first auditioned he became our favorite contestant instantly.

Yes way back then and Josh initially chose Adam as his mentor, but during the battle rounds Adam dumped Josh!  Yes Adam DUMPED our favorite contestant!  Well folks, this really ticked us off, so we decided to put a curse on Adam.  We called the AAN team and did a group curse on Adam.  The curse was that during this current season Adam’s hair on his head would change to either white or blonde.  On the other side when ADAM DUMPED Josh, Usher “stole” Josh and then Josh joined Usher’s team, and as we all know went on to win it all.  We think this is the 1st time on The Voice that a contestant that was “saved” won.  We need to research this, but since research is out of our realm and not included in our mission, we leave it to all of you out there in cyberland.  JOSH >>>>>>WTG !!!  (WTG=Way To Go for those who DK (DK=Don’t Know)).





Caleb Johnson won American Idol this season and if you were watching our “tweets” on Twitter, you would have know he was our favorite because we LOVE Rock and Roll! When Caleb sang with KISS, it was like he was part of the band and a seasoned veteran. WTG >>>CALEB!  Because we started following American Idol way back when it first started we still are half-baked fans and watch the show when it gets down to the Top 5 and if a Idol show interferes with The Voice, we watch the Voice like we did this season when Idols final performance show was on the same time The Voice final show was on. (The Idol producers did a “DUH” on this show schedule).





The last biggie that is a winner is Meryl Davis on Dancing with the Stars and as we all know (Or at least most of us) know that Meryl was the partner of Charlie at the Winter Olympics is the Ice Dancing category and they WON GOLD!  Yes folks GOLD!  MERYL>>>>>>>>WTG TWICE !!!!

We don’t follow Dancing With the Stars mainly because it’s on the same time as The Voice and even if it wasn’t we watched it when it first started and never watched again.  However it is highly rated and Meryl’s win needs to be mentioned.  She is a very special and having a great year.






Finally here are the results from the heated “Meet the Peeps” Contest that concluded last week and because there are so many categories you need to follow this link for viewing <<<<  MEET THE PEEPS >>>>>


We have NOTHING else to report except to mention that America’s Got Talent starts soon and we are going to be there!  We are also going to check out So You Think You Can Dance starting soon also our one time favorite a very long time ago.

March 28, 2014


trendingIt’s Friday and we feel like “#Trending” and since this is something new we thought we would give it a shot.  It kinda feels like you slammed your elbow (funny bone) on the edge of a door jam.  Interesting, wonder if we can bottle and sell it?

We know The Voice will be “#trending” next week because the start of the never done before “Battle-round #2”.  Yes, folks, Battle Round #2 is on the agenda this year because the talent is so awesome and they thought they needed more battles is our guess.  Is your favorite still completing?  We have several favorites and we are loving The Voice Concerts each week.

We even started “tweeting” during each show and found that this can become addictive, so we shall be selective. 🙂  We are becoming hash tag fluent and a pro using the backspace bar / button.  Actual er enjoy reading all the tweets, especially the Huffington Post “tweets” are a good read and the variety is endless on all the others, we would guess a zillion different posts, but we can only say a zillion when we are “#trending”.

We have nothing to report right now except to say if you are a smoker why don’t you do yourself and your family a HUGE favor and STOP SMOKING ?  It could be the greatest gift you have ever given and you will be the better for it.  If you quit for long enough then you can start “#trending” along with the billions of others that have already accomplished this task.  So as we go along today and continue “#trending” we wish all of you out there in cyberland many blessings.



March 21, 2014

The Voice Italy — The Nun who rocked the world — Amen!

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TVITALY This was trending today and now The Voice Italy gets world fame by the nun who rocked out and got four chairs to turn.  <<<< CLICK HERE for VIDEO >>>>>

We had the Flying Nun way back when in the US, now Italy has topped us with the singing nun.

We have nothing else to report at this time except we are looking forward to finding the rocking reverend on The Voice India.

March 4, 2014

The Voice — 2014 Season

VioceHey! Hey! Hey! Folks!  Another concert night tonight and last night.  Wow!  We sure have some really great talent once again this year and we have only just begun (That sounds like a song lyric, take a note.)   Week after week The Voice only gets better, the talent and the great judges.  Adam, Shakeria, Blake, and Usher all are great entertainers and sure seem to be having some fun this season.  Tonight we had one of our “pick a winner early” moments and the name of the contestant is “Morgan”.  Watch out folks, this guy can win it all.

Since last week we decided to see what American Idol is up to and so last week we watched the top 13 performance and we did a “tweet” on each of the 1st six contestants.  Yes folks, we can be followed on Twitter, so join us sometime.  The name is the same “alaboutnothing” and we would like to build our audience to around a million (LMAO). Okay,  back to American Idol, The 1st six contestants make a cardinal sin and all of them picked the wrong song, yes folks, they never learn, year after year, song after song, wrong song.  So after the 1st hour we saw Sponge Bob had a special so we set the DVR to record the last hour of Idol and off we went to find Sponge Bob, Patrick, Sandy, and Mr Crab.  The next day we watched the 2nd hour and found it was way better than the 1st hour and as it turns out, the bottom three contestants on results night were all from the 1st hour of the performance night.  The contestant that went home we Kristen was one of the worse of the bunch and as we said when the top 13 were picked, she should never have been picked.  This just goes to show you how lame the judges on Idol are.  We do like Keith Urban, he usually has a very good comment, but J-LO is one of those judges who seems like she doesn’t want anyone to get mad at her, she hems and haws and babbles about some of the really bad performances.  Yada – Yada-  on an on..babbling.  Then  you have Harry, the new guy and he is all over the place with his comments.

One of the judges (Not Keith) made the comment to one of the contestants “That was a powerful performance, but it would sure help if you sang in key.”  “Singing out of key sometimes works, but on this performance it did not.”  So what the heck does that mean?  What was missing after “powerful” was “enough to get you kicked off the show in a heartbeat”?  I would love to hear what Simon Cowell would say when he hear that comment.  Yes folks, Simon Cowell is the all time greatest judge that once occupied the American Idol stage.  He is missed!

Our advice to all of you out there in cyberland is to wait and watch Idol when the show gets down to the top 4-5.  That is when it should be worth watching.  If you want to see more “pick the wrong song” antics then continue this week.  We are checking Sponge Bob’s schedule this week.

Our new discovery is The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  This guy makes us laugh and more than just a LOL, more like a ROFLMAO.  To bad he is on so late (West coast time) but we tape his show every night and watch some of his skits on You Tube.  Here is one of our favorite links from Jimmy’s show <<<< CLICK HERE >>>>>>

We have nothing else right now we hope you enjoyed our new smoke free environment. (We are loving it). (Try it Aaron)




February 25, 2014

The Voice — Season 2014 Night #2

VioceWell folks, what can we say but “WOW!  That was one great show last night!”.  Once again the best voice reality show on the airways / fiber optic lines starts a new season with some of the greatest talent (and judges we might add) in the universe.  Every show is a concert in progress and we are enjoying every moment.

Looks like Shakira and Usher are out for a win this year, and Adam already has some great team members.  Don’t count out Blake, he will sneak right in also and as usual the judge antics, are always a perk to watching.

Last night there was one fellow that we were surprised that no chairs turned.  He was the one that sang “Blurred Lines” and that is one of my favorite songs and he sang it really great, but did not get any chair turns.  The judges said that his dancing may have interfered with the vocals, but that did not come across on our end.  It would be cool if The Voice producers would bring that guy back and give him another chance.  We think that guy could be a winner this year, even though the last singer last night was awesome.

We have nothing else to add right now except that we are looking forward to night #2 and another concert.  We hope all the car poolers are back this year and enjoying each show as much as us.   It was kind of weird using a tablet to post last night because it’s so different than a full laptop, however, it all takes getting used to.

Oh and a quick shout-out to all visitors that this is a No smoking post.  Please extinguish whatever your puffing on and enjoy a clean air and healthy environment.

February 24, 2014

The Voice — 2014

VioceWe have been waiting what seems like forever for this season to start and now it’s here !  we are kick’n back and enjoying the first show this year.  After enduring the start of American Idol and the never ending J-Lo self promotion, it is so refreshing to watch The Voice season 2014.

We have nothing to add right now except this is or first post from a tablet.

December 18, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Season 5 Final Results

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VioceWell folks our congratulations go out to Tessanne Chin for winning this season.  Clearly America got it right.  Tessanne won this reporter over withing the last few weeks and we agree that she should be “The Voice” this year.  Once again both shows this week were like seeing a concert with all the great singing going on.

So now you ask, “What now?”.  Well folks we are happy to report that The Voice Season 6 startes February 24, 2014 and joining Adam and Blake will be Shakira and Usher.  The two rookie mentors are going to try again,

Also ending this season this week is the X-Factor, and Simon says they will be back next year.  Hopefully with new judges / mentors.

So folks it was a great season and February is not so far away, and we must add that midway through The Voice this year we picked James W. to win it all.  Now I must say, that we rarely pick winners, but I was so sure that I said “If James W. does not win this year I will quit smoking.”  (Smoke free for 24 hours as of right now.  Get back on your chair Brandon)

We have nothing else to report and we would like to thanks all the folks out there that stopped by and read our posts, and hopefully will return often.  Hey, American Idol starts soon and we see that J-Lo is returning as a judge and Randy is gone.

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