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March 28, 2014


trendingIt’s Friday and we feel like “#Trending” and since this is something new we thought we would give it a shot.  It kinda feels like you slammed your elbow (funny bone) on the edge of a door jam.  Interesting, wonder if we can bottle and sell it?

We know The Voice will be “#trending” next week because the start of the never done before “Battle-round #2”.  Yes, folks, Battle Round #2 is on the agenda this year because the talent is so awesome and they thought they needed more battles is our guess.  Is your favorite still completing?  We have several favorites and we are loving The Voice Concerts each week.

We even started “tweeting” during each show and found that this can become addictive, so we shall be selective. 🙂  We are becoming hash tag fluent and a pro using the backspace bar / button.  Actual er enjoy reading all the tweets, especially the Huffington Post “tweets” are a good read and the variety is endless on all the others, we would guess a zillion different posts, but we can only say a zillion when we are “#trending”.

We have nothing to report right now except to say if you are a smoker why don’t you do yourself and your family a HUGE favor and STOP SMOKING ?  It could be the greatest gift you have ever given and you will be the better for it.  If you quit for long enough then you can start “#trending” along with the billions of others that have already accomplished this task.  So as we go along today and continue “#trending” we wish all of you out there in cyberland many blessings.



March 21, 2014

The Voice Italy — The Nun who rocked the world — Amen!

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TVITALY This was trending today and now The Voice Italy gets world fame by the nun who rocked out and got four chairs to turn.  <<<< CLICK HERE for VIDEO >>>>>

We had the Flying Nun way back when in the US, now Italy has topped us with the singing nun.

We have nothing else to report at this time except we are looking forward to finding the rocking reverend on The Voice India.

February 25, 2014

The Voice — Season 2014 Night #2

VioceWell folks, what can we say but “WOW!  That was one great show last night!”.  Once again the best voice reality show on the airways / fiber optic lines starts a new season with some of the greatest talent (and judges we might add) in the universe.  Every show is a concert in progress and we are enjoying every moment.

Looks like Shakira and Usher are out for a win this year, and Adam already has some great team members.  Don’t count out Blake, he will sneak right in also and as usual the judge antics, are always a perk to watching.

Last night there was one fellow that we were surprised that no chairs turned.  He was the one that sang “Blurred Lines” and that is one of my favorite songs and he sang it really great, but did not get any chair turns.  The judges said that his dancing may have interfered with the vocals, but that did not come across on our end.  It would be cool if The Voice producers would bring that guy back and give him another chance.  We think that guy could be a winner this year, even though the last singer last night was awesome.

We have nothing else to add right now except that we are looking forward to night #2 and another concert.  We hope all the car poolers are back this year and enjoying each show as much as us.   It was kind of weird using a tablet to post last night because it’s so different than a full laptop, however, it all takes getting used to.

Oh and a quick shout-out to all visitors that this is a No smoking post.  Please extinguish whatever your puffing on and enjoy a clean air and healthy environment.

December 5, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Results

VioceSo Mathew was sent home this week and he has not had a good performance in the last few weeks.  So America was right on. And James W. our favorite was saved by the instant save.

Now we have found a way around the west coast being eliminated from the “instant save” and it just so happens that James was saved, possibly because our votes counted.  This is what we did.  The “instant save” opens for votes about 10 minutes before the show ends at 9:00 PM EST.  So at 8:45 PM EST (5:45 PST) we started Tweeting our saves for James and “bingo” James was saved this week.  We did our “instant save” without knowing James was in the bottom, kind of a “just in case” James winds up in the bottom two.  (It worked).

We were surprised to see Cole move on.  It’s probably because Blake’s fans are voting the last one standing on Blake’s Team.  Even though James is our favorite, right now it looks like Jacquie is the front runner.  The girl can sing up a storm.

Today on Ellen D.’s show Adam Levine was a guest and she asked him about why the west coast is not included in the “instant save”.  Adam answered with “the voting is really crazy.” and  never did answer the question.  The only answer is The Voice executives don’t give a hoot about the west coast voting.  Well, to them we say, if this keeps up we will stop watching next year and hey you guys, I am holding up my hand and giving you a west coast wave.  You know what kind of wave, it’s like when your diving down the road and someone cuts in front of you without warning.

Next Monday after The Voice episode ends another show we like “The Sing-Off ” starts it’s new season.  In fact, we have been following this show from the day it started.   Stay tuned and watch if you want to see folks singing without being accompanied by a band.  (a cappella competition ).

Other than having survived the Black Friday week-end frenzy of shopping spree, which will be described in our next post, we have nothing to add at this time.


November 27, 2013

The Voice 2013 — This weeks results

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VioceMonday was another live concert and Will doing an Etta James song just plain blew us away.  That was the 2nd “WOW” and then Jacquie the amazing 16 year old was a “WOW! WOW!”.  It always amazes us when someone that young can sing so great and with all that soul.  We agree with Cee-Lo when he asked her “Did you swallow an old lady?”. How else could sh sing with such feeling.  And then there is James W., or as we call him “The Singing Stockbroker” and still our favorite.  He kicked off the show with an amazing Queen song and that was our 1st “WOW!”.  At this point it looks like anyone can win, but the above mentioned our our top 3.

On another note are you out there in cyberland ready for the deluge of Christmas commercials coming your way.  The first we saw was the day after Halloween, Disneyland ran one and then 1 day later we saw a Walmart one.  Nothing like starting early.

Now we have to say that Monday was a highlight day because Lady Gaga was on the Ellen D. show and we are HUGE fans of Lady Gaga.  In fact as we type this post the song “Poker Face” is running through our mind.  The shocker was that we had never seen Lady Gaga without out all that elaborate makeup and outrageous attire.  She showed up on Ellen just like anyone else except for the elf-like shoes.  And you know what?  She is very attractive without all the face “paste”.  We thought the interview was also very insightful and we really enjoyed it.



Yes folks the lady in Pink / Red is Lady Gaga.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to wish all of you out there in cyberland a very Happy Thanksgiving and if your outside the USA, have a Happy and Peaceful Day!

November 13, 2013

The Voice 2013 — 1st Live Performances

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VioceWell folks, we had our first experience with the lame technology used on The Voice.  They were promoting the “last minute save via Twitter” all through the show, but when it came time to save one of the bottom three contestants, because we are on the west coast and tape delayed, we could not vote / tweet our save.  So basically the person saved at the last minutes was based on East Coast / Midwest time zones, not a country wide vote.  Normally we would go on and on about how great The Voice is, but it has lost something now that the west coast is not a participant, just a viewer.

Hope you all enjoyed last night and Monday’s shows.

We have nothing else to report except top say we really liked Cee-Lo’s shades last night.  We called them “Gordie” Shades.  (Trekkie fans will understand)


November 8, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Results

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VioceWell folks we are sorry to say our favorite contestant went bye-bye last night.  Good ole P-R-E-S-T-O-N decided on last Monday’s performance to “changed it up to show his versatility” and like we said in our last post, that was the kiss of death for him.  Hopefully others will learn this tough lesson, but we doubt it because they keep doing it over and over again.  So now Preston has to “change it up” again and get a job.

Next week starts the “live” performances leading up to this years winner in the weeks ahead and there are some really fine contestants this year.  Every show is like a concert and we are looking forward to the upcoming shows.

Is your favorite still in the running?  We wonder who the car-poolers favorite is?

We nothing else to report at this time except to say that last Thursday night was the Country Music Awards show and it started the same time the X-Factor did and we know the CMA Show is always a great one so we watched it.  Did you?  I know Joe didn’t because he was out looking for cheetah’s.

November 6, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Two Night singing for votes

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VioceWell folks two great nights of awesome performances once again.  This time the contestants were singing for the viewing audience votes and tomorrow night will be the results show.  Did you vote for your favorite?  The viewing audience will decide who goes through and who goes home.

There is something we don’t understand and it’s when a contestant says, “This week I am going to change it up and show my versatility.”  We have seen this time and time again, on all the vocal reality shows, and it never works.  Usually when they “change it up” it sound like garbage and the last two nights the contestants that did this sounded terrible.  What is the thinking that decides this?  The contestant has fans because the fans like their original style.  For example if you like someone who sings rock, the why would they decide to change their style and sing country?  We can see going from an upbeat song to maybe a slow song, but changing their style?  No way!  They got into the Voice with a certain style and when they change it, it broadcasts that they don’t  have a clue what style they are comfortable with.  Like they just don’t know where they are going with their music.  “Duh!”  I want to see the contestant that knows where they are going and stays true to themselves and their fans.

We have nothing else at this time except to say that we did not watch the entire Voice on Monday because we have been waiting months for the “November Nine” live from Los Vegas WPT (World Poker Tour) and because it was a live broadcast we wanted to see these guys just plain play poker.  So we did the remote clicking back and forth between the shows.  We did tape The Voice however and watched it later in it’s entirety.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow night.

October 29, 2013

The Voice — Knock Out rounds after the Battle Rounds

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VioceWell folks, what can we say?  Another GREAT night of The Voice and now we are doing the knockouts getting ready for the “LIVE” Shows.  We have yet to see Preston again, but we shall be patient.

We had a new idea for Cee-Lo, instead of the tattoo he initially had on his noggin that was just one color, he should try a multi-color like red, yellow, green, etc.  Or he should paste an ad for say Pepsi and make some extra cash to pay for the tattoo and maybe donate some to a good cause.

So to all of you out there in cyberland we will once again be watching tonight and we are sending a shout out to Brandon and his cousin who kindly visited our site this past weekend>>>>Hey Cous, howdy!

We have nothing else to report right at this moment except to say “get the flu shot if you haven’t already.”

October 23, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Battle Rounds Tuesday

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VioceFinally we got to see our favorite Preston and he won his round.  Of course it’s early but we are picking him as a top 3 contender, maybe even the winner this year.  There are a few others we have our eye on but right now it’s Preston that is looking like a winner.  The whole point is for the contestants to grow into much more mature vocalists and that will continue on through this season.  It’s up to the mentors / team leaders to establish this.  Right now it doesn’t look like team Blake has a contender, but we shall see.   Maybe if Cee-Lo “dons” his tattoo once again his team will rise up this year.  Christina’s seems to have a weak team but Christina looks good.

We have nothing else to report except to ask you all out there in cyberland have you ever driven by a major airport like LAX where the jets fly right over the freeway (For those in the Midwest in California we call what you call expressways, we call freeways) anyway, where the jets are landing right over your head.  It’s like you accidentally got on the runway they are so close.  So here is a video that might show you what we are talking about.  The guy in the Jeep is Joe when he was in southern California on one of his Cheetah expeditions and driving past LAX. << CLICK HERE >>>>

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