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June 20, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – VEGAS (4 Days)

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, Debbie, Adam, Tyce, and Lil’C.

181 Dancers made it through to Vegas after the preliminary auditions. Tonight went through 4 days of several rounds ending with 35 dancers competing for the top 20 spots.  As usual there was drama, injuries, tears, dancers dancing for their lives, and some really great dancing.

One thing for sure is the Vegas round highlights are a blur.  This show only features a few dancers like Alexia and Cyrus to name a few.  We don’t get detailed with our reporting during Vegas “week”, but here is a summary of tonight’s show.

Day 1 Started with each dancer doing a solo is their specialty style.

With the solos completed 51 dancers were sent home.

Then the choreography rounds started.  Now the dancers learn structured dance routines taught by the choreographers from SYTYCD.  Remember also these routines are not necessarily the dancer’s specialty and this is where many dancers can’t handle the “new” styles and there are many new styles to some.  If they “nail” the routine they stay, but even some of the dancer’s that were dancing their specialty could not handle the structured environment and either were sent home or volunteered to go home.  Also all the rounds will be danced with partners, which adds a twist to some of the dancers.

Round Style – Hip-Hop – Choreographers Twitch and Comfort

Hampton Williams the genius Hip-Hopper that dazzled the judges and us with his solo could not handle the structured routine and volunteered to go home.  (His solo was just plain “sic”)

On the flip side many dancers that were out of their style with Hip-Hop moved on, in all 97 dancers moved on.

Day 2

Round Style – Broadway — Choreographer Tyce

More dancers were cut.  Over ½ have been cut to this point.

Round Style – Jazz – Choreographer Sonya

16 more dancers were cut

Next came the Group Round.  Now the dancers will choreograph their own routines after picking their music at random.  In previous seasons the group members were picked randomly, but this year the dancers could choose who they wanted in their group.

Day 3

After practicing their routines through the night, the Group Routines were danced.  There were some not so good routines and some outstanding routines.  When the final groups were complete, 61 dancers were left.

The partnered dancing continued with the round style – Cha-Cha.  Music “Let’s Get Loud”

There were more cuts, tears, and outstanding dancing.

<Alexia shined and moved on>

Hip-Hopper Cyrus danced for his life and knocked the judge’s socks off and ours also.  Cyrus moved on.  (Keep in mind that a few seasons ago the winner, Joshua Allen’s specialty was Hip-Hop).

52 Dancer are left.

Day 3 Late

Round Style – Contemporary – Choreographer Travis Wall

This round we call “The Fatigue Round” because the dancers have been going basically non-stop for 3 very long days.

The dancers were called to the stage after the round and more were cut.

Day 4

Joshua Alexander was injured practicing a new “Flip” move and taken to the hospital.

The Final Round was solos by each dancer, which is basically “Dancing for their lives” to remain a contestant.

At the end of the today 35 dancers were left.

Next week will be the choosing of the Top 20.

We have nothing else to report except to note that the outstanding performance for this reporter was the opening solo by Hampton Williams.  He is classed as a Hip-Hop style, but Hampton creates a routine so highly modified that we think a totally new style should be created.  (How about “HWing”?)  I don’t recall being completely awe-stricken by a Hip-Hop dance routine, but every time we have seen Hampton dance we are at a loss for words to describe how beautifully he dances.  You will be missed Hampton Williams.

June 13, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Auditions #4 Salt Lake City

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Adam Shankman.

The idea for these dancers is to get a ticket to “Vegas” to continue their journey.  If the dancer does a great routine they usually get sent straight to Vegas, but if the dancer performs a so-so routine the judges will send them to choreography.  In choreography the dance will learn a partnered routine and the dance again for the judges.  The judges will then decide whether or not to send the dancer to Vegas.

Tonight’s Highlights:

1] Whitney Carson #15345     Style: Cha-Cha-Tango
Whitney got a “Holy Moley” from Nigel.  We think Whitney just plain “nailed” her routine tonight.  She has it all, the looks, technique, and the grace.  To quote Adam, “You are #@!^% awesome.”
Vegas – YES

2] Lynn Gravatt #15275           Style: Contemporary (Spiritually guided)
Lynn was very entertaining but not very good in her technique.  A very sweet soul.
Vegas – NO

3] Deanna “Dee” #15081        Style: Contemporary
Oh my!  This was a beautifully danced routine and we enjoyed every moment.
Vegas – YES

4] Gene L. #15210                  Style: Contemporary (Praying Mantis)
Gene is a very unique dancer and we did not know what to expect before he started, so we expected nothing and we really enjoyed the entire routine.
Vegas – YES

5] Lindsay Arnold #15113       Style: Latin Ballroom
Lindsay danced with a partner and it was a fabulous routine.  She had great technique and the routine just seemed to flow so smoothly.
Vegas – YES

6] Mariah #15245                    Style: Crump
Mariah blew us away with a great (Buck) routine with really strong moves.
Mariah was sent to choreography.
Vegas – YES

7] Murphy Lang #15107          Style: Hip-Hop
Even though Murphy is not formally trained he was entertaining and performed a really creative routine.
Murphy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO

8] Derian #15078                    Style: Contemporary
From the first step we could see this was going to be a special routine and we were once again blown away.  Bravo!  (We think top 20 for Derian)
Vegas – YES

9] A duet Johnny Ahn #15151 and Whitney #15152   Style: Ballroom
This was a very good routine even though chemistry was lacking between the partners.  Overall we enjoyed it.
Both dancers were sent to choreography
Vegas – N for both dancers

10] Adrian Lee #15003            Style: Contemporary
Adrian just missed the top 20 last year and this year he is amazingly a better dancer.  This routine was an easy bravo!
Vegas – YES (Top 20 this year?)
By the way, Adrian’s mom also received a ticket to Vegas.

11] Rachel Adams #15251     Stlye: Burlesque / Jazz
We agree with Nigel on this one.  He said, “To much running around and not enogh dance moves.”  We might add there was also to much “grinding”.
Rachel was sent to choreogrphy.
Vegas – YES (Showed potential)

12] Leroy Martinez #15223     Style: Hip-Hop
Leroy not only inspired us, he also inspired the judges with his story and dancing.  That was one awesome Hip-Hop routine  We were not only inspired by Leroy’s dancing, but we were also inspired by his humanity.  Leroy works with a foundation for kids in Sacramento.  The name of the foundation is “The Peace Makers”.
Leroy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO (we must sadly report)  Great human being – YES

We have nothing more to report except to remind all of you that next week starts “Vegas” week usually known as “Hell Week”.

And we would like to send “congat’s” to Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants for pitching a ”P e r f e c t” game tonight.  (1st one in Giant’s history)

June 6, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Auditions #3 Atlanta

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Debbie Allen

The point of the auditions is to get a ticket to “Vegas” and continue this journey.

If a dance performance does not “dazzel” the judges, but the dancer looks like they have potential on this show, the dancer is sent to choreography where they learn a routine and dance with a partner.  They the dance the routine for the judges and the judges decide whether the dancer continues on to Vegas or not.

Tonight’s Highlights

1] Audrey Case #2587            Style: Contemporary
We started tonight with a “Wow”.  Audrey has the “look”, the moves, and the technique along with dancing an outstanding routine. Audrey really shined tonight.
Vegas — YES

2] Boris Denton #2725            Style: Hip-Hop
Now this was a very interesting Hip-Hop routine because Boris danced to classical piano music and it was excellent.  Boris received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.  Bravo!  Debbie Allen said, “That was true artistry.”
Vegas – YES

3] Joshua Alexander #2198    Style: Contemporary
Another great routine danced with power, and technique.  A beautifully danced routine.
Vegas – YES

4] Tim Conkel #2086               Style: Hip-Hop with Karate flavor
Tim did some incredible moves, but Nigel questioned whether it was dancing or just tricks.  Nigel asked Tim if he had been trained in any other styles and Tim said, “I had a week of ballet.”  Nigel asked Tim to show him some ballet moves and if it was good enough, he would get to go to Vegas.  Tim did what turned out to be a pretty good ballet routine that brought out his personality.
Vegas – YES

5] Danielle Dominguez #2058            Style: Contemporary
Danielle danced a very good routine that show her to be unique in her style.
Vegas – YES

6] Andrea Rucker #2736                     Style: Hip-Hop
We have never seen Hip-Hop like this routine and we say this because all the moves were simply amazing.
Vegas – YES

7] Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer #2726        Style: Hip-Hop
This Hip-Hip routine was just plain “SIC”.  Every move was astounding and we were glued to the screen and enjoying every movement.  We wanted more!
Vegas – YES
Note: Cyrus has two other roommates that dance and they are Andrea #2736 and Boris #2725 and all are going to Vegas.

8] Courtney Kirby #2111         Style: Contemporary
This was a beautifully danced routine with great technique and graceful power.
Vegas – YES

9] Asher Walker #2095           Style: Hip-Hop (Self taught)
Asher gave a fresh look to Hip-Hop in this routine.  Asher showed his personality along with some original moves.
Vegas – YES

10] George Lawrence II #2519            Style: Contemporary
Mary Murphy said it best, “Of all the dancers we have seen so far in Atlanta, you are the best.”
Vegas – YES

11] Brittany      #2100  Style: Jazz
Brittany danced a very nice routine and we like it.  The judges also liked it and though she had great potential to grow.
Vegas – YES

12]  A duet of Damon #2479 and Deon #2480           Style: Hip-Hop
These two guys really danced a great routine and it was very entertaining.
Both guys were sent to choreography.
Deon – Vegas – NO
Damon – Vegas – YES

We have nothing to add right now except to say that every year we say the talent this year is the best ever and we have to say the same again this year.  This shows how shows like SYTYCD bring dancing up to new levels every year.

Next week the auditions continue.

See ya’all next week!

May 30, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 — Auditions #2 Los Angeles


Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Jessie Tyler Fergeson.

The point of the auditions is to get a ticket to “Vegas” and continue this journey.




Tonight’s Highlights:

1] Alexa Anderson #20226      Style: Contemporary
(Alexa made to “Vegas” last year, but was cut just short of the top 20 picks).
Tonight she showed why she made to “Vegas” last year and was even better this year.
Vegas — YES

2] Johnny “Waacks” #20229   Style: Wacking
Straight from “Soul Train” Johnny wacked his way all around the stag.
Vegas – NO

3] Elaina Girard #20527          Style: Contemporary
This was another great routine with awesome dance movement.  This dance is something special and we are looking forward to seeing her again.  Nigel said, “This in one of the best girl dancers this season”.  Mary added, “Looks like top 20 material”.
Vegas – YES

4] A duet – Nick (20354) and James (20359) (Twins)            Style: Contemporary
Before the dancing started these two fellows proved to really have great personalities and we were entertained completely.
This reporter was surprised when we saw how good the dance routine was.  Very good you guys!
Vegas – NO  — Vegas was a no because the age limit this year is 30 and the twins were too old to continue, but they were greatly honored to have participated this year.

5] Sam Lenarz #20152           Style: Contemporary
It seems that Sam’s mother had thrown her out of the house a few weeks earlier and she was not living with friends.  This girl did one of the most beautiful routines we have seen this season.  We totally enjoyed every moment.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

6] Caley Carr #28184              Style: Tap
Caley did a tap routine with attitude, confidence, and even threw is his personality.  We like the routine.
Caley was sent to choreography but did NOT get sent to Vegas.
7] Megan Branch #20192        Style: Contemporary
Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  Megan danced with great technique and creative moves that we have not seen executed so effortless in a long time.  (We are thinking top 20 here).
Vegas – YES

8] Cole Horibe #20569            Style: Contemporary
Cole has a martial arts background and incorporated the moves into his dance routine and it was a great one.  His moves were powerful and he left us wanting to see more.
Vegas – YES

9] David Matz #20259    Style: Cyr Wheel < Click here>
The routine was amazing in itself, but was it dancing?  We don’t think so.  It was more for the circus where David usually performs.  David was sent to choreography but was NOT sent to Vegas.

10] Steven Jacobson #20270             Style: Ballet
On the first try David really made a mockery out of the routine he poorly attempted to dance Ballet to modern music.  Nigel saw that he was trained and offered him another chance to perform classical ballet.  On the second try it was an awesome performance with great moves.
Vegas – YES

11] Jonathon Anzalone #20435          Style: B-Boy
Johnathon auditioned four years ago but had a really bad attitude and was turned down.  This year he danced one of the most entertaining B-Boy routines we have seen and was sent to choreography, but did NOT get a ticket to veags.

12] Jasmine Mason #20564                Style: Jazz
Wow!  This was another fantastic dance routine with beautiful movement and so creative.  We are not big Jazz fans, but we are now.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

13] Marshae Mason #20567 (Jasmine’s brother)       Style: Contemporary
A few weeks ago Marshae was in a car accident where he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, but turned out he wasn’t.  He did go into a coma for two days and now he was attempting to do what his passion is – Dance.
It was an amazing routine and we could see the joy on his face during the entire dance.
Vegas — YES

We have nothing to add right now.

Next week the auditions continue and we found tonight once again refreshing and a delightful change form the bevy of “song” formatted competitions in recent months.

See ya’all next week!

May 24, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance 2012 — Season 9

We have been waiting for months for our all time favorite dance show to start the new season 9.  So You Think You Can Dance premiered tonight with the first round of auditions.  From what we have read there will be many changes this year, like the show will only be on once a week on Wednesdays for two hours of non-stop dancing.  Also a “biggie” — this year there will be two winners, yes two winners this season.  One boy and one girl.  We have always wondered why they didn’t do this in the first place, but we know everything gets better with age. (Except for American Idol)  Here is a link to follow that give even more details on this years changes.  < Click here >

Also back this year will be the two weekly judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy with a third guest judge each week helping out.  Cat Deeley will once again be the Host along with the “All Star” dancers from the past few years.

Tonight’s Highlights

New York Auditions – Guest judge Tyce D.

1] Amelia Lowe #10317          Style: Contemporary
We started tonight with a “Wow!”
Vegas – YES

2] Toshihiko #11142                Style: Hip-Hop / Contemporary / and everything else J
This was very entertaining with some original movement.
Tosh got through to choreography, but could not handle it and walked out.
Vegas – NO

3] Austin Freeman #10402     Style: Mr. Wiggle (Invented by Austin)
We got nervous just watching this routine.
Vegas – NO

4] Shafeek #10420                  Style: Contemporary Hip-Hop
This was an amazing routine with original moves.  Strong, powerful, and a joy to watch.
Vegas – YES

5] Leo Reyes #10165              Style: Contemporary
This was another beautifully danced routine.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

6] Chehon #1197                    Style: Contemporary
This was a “WOW!” from the get-go.  Powerful dance movement, and simply a beautiful routine to enjoy watching.  Bravo!  (We think this is a top ten contender).
Vegas – YES (No doubt)

Dallas Auditions – Guest Judge Lil “C”

7] Brie Hafen #6929                Style: Contemporary
Another excellent routine — graceful and a joy to watch.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

8] Stepheon #8253                  Style: Modified Hip-Hop
This was definitely different in a good way.  Mostly original moves by an obviously original dancer.
Vegas – YES

9] Hampton #6893                  Style: Exorcist (Freestyle)
This is probably the most original routine / dancer we have seen in all 8 seasons of SYTYCD.  It was plain amazing!
Vegas – YES

10] Daniel Baker #8708          Style: Contemporary
This was another “WOW!” routine.  It was powerful, original, and we were completely entertained.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

11] Sam #8908                       Style: Lyrical Freestyle
A great try from a dear soul that has such beautiful energy in his routine.
Vegas – NO

12] Von Kidder #unknown       Style: B-Boy
When it comes to dancing Von talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.  The routine was boring, but probably would have been much better if Von wore the gerbil costume.
Vegas – NO

13] Jarelle #8737                     Style: Contemporary
A proud Mom watched her son perform an absolutely beautiful dance routine and we enjoyed each moment along with her.  Jarelle told a story with his dance and this is what this show is all about.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

Next week the auditions continue and we found tonight a refreshing and delightful change form the bevy of “song” formatted competitions in recent months.  The great thing about SYTYCD is the focus is the contestants and the judges are fans even though the judges make the decision of who stays and who goes in the beginning.  The judges on this show do not compete with each other nor are they “legends in their own minds” like the other “vocal” shows we have been viewing since the beginning of the year.

We have nothing to add except we applaud Phillip Phillips on becoming this year’s American Idol.

See y’all next week!

August 11, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 4 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judges Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes.

The contestants did four routines tonight one with an “All Star” as a partner, one with one of the other contestants as a partner, one with both girls and both boys, and a solo.  The solo will not be judged, but it gives you one last chance to see your favorite in their specialty before the final results tomorrow night.  The “All Star” dancers are past competitors from previous seasons of  SYTYCD.

Remember folks, tomorrow night is the final show this season and America’s Favorite Dancer will be chosen by your voting.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with All Star (AS = All Star):

1] Melanie and Marko – Style: Disco                           Song “I Feel Love”
This was the first Disco Style this season and it was just okay for us.  It was entertaining but not even close to a “wow”.

2] Sasha and AS Mark – Style: Contemporary           Song “Raise Your Weapon”
Sasha was in her specialty and she “nailed” this routine.  Sasha showed her great technique, power, energy and intensity in this routine.  Natalie should be proud of her sister on this performance.

3] Tadd and AS Joshua – Style: Hip-Hop                   Song “Hustle Hard”
Joshua won SYTYCD on season 4 and it was great seeing him perform once again.  He our favorite all season long and tonight Tadd stayed right up with him on this routine.  Tadd showed great energy, technique, and power in this routine.  It was a great performance by both dancers and fun to watch.  The “swag” was on.

4] Melanie and AS Robert – Style: Contemporary      Song “Sacrifice”
Melanie showed her great technique, power, and her special touch of drama in this routine.  Every week she “brings” it and she continued once again this week with a beautiful performance.

5] Marko and Sasha – Style: Broadway                      Song “Whatever Lola Wants”
This is a tough style to “nail” and we think tonight was only a “so-so” performance by both dancers.  If we had to choose, Sasha out danced Marko with her power, but overall it was a disappointing performance by both.

6] Melanie’s solo routine – Style: Contemporary        Song “Song For Viola”

7] Marko’s solo routine – Style: Contemporary           Song “The Fear You Won’t Fall”

8] Tadd and Sasha – Style: Cha-Cha                         Song “Raindrops”
We agree with Mary when she said, “This entire routine was a struggle for both dancers”.  We actually think the choreography given to the dancers was lame, but they did the best they could with it.

9] Marko and AS Lauren – Style: Contemporary              Song “Shirk”
Lauren is last seasons SYTYCD winner and this routine was danced nicely by both dancers.  We enjoyed every movement by Marko and his technique constantly amazes us.  Bravo!  This was our first “wow” tonight.

10] Tadd’s solo – Style: B-Boy                                   Song “Mamma Knows Best”

11] Marko and Tadd – Style: Jazz      Song “Show Me Want You Are Working With”
Another “wow!” and a great job by both dancers.  It was entertaining with excellent technique, and they told a story and that gets a “Bravo!”

12] Sasha’s solo – Style: Contemporary                    Song “Be Be Your Love”

13] Melanie and Sasha – Style: Contemporary          Song “Heart Asks Pleasure First”
This performance simply put was a great performance by both dancers.  Another powerful story told by the dance and the dancers told it to perfection.  Bravo!

14] Marko and Tadd – Style: Stepping                      Song “B.O.B.”
We really enjoyed this performance because we thought both dancers “nailed” the routine.  A solid routine by both dancers but not quite a “wow”.

Our favorite routine tonight
Melanie and Sasha

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and America’s Favorite Dancer for Season 8 will be chosen in the final show this season.

We have nothing else to report tonight except that at the end of the show Nigel predicted that this years winner would be a girl.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow for the results and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.

August 5, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 — Final Top 4 Pic’s

Top 2 Guys:

Top 2 Girls:


(Mouse over each picture to get the dancers name)

We have nothing else to report at this time except to say its been one great season.

August 4, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 6 Results

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest Lil ‘C’.

Tonight the judges did make the decision as to who was leaving the show.  The boy and girl that received the least votes left the competition this season.

Leaving tonight is Ricky and Caitlynn.

As we say to all the departing contestants, “To Ricky and Caitlynn we send our congratulations for making the Top 6 and even though you are leaving tonight, let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

Other highlights from tonight:

Kent Boyd (Runner up last season) and Lauren Froderman (Winner last season) danced the “You and I Collide” routine and were amazing as usual.

The “Bad Boys of Dance” did a routine we found that the name needs to be changed because there was also a girl dancer included.  Nice routine however.

Pia Toscano from this seasons American Idol, sang her new single “The Time”.  Pia was one of our favorites and even though she left the show early, you can bet that Pia will be around the music industry for a very long time.  She has one of those voices that come along rarely.  It a great seeing her perform once again.

So folks, next week will be the final show for SYTYCD Season 8 and the four competitors will be Sasha, Melanie, Tadd, and Marko.

We have nothing more to add at this time except because we know nothing we are always searching for more information and we found that Wikipedia (The internet information center) has some pretty good statics on SYTYCD.  If you are interested please < Click here >

Have a peaceful week and we hope to see you again next week.  Thank all of you out there in cyberland for your support.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 6 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judges Christina Applegate and Lil “C”.

The contestants did three routines tonight one with an “All Star” as a partner, one with one of the other contestants as a partner, and a solo.  The solo will not be judged, but it gives you one last chance to see your favorite in their specialty before next week.  The “All Star” dancers are past competitors from previous seasons of SYTYCD.

Remember folks, next week is the final show this season and America’s Favorite Dancer will be chosen by your voting.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with All Star (AS = All Star):

1] Melanie and AS Twitch – Style: Hip-Hop                Song “Romans Revenge”
This is the first time this season where we get to see Melanie doing the Hip-Hop style and she was awesome once again.  We agree with Lil ‘C’ when he said it was “Buck.” It was definitely a tough routine and as usual Melanie “nailed” it.  Bravo!

2] Sasha and AS Kent – Style: Jazz                           Song “Fool of Me”
This routine included a wall as the main prop and the routine was one of the most amazing we have seen this season.  We could not take our eyes off the dancers as they progressed through this routine using the wall throughout.  This routine was a piece of art, “The art of dance.”  Sasha danced the routine with emotion and brought the viewing audience along with her.  It was probably the best routine Sasha has danced this season.  Bravo!

3] Marko and AS Janette – Style: Paso Doble            Song “Zoarongo”
This is not one of our favorite styles, but there have been some routines that we have appreciated and this was one of them.  It was not one of Marko’s usual “wows”, but he did a good job with it.

4] Tadd and AS Ellenore – Style: Contemporary        Song “The Golag Orkastar”
This was an odd routine that had the dancers mostly hanging from a chandelier, which really took the focus away from the few dance steps in the routine.  The chandelier did a fantastic job just hanging around.  The few dance steps that Tadd had he did a very good job with it and we noticed he must have hung from a chandelier once or twice before coming to SYTYCD.

5] Ricky and AS Jamie – Style: Contemporary          Song “Inside These Lines”
This was another routine where the dancers had props.  This time the prop was a stick in each hand, which makes the routine all that much harder.  It was not one of our favorite routines because it started with flow, but then it seemed the dancers were more focused on not dropping one of the sticks then the dance movement itself.

6] Caitlynn and AS Pasha – Style: Samba                 Song “Drop it Low”
This was no doubt the best Samba routine we have seen in many weeks.  Caitlynn had great technique and really entertained us.  Caitlynn is really growing with each passing week and we really like watching her continue on.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with other contestant:

1] Ricky and Sasha – Style: Whacking                      Song “Schoolin Life
This is the first time this style has been done ever on SYTYCD and we must say it was interesting.  The dancers however seemed robotic in their movements during this routine.

2] Tadd and Melanie – Style: Broadway                     Song “Where Do I Begin”
This routine was danced very well by both dancers and the judges went “ga-ga” over Melanie, but remember that Tadd was way out of his style of “B-Boy” and held his own in this routine.

3] Marko and Caitlynn – Style: Jazz                            Song “Heavy In Your Arms”
This was a powerful dance routine and both dancers reflected the power in it.  We agree with the judges that Caitlynn had a “moment” tonight in this routine and it was he best ever this season.  Marko was his usual awesome and danced fearless.  Bravo!

Our top two best routines tonight
Sasha / Kent and Marko / Caitlynn

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and two dancers will be going home.

We have nothing else to report tonight except to say this has been one of the best seasons ever for SYTYCD.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow for the results and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.

July 29, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 — Top 6 Pic’s

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Top 3 Guys:

Top 3 Girls:


(Mouse over each picture to get the dancers name)

We have nothing else to report at this time except to wonder who will be Americas Favorite Dancer this year?

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