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June 2, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Top 6 Preview

Vioce  Last week the Adam lost two of his team and we must admit we were completely shocked.  We had Judith Hill picked as a contender to win it all.  However as we have learned on other reality variety shows, the American viewing audience doesn’t always get it right.  The show itself is still our favorite and now Team Blake has a full three members, which we think two of them are so-so country singers with the 16 year old is just plain awesome.  All the other teams are left with one member.

We will be tuning in tomorrow for what we like to call “The Voice weekly Concert” Top 6 performance night.

The last few days we have been in touch with a very old friend from far – far – away and Brandon, or as we call him “Mr. Lynx”, (his original nickname was Mr. Unix and then he jumped ship) has a friend that really likes the show also.  We were really glad to hear that and hope his friend is enjoying the last few weeks of this season.

Also this coming week America’s Got Talent starts it new season and we are sorry to see that Sharon Osborne will no longer be a judge.  We thought that Sharon was easily the best female judge out of all the “judging” shows running.  She will be missed, but Howie M. is still a judge and we also enjoy his comments.  Sharon will be missed.

On a side note, So You Think You Can Dance started it’s new season a few weeks ago and this was once our favorite show, but when they changed the format last year, we changed our liking.  We have seen a few show this year, but only after we taped it because with it’s schedule is conflicting with The Voice.

We have nothing to add at this time except to say “See you at the Voice Concert”.


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