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December 18, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Season 5 Final Results

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VioceWell folks our congratulations go out to Tessanne Chin for winning this season.  Clearly America got it right.  Tessanne won this reporter over withing the last few weeks and we agree that she should be “The Voice” this year.  Once again both shows this week were like seeing a concert with all the great singing going on.

So now you ask, “What now?”.  Well folks we are happy to report that The Voice Season 6 startes February 24, 2014 and joining Adam and Blake will be Shakira and Usher.  The two rookie mentors are going to try again,

Also ending this season this week is the X-Factor, and Simon says they will be back next year.  Hopefully with new judges / mentors.

So folks it was a great season and February is not so far away, and we must add that midway through The Voice this year we picked James W. to win it all.  Now I must say, that we rarely pick winners, but I was so sure that I said “If James W. does not win this year I will quit smoking.”  (Smoke free for 24 hours as of right now.  Get back on your chair Brandon)

We have nothing else to report and we would like to thanks all the folks out there that stopped by and read our posts, and hopefully will return often.  Hey, American Idol starts soon and we see that J-Lo is returning as a judge and Randy is gone.

January 17, 2012

American Idol 2012 – Season 11

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Well folks it’s back and according to some of the articles we have checked, Fox is going to really going to give it some air time this year.  Book your spring around several audition shows, with some format changes according to “Hotfix“. With The “X” Factor just finishing last month and the new NBC hit “The Voice” beginning soon, A.I. might just have some competition.

The same judges will be returning this season, Jlo, Randy, and Steven and hopefully they won’t make this year “all about the judges” like they seemed to do last year.  We think last year was actually boring and if it had not been for Scotty, tuning in would have been only if  “Sponge Bob” was not on Nik.

So the auditions start tomorrow night followed by another show on Thursday and we will watch a few and hopefully be entertained or when “The Voice” series begins do a big switch.

We have nothing else to report except if we hear just one “in it to win it” from Randy early on it’s “click”.

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