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February 4, 2011

Browser Dilemma — Review

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We have been “battling” with which browser to use for several months.  We tried “Chrome” back then and found it to have issues.  We tried updating Explorer 7 to Explorer 8 back then and had some major problems so we kept Explorer 7.   Recently we tried again and the update worked without any problem.  So now we are running three different browsers and here is our review of the current browsers.

Microsoft Explorer 8

This browser does everything we require when we go out to the web.  The only issue we have is it is the slowest of the three.  We also think this browser is the most stable of the three.  We rarely get an update, maybe once a month and that is usually a security update.   The other good thing about Explorer 8 is we always come back here when one of the other browsers doesn’t work knowing that it will do what we need.


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta

We have been using Firefox for about a year.  Firefox 3.6 seemed to work just fine with only a few glitches.  Then we updated to 4.0 Beta.  When we see the word “Beta” we make the assumption that there are some problems and that the folks at Mozilla are still getting this browser up to speed.  So we expect that we will have some issues.  What we like is the fact they state its in “Beta” and it’s a “work in progress”.  Also we like the fact that when there is an update it’s done automatically.


Google Chrome

This browser is by far the fastest of the three browsers we use, but on the other hand it “crashes” daily.  We see “Aw, Snap!” so often we are suspect that when we don’t get it.  About 50% of the time we get the “Aw, Snap!” we also get the “Kill Pages” button.  So we believe that the Google boys are in denial that Chrome is really in a beta state and don’t want to admit it to the public.  We find updates on Chrome at least once a week.  We say we find, because Chrome does not automatically update, we have to go look for updates.  The trigger for when we go look is when we get the “Aw, Snap” several time in a row or the web page we are currently on is doing some strange things. We wonder why the Google boys don’t add “Beta” to the Chrome name display.  We also wonder who came up with the “Aw, Snap!”. Is this meant to be cute way of saying “You are about to loss everything you just updated on this web page”?  I know that when we see “Aw, Snap!” we don’t think it’s very cute.  They should just change the “Sn” to Cr” and that would be closer to what we are thinking.

We have nothing to add at this time and hope your browser is working great for you.  If you get an “Aw, Snap!” while you’re here, please come back and make a comment as to what you were really thinking when you saw it.  We think the Google boys might want to know that Chrome has a little bit of tarnish on it.


<—- This would best describe the “Aw, Snap!” look on our face when we get it.

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