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November 20, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Top Ten Results

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VioceWell folks once again we tuned in to The Voice and we were treated to a really great performance by Christina and her team.  We agree with Carson that it was the best ever “team” performance in all the seasons of The Voice.

Then much to our delight our new favorite contestant, James Wolpert, was the first one saved.  Why were we delighted you might ask?  Because last night The Voice started an hour later than usual and we knew that we could do the “instant save” thingy, and we wanted to catch the David Blaine special that was on a different channel.  So 30 minutes after The Voice started, we clicked over to the David Blaine special and we knew that we would sit all through his show and be in a state of awe.  We were not disappointed, in fact we recorded it and plan to watch it again tonight.  We have been David Blaine fans from way back when he first came on the scene.  “Amazing” isn’t enough to describe his magic, he is simple out of this world when it comes to magic.

We hope all of you out there in cyberland enjoyed the last half of The Voice, or were with us in changing channels and being amazed.  Either way it was great night.

We have nothing else to report at this time except we are are looking forward to a David Blaine night of “how did he do that?”, “that is not possible!”, “are you kidding me?”, “awesome!, and on and on.  One more thing, maybe, just maybe David Blaine made Cee Lo’s top-o-the-head tattoo disappear.

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