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January 6, 2019

Gluten Free and Sugar Free starts today

Here is what led up to our decision and it’s mainly because two people in my life suggested too go with this.  We do feel good, but there are nagging aches and pains that keep coming and going.  My sleep is not so good and we are scheduled to take the sleep analysis test in February, and we will, but we are still going to do this.  My niece listed about 10 things that made her life batter and our other friend said it changed her life.

Normally we would not announce a major life change, but we will be posting our progress along the way and we will include any “hiccups”.  Hey humans are not perfect so straying is part of the journey.  We are going to apply the same procedure that we used to quit smoking.  Any urge or decision on a type of food will be handled with a mindfulness meditation, just like handling smoking urges.  (We have been smoke free for 6 years this month).

The sugar free is a huge change for us.  Good grief!  We love our junk foods like Gold Fish, Sugar Frosted Flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios, or any cereal that is “sugar saturated”.  Then the candies out there like Butterfingers, Snickers, and just about any candy on the market.  Then the hidden foods with sugar will be a challenge and this is something we want to report.  If we find a food that says “Gluten Free” and is not, we will report it to you.  So to the companies that say they are Gluten Fee, we are telling you now that we will find you and expose your “fake” claims.  Sure it sells food, but not with exaggerated claims or in English, your lies.   If you are invested in the market on junk food stock we suggest you sell soon.  Please take your profits and donate to a nonprofit organization of your choosing.  If you stay in, then it’s your own risk and we can not be held accountable.

So we started by dumping all our stash’s of sugar and right now we are drinking coffee without sugar.  This is huge in itself! 🙂 We are now appreciating the taste of coffee and need to research is this coffee is gluten free.  We think so, but hey, we will check it out.  Then there is my all time favorite junk food a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.  (We are sitting here thinking about this one)  Bye-bye quarter pounder, our health is more important.  (I can hear my arteries cheering).  Then there is pizza and a zillion other fast foods.  Compared to smoking this will be a challenge and we are thinking that maybe becoming vegan would be the way to go.  (Something to consider)

We do love pasta and that will soon become are new friend.  The sauces will be checked but we like butter as a topping. No cheese of course.  Anchovies are another topping that is a long time favorite.  We doubt if gluten can exist in anchovies, but we will check.

Looks like we are starting a new and exciting adventure and our intent to the universe is to send us someone or a mob or two to guide us as we progress along.  We will be doing some heavy meditations to keep our mind clear so we will see the answers or the people who will be sent.  There has to be a few gluten free souls that came down with us in our soul group. (This where they will surface to join up in our happy journey)

We thank all our subscribers and followers for stopping by an checking out our posts, and to the friends that know us personally please pick yourself off the floor and continue with a great day.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to thank “Ladi” and Jane for their input and support.

March 10, 2018

Nabisco OREO Cookie Packaging Tribute

We are dedicating this post to all the people who came up with the new cookie packaging that opens on top and re-seals.  These people hopefully received a HUGE bonus from Nabisco.  We cookie junkies can hardly tell you how much we appreciate this packaging because it saves hours of time.  No more opening the package and removing a “tray” of cookies, then putting it back and hoping it will not go stale.  Actually they never go stale if they are within 30 feet of me.  A simple “Lift” and there they are just waiting for us to enjoy these delicious cookies.  Then if there are any left in the package simple close the flap and its sealed.  Can’t get much easier than that!

We see others also have the package, but because we eat mainly Original Oreo’s Chocolate Sandwich just about every day our focus is with them.  Only 160 calories per 3 cookies. (This is the first time we ever read this).  On the back of the package is a little saying “Carry Love in your heart and Oreo Cookies everywhere else”!  There is also a bunch of really small print about Nutrition but we don’t want to take time to read, after all, we are going to eat them anyway.

We have nothing to else to report except now that we are taking about Oreo’s we are running out to get more and milk too.

January 29, 2011

Organic Food Trend

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About four years ago everyone in this house began eating organic.  I resisted because back then my main food items were Quarter Pounder’s with Cheese, Cheeto’s, Milk Dud’s, and every time I got back to the Midwest I headed straight for a White Castle for a dozen “sliders”.  I liked the junk food, but the other folks in this house were bent on organic.  Slowly they converted me. 


Now I actually like organic foods even though I really don’t understand how meat can be organic.  Vegetables I understand them being grown without chemicals, but meats, I don’t get it. I must admit when the entire meal is organic it sure tastes good and I do feel better these days.  I do still have one non-organic item that I still take part in and that’s Starbuck’s Coffee.  I drink it 24/7 except when I get a craving for Gatorade.  And of course, I still get cravings for Quarter Pounders with Cheese, but I don’t say anything.  What I do is sneak out and head straight for MacDonald’s and indulge my eternal craving for the chemical laden meat. To this day nothing compares the a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Super Size Fries, and a Chocolate Shake from Mac Donald’s. (I am getting a craving just thinking about it).


 It looks like the trend is really catching on since Mrs. President started that garden behind the whit house.  Everywhere you look its organic this and organic that.  I think it’s a good thing for people to eat healthy especially with the reported obesity problems we have in this country.


 Just a few minutes ago during my craving for a Quarter Pounder, a MacDonald’s commercial played on TV, highlighting a special deal for fries purchased with a Quarter Pounder.  I take that as a sign from the universe and I am going to sneak out and take them up on that special.  (I can almost taste it.)


 Nothing organic compares to a quarter pounder with fries.

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