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September 12, 2012

So this is how you play “Beer Pong”? (Revisited)

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Up until a few a days ago I had no idea this game existed.  I was talking with Jeremy a young fellow at work and I asked him how his apartment hunting was going?  He said, “It was going fine.  I have looked at a few places and have a few more to check out.”  I then said, “Have you thought about staying where you’re at?”  He said, “Well when I step out on my patio I can see across the courtyard in to an apartment where several young guys live and they have a room dedicated to Beer Pong.  Every time I step out on my patio I see them playing Beer Pong, so they must play 24/7.”  I said, “Beer Pong?”  Jeremy looked at me with an astonished look and said, “You don’t know what Beep Pong is?”  I said “No, I have never heard of it.”  He said, “You’re kidding me!”  I said, “No, really I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

We then had a discussion about Beer Pong and decided to take a survey of the people in the office who know what Beer Pong is.  After the survey we found that the folks younger than 35 all knew what Beer Pong was.  The folks from 35 to 45 have heard of the game, but did not know for sure what it was.  The folks 45 and older never heard of Beer Pong.

Because I wanted to be enlightened as to how this game is played I asked Jeremy to explain the game.

Jeremy went on to say, “I learned how to play when I was in college at Purdue University.  There are other variations, but this is how I learned.”

“First you set up a ping-pong table in the middle of the room. Then you get 20 16 ounce Solo cups.  At each end of the table you set 10 cups up in a triangle pattern near the edge of the table.  You then fill each cup with about an inch of beer.  Then you get a ping-pong ball and choose up teams.  Each team stands at the end of the table and one at a time tosses the ping-pong ball across the table attempting to get the ping-pong ball in a cup at the other end of the table.  If successful, the cup at the other end of the table is removed and a team member on the other side must drink the contents.  Once the cup is removed, the other cups are rearranged into the best possible triangle pattern and the game continues.  When all the cups are gone on one side of the table, the team at the other end is the winner.”  Then the losing team is required to drink the contents of the remaining cups of the winning team.

I then asked, “Should the net be set up on the ping-pong table?”  He said, “Only if it is already set up on the table you are using.  The net is not part of the game.”  I said, “Oh, so the winners don’t have to jump over the net when they win.”

Someone else then asked, “What kind of beer should be used?”  Jeremy said, “Whatever you can get you hands on would be fine to use.”

Another asked, “Why only and inch of beer?”  Jeremy said, “Well this can be determined by the folks playing the game.  Usually at the beginning of the game an inch is the starting amount, but as each additional game is played the amount is usually increased.”

Then I asked, “Have you ever played using some kind of hard liquor like “Jack”?  Jeremy said, “I did once and it was not a pretty site at the end of the evening.”

So that’s it. Seems pretty simple and might be fun, and there might be other people who might like to try the game.

The game set up might be conducive to a kid’s game especially at a birthday party where the adults are trying to keep the kid’s occupied with games.  They could fill the cups with Kool-Aid, sugar flavored optional.  ”Kool-Aid Pong!”

Another would be for the Napa Valley folks.  They could use wine as the liquid, the quality would be optional.  “Wine Pong!” or “Whine Pong!”

Finally we don’t want to leave the senior citizens out of the mix. Nursing homes usually have a game room and are looking to keep the inhabitants busy.  They could have this set up in the game room and use Prune Juice as the liquid.  “Prune Pong!”

I have nothing else to add to this report except to say, “Now I know why Schnucks Grocery Store (Cordova TN) has ping-pong balls for sale in the beer aisle.”



May 26, 2009

Candy Land Marathon

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Candyland delux

 This Memorial Day weekend Discovery Channel had their “Deadliest Catch” marathon, History Channel had their “Band of Brothers” marathon and we have our 1st annual Candy Land marathon.

  A few months ago we purchased Candy Land for Gaba and she took to it immediately.  She not only wanted to play the game every waking moment, but after three days she wanted to change the rules. 

  The basic point of the game is to pick cards with color pictures and move your marker to the next matching color square on the path to the Candy Land Castle at the top of the game board.  If there are two colors on the card you pick, then you move to the first color square and then on to the next color square along the path. Then there are “gift” cards that have a picture that match strategically placed squares with the same picture on the path.  If you pick one of these then you move your marker either forward or backward to the matching square of the picture on the card.  The “gift” cards are Gaba’s favorite cards even if it means going backwards on the board.  As each card is used it is discarded in to the used stack and not used again unless s re-shuffle was required to continue the game.  Click here for full description.

  The rule change Gaba wanted was the “gift” cards went right back in to the “picking” stack and were not discarded.  So we tried a few games and we found that it increased the game completion time buy about 80%.

  The marathon however was played under the original Candy Land rules.

  Each of us picked our playing piece (marker) and I used the King Kandy, grandma used Mr. Mint, Gaba’s mom used Lolly and Gaba used the Princess Frostine.  We started Saturday morning at 9:00 AM and continued on until 8:00 PM.  Then started again Sunday morning about 9:00 AM and finished at 5:00 PM.  We played 96 full games, only stopping for food, potty, and sanity breaks.  Of the 96 games Gaba won 30, Gaba’s mom won 25, grandma won 23, and I won 18.

  A good time was had by all and first thing tomorrow morning we are teaching Gaba how to play the card game “war”.  With the fourth of July coming up soon another marathon may be in order and we want to keep it simple and numeric.

 I have nothing more to add except that I now have a craving for Gum Drops.

May 11, 2009

Wheel of Fortune Challenged

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 We have been watching Wheel of Fortune for many years and still watch it almost every day. When I watch I am usually watching with my wife and she is a word “guru”.  My wife has been known to solve the word puzzles without any letters posted on the board.  She did this just last week on a final puzzle.  This totally amazes me.

 Now I sit there and struggle with every puzzle even though once in awhile when the wife is out of the room, manage to solve the puzzle before the contestant.  Sometimes when I am watching alone and getting close to solving, my wife will walk in to the room, glance at the TV screen, pause for two seconds and she solves the puzzle.  Ugh!

  So in order to “beef” up my word association I secretly started playing “Text Twist” on Yahoo.  In this game they give you several letters and you move the letters to boxes to make words.  In order to continue your game you need to make a word that uses all the letters.  The other words are just bonuses to your score.  It has helped, but just last week I was playing and my daughter just happened to walk by and as she passed she told me the answer without missing a step. Ugh!

  So now when we watch the “Wheel” I sit quietly and listen to my wife and daughter verbally working out the answer.  If for some reason the answer pops in to my head like a flash from divine intervention, I will blurt out the answer.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it makes my day.

  I will continue to do the “Text Twist” if for no other reason than to beat my high score of 38,000.  I don’t remember how I did it, but can only assume a computer glitch had something to do with it.

  At this point I will stop at “nothing” to continue my pursuit of learning more words. 

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