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October 28, 2015

The Voice 2015 Fall Season — The Knockout’s

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voiceNow we know why they call these shows the “The Knockouts”, it’s because as a avid viewer we are just plain knocked out by the concert level vocals by the contestants over the past two nights.  WOW!  We are sure glad we are not judges.

By the way did you see Blake, Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Tuesday night?  If you missed it we are sure you can catch it on YouTube, it was a roar watching Blake sing Y.M.C.A.

This season has certainly not disappointed us, in fact we think it’s way better than any other season, but then again, we say that every season 🙂

We are wondering if the car pool crowd is still watching? Have not heard anything, but they are a fairly quite bunch anyway 🙂

We have also been watching the X Factor – England, but it’s on such an odd schedule, we have missed many episodes.  Sunday and Monday shows and without a doubt Monday is The Voice night and there is no way we are watching the X Factor other than recording it on the DVR.  Then we play catch up because we have recordings from the weekend, and of course Tuesday is out because The Voice is on that night also.  Oh well, the X factor does not get very interesting until the “Live Shows”.

We have nothing else to report except to wonder how many folks have quit smoking recently.  If you used our advise from a few weeks ago have you noticed that it feels like a load has been removed now that you don’t have to worry if you have enough cigarettes? No more searching the entire house, rifling through all your old coats sweaters, drawers, and dress suits looking for a smoke.  No more needing to run to the 7-11 in the middle of the night to get a pack of smokes because your search came up empty.  No more planning an evening out based on if the restaurant has a smoking area and no more yellow junk on the paper towel when you clean your car windows.


September 26, 2013

The X-Factor 2013 week #2

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Xfactor After the huge win by Oracle Team USA in the Americas Cup and after all the partying we managed to watch The X-Factor last night.  Last week shows provided a few “WOWS” from the contestants, but last night was basically a “Ho-Hum”.  With Brittany and L.A. Reid gone, replaced by  Kelly Rowland and Paulina Robino, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell  have returned.  Yeah good ole Demi who last year mentored her group right in to oblivion.  Demi as a mentor / judge is in our opinion is the worst reality show judge on this planet.

Even though it was Brittany’s first year last year we thought she was one of the best judges / mentors we have seen in a very long time.  She will be missed.

They have not chosen which group goes with which judge / mentor this year and our sympathy goes out ahead of time to the group that gets assigned to Demi.

Based on what we have seen so far this year no matter which group gets assigned to Simon, the winner will come from that group.  Demi will probably repeat last years results, but then again, the other two new judge / mentors might do even worse, if that’s possible.

Most of last nights events were the three ladies going “ga-ga” over each guy who auditioned.  “Ho-Hum” how boring.  It’s sad when a show loses focus and the judges become the focus, when folks, the point is about the contestants and their dreams about following their dreams.

We must admit, half way through the 2nd hour we were so bored we switched over to the Food Channel and watched “Chopped”.  Yes folks, we would rather watch chef’s flinging mashed potato’s at each other.  (They don’t really fling anything, but it would be fun if they did).

Actually the Food Channel has some pretty good shows.  Chopped is our favorite, but Cupcake Wars is pretty good, and Iron Chef America is down right awesome.

We have nothing else to report at this time.

August 15, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 9 — Top 14 Results



The dancers only had to wait three weeks to see who was going home, because FOX did not have the guts to go up against NBC and the Olympics.  The new SYTYCD format is boring enough, but waiting three weeks must have seemed like forever.

All 14 dancers performed before the final results and then the bottom six dancers performed solos “Dancing for their lives”.  The judges then saved two dancers and…

Going home tonight are Matthew, Dareian, Amelia, and Janelle.

To Matthew, Dareian, Amelia, and Janelle we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we still think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.  We recently had a comment by a visitor and they said, “The new format is about the same as a visit to the dentist’s office.”

July 25, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 16 Results



The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Christine Applegate (Dancer?).

Tonight at the end of the show one boy and one girl will be going home based on last weeks voting.  All 16 dancers performed before the final results.

Going home tonight are Amber Jackson and Brandon Mitchell

To Amber and Brandon we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

At least they did not have a “Bollywood” style this week.  The only time that a “Bollywood” Style routine would appeal to us is if we were in the lobby at the Hilton in BombayIndia for a “Bollywood” Convention and they happen to have the TV on with a SYTYCD “Bollywood” routine being telecast.  Back a few years ago they introduced a Russian Folkdance style and did not have any appeal.  They tried it again another week and once again it “bombed”.  We never saw the style again.  We hope the take a long look at the “Bollywood” style and come back with the same results.  It would save us a trip to Bombay.

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.  One show per week with dancing and the results from the prior week all in the same night is not our “cup of tea”.  Ah well, that’s show biz.

Oh and by the way >>> 2012 Olympics start in two days.

July 18, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20 Results

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 Tonight at the end of the show two boys and two girls will be going home based on last weeks voting.  All 20 dancers performed with the same partners as last week and according to Nigel “We knew who was in the bottom six at the beginning of the show and we talked with talked with all the choreographers from last week and this week and that along with tonight’s performance we decided who would be saved out of the bottom six.  The judges saved Witney and Chehon.  Going home are Nick, Daniel, Janaya, and Alexa.

To Nick, Daniel, Janaya, and Alexa we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

We have nothing else to report right now except to remind you all out there in cyberland that July  28th is National (World) Dance Day.  Click here for more details


July 11, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20 Performance


Tonight the dancers will partner with each other even though the audience voting will be for individual dancers.  Next week two girls and two boys will be going home based on tonight’s votes.

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Kenny Ortega


Highlights in order of performance:

1] Witney and Chehon    Style: Samba    Song: Jump
Whitney excellent job.  The judges thought that because Chehon specialty is ballet, his footwork needs to be addressed other than that he did a good job.

2] Tiffany and George     Style: Contemporary      Song: Turning Page
Both dancers in their specialty did a superb job in this routine.

3] Janaya and Brandon   Style: Hip-Hop (Soft)      Song: Take Care
The dancers told a story with their dancing and it was very nicely danced

4] Alexa and Daniel        Style: Jazz        Song: Hey ! Hey!
So far tonight this was the best dancing because this was an extremely difficult routine to dance.  Great job by both dancers.

5] Amber and Nick         Style: Ballroom Waltz    Song: Nights in White Satin
This routine was flowing, and beautifully danced by both dancers.

6] Amelia and Will          Style: Hip-Hop (Soft)      Song: The Love Cats
This performance was fun, entertaining, and topped off with brilliant dancing. Bravo!

7] Janelle and Dareian    Style: African Jazz         Song: Jungle
This was another exciting dance routine danced by both dancers.

8] Eliana and Cyrus        Style: Broadway            Song: Run and Tell That
We are not really Broadway Style fans, but we are now.  The dancers absolutely “nailed” this routine. Bravo!  One of the best tonight.

9] Audrey and Matt        Style: Contemporary      Song: Unchained Melody
With both dancers in their specialty this was flat-out awesome dancing.  Bravo! Wow! Perfection.

10] Lindsay and Cole      Style: Paso Doble          Song: Unstoppable
The dancers received a standing ovation from the judges and we agree that was the best Paso Doble we have ever seen on SYTYCD.  Of all the styles this is our least favorite, but tonight it was just plain great dancing.  Bravo!

Best of night dancers in their specialty >> Audrey and Matt

Best of night dancers out of specialty >> Lindsay / Cole and Eliana / Cyrus

We have nothing else to report except to remind you all out there in cyberland that July  28th is National (World) Dance Day.  Click here for more details

July 4, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 9 — Top 20 Pic’s

Top 10 Girls                                                                                  


Top 10 Guys

 We have nothing else to report except we hope all of you in the USA had a great Fourth of July>>PEACE!

See you all next week when SYTYCD Season 9 officially starts.

June 27, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Zooey Deschanel (No clue why Zooey.  A sitcom star as a judge? Whatever!)

We liked the format of tonight’s show.  It wasn’t like any other of the “song” shows where they drag through the to zillion contestants at the end of Vegas Week to pick the Top contestants.  One by one they go though and either reject or accept each contestant.  SYTYCD did a quick review of the Vegas Week finals and mainly highlighted each “yes” dancer as they were chosen.  Then as three or four dancers were chosen they danced and the show continued on.  Much more entertaining than other “song” shows.

Also this year Nigel announced that because of the format change, this year there will be two “America’s Favorite Dancers”, one boy and one girl.

Here are the SYTYCD Season 9 Top 20:

Alexa Anderson, Amber Jackson, George Lawrence II, Will Thomas, Whitney Carson,
Lindsay Arnold, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Daniel Baker, Eliana Girard, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp,
Audrey Case, Tiffany Maher, Janelle Issis, Dareian Kujawa, Amelia Lowe, Janaya French,
Matthew Kazmierczak, Brandon Mitchell, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, and Cole Horibe.

(Did you count to see if there are 20 in the list?)

We have nothing else to report except say we are really looking forward to next week when the Season really begins and the this years dancers begin dancing routines of various styles and partnered with a SYTYCD “All Star”.

June 20, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – VEGAS (4 Days)

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, Debbie, Adam, Tyce, and Lil’C.

181 Dancers made it through to Vegas after the preliminary auditions. Tonight went through 4 days of several rounds ending with 35 dancers competing for the top 20 spots.  As usual there was drama, injuries, tears, dancers dancing for their lives, and some really great dancing.

One thing for sure is the Vegas round highlights are a blur.  This show only features a few dancers like Alexia and Cyrus to name a few.  We don’t get detailed with our reporting during Vegas “week”, but here is a summary of tonight’s show.

Day 1 Started with each dancer doing a solo is their specialty style.

With the solos completed 51 dancers were sent home.

Then the choreography rounds started.  Now the dancers learn structured dance routines taught by the choreographers from SYTYCD.  Remember also these routines are not necessarily the dancer’s specialty and this is where many dancers can’t handle the “new” styles and there are many new styles to some.  If they “nail” the routine they stay, but even some of the dancer’s that were dancing their specialty could not handle the structured environment and either were sent home or volunteered to go home.  Also all the rounds will be danced with partners, which adds a twist to some of the dancers.

Round Style – Hip-Hop – Choreographers Twitch and Comfort

Hampton Williams the genius Hip-Hopper that dazzled the judges and us with his solo could not handle the structured routine and volunteered to go home.  (His solo was just plain “sic”)

On the flip side many dancers that were out of their style with Hip-Hop moved on, in all 97 dancers moved on.

Day 2

Round Style – Broadway — Choreographer Tyce

More dancers were cut.  Over ½ have been cut to this point.

Round Style – Jazz – Choreographer Sonya

16 more dancers were cut

Next came the Group Round.  Now the dancers will choreograph their own routines after picking their music at random.  In previous seasons the group members were picked randomly, but this year the dancers could choose who they wanted in their group.

Day 3

After practicing their routines through the night, the Group Routines were danced.  There were some not so good routines and some outstanding routines.  When the final groups were complete, 61 dancers were left.

The partnered dancing continued with the round style – Cha-Cha.  Music “Let’s Get Loud”

There were more cuts, tears, and outstanding dancing.

<Alexia shined and moved on>

Hip-Hopper Cyrus danced for his life and knocked the judge’s socks off and ours also.  Cyrus moved on.  (Keep in mind that a few seasons ago the winner, Joshua Allen’s specialty was Hip-Hop).

52 Dancer are left.

Day 3 Late

Round Style – Contemporary – Choreographer Travis Wall

This round we call “The Fatigue Round” because the dancers have been going basically non-stop for 3 very long days.

The dancers were called to the stage after the round and more were cut.

Day 4

Joshua Alexander was injured practicing a new “Flip” move and taken to the hospital.

The Final Round was solos by each dancer, which is basically “Dancing for their lives” to remain a contestant.

At the end of the today 35 dancers were left.

Next week will be the choosing of the Top 20.

We have nothing else to report except to note that the outstanding performance for this reporter was the opening solo by Hampton Williams.  He is classed as a Hip-Hop style, but Hampton creates a routine so highly modified that we think a totally new style should be created.  (How about “HWing”?)  I don’t recall being completely awe-stricken by a Hip-Hop dance routine, but every time we have seen Hampton dance we are at a loss for words to describe how beautifully he dances.  You will be missed Hampton Williams.

June 13, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Auditions #4 Salt Lake City

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Adam Shankman.

The idea for these dancers is to get a ticket to “Vegas” to continue their journey.  If the dancer does a great routine they usually get sent straight to Vegas, but if the dancer performs a so-so routine the judges will send them to choreography.  In choreography the dance will learn a partnered routine and the dance again for the judges.  The judges will then decide whether or not to send the dancer to Vegas.

Tonight’s Highlights:

1] Whitney Carson #15345     Style: Cha-Cha-Tango
Whitney got a “Holy Moley” from Nigel.  We think Whitney just plain “nailed” her routine tonight.  She has it all, the looks, technique, and the grace.  To quote Adam, “You are #@!^% awesome.”
Vegas – YES

2] Lynn Gravatt #15275           Style: Contemporary (Spiritually guided)
Lynn was very entertaining but not very good in her technique.  A very sweet soul.
Vegas – NO

3] Deanna “Dee” #15081        Style: Contemporary
Oh my!  This was a beautifully danced routine and we enjoyed every moment.
Vegas – YES

4] Gene L. #15210                  Style: Contemporary (Praying Mantis)
Gene is a very unique dancer and we did not know what to expect before he started, so we expected nothing and we really enjoyed the entire routine.
Vegas – YES

5] Lindsay Arnold #15113       Style: Latin Ballroom
Lindsay danced with a partner and it was a fabulous routine.  She had great technique and the routine just seemed to flow so smoothly.
Vegas – YES

6] Mariah #15245                    Style: Crump
Mariah blew us away with a great (Buck) routine with really strong moves.
Mariah was sent to choreography.
Vegas – YES

7] Murphy Lang #15107          Style: Hip-Hop
Even though Murphy is not formally trained he was entertaining and performed a really creative routine.
Murphy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO

8] Derian #15078                    Style: Contemporary
From the first step we could see this was going to be a special routine and we were once again blown away.  Bravo!  (We think top 20 for Derian)
Vegas – YES

9] A duet Johnny Ahn #15151 and Whitney #15152   Style: Ballroom
This was a very good routine even though chemistry was lacking between the partners.  Overall we enjoyed it.
Both dancers were sent to choreography
Vegas – N for both dancers

10] Adrian Lee #15003            Style: Contemporary
Adrian just missed the top 20 last year and this year he is amazingly a better dancer.  This routine was an easy bravo!
Vegas – YES (Top 20 this year?)
By the way, Adrian’s mom also received a ticket to Vegas.

11] Rachel Adams #15251     Stlye: Burlesque / Jazz
We agree with Nigel on this one.  He said, “To much running around and not enogh dance moves.”  We might add there was also to much “grinding”.
Rachel was sent to choreogrphy.
Vegas – YES (Showed potential)

12] Leroy Martinez #15223     Style: Hip-Hop
Leroy not only inspired us, he also inspired the judges with his story and dancing.  That was one awesome Hip-Hop routine  We were not only inspired by Leroy’s dancing, but we were also inspired by his humanity.  Leroy works with a foundation for kids in Sacramento.  The name of the foundation is “The Peace Makers”.
Leroy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO (we must sadly report)  Great human being – YES

We have nothing more to report except to remind all of you that next week starts “Vegas” week usually known as “Hell Week”.

And we would like to send “congat’s” to Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants for pitching a ”P e r f e c t” game tonight.  (1st one in Giant’s history)

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