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May 1, 2013

Fage Yogurt Commercial

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Fage Recently we have noticed a Fage Yogurt Commercial that caught our eye.  Not being a yogurt fan we did pay attention at what the commercial says “That many people consider Fage Yogurt the best they ever tasted and that there are some folks that have never tasted it.”  We must admit that the commercial sure makes the yogurt appealing and so after seeing it several times we went out and bought some of the yogurt. (Effective commercial we must say).

If you click on the picture in the upper left you will see the commercial and if you notice the “topping” flows out of the side container very smoothly, but when we opened the newly bought product, it would not flow out at all.  This might be because the Safeway we purchased it from has their refrigeration units set on the high side and the topping was to cold to flow out.  So now we thought, “What!  Do we have to wait until the topping thaws to eat the yogurt?”  So we pondered the situation for a few minutes.

What we did was dipped our spoon into the topping and then dipped the spoon into the yogurt and swirled it around.  Then we tasted it and we have to tell you it was GREAT!  We are now Fage Yogurt fans.  It was so good that after we finished the first container we moved immediately on to the second container.  Yes, we had to do the spoon swirling again, but it was well worth it. Another great taste!

Next trip to the store (Not the Safeway that has the temperature set to below zero in the refrigeration units) we will be purchasing about a dozen containers of various flavors.  The two we tried were Honey and Apple Cinnamon Raisins. This time we will expand our choices, but will include the two we already tried.

We have nothing else to add at this time except we a ready to run out the door and go to the store for more FAGE.

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