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February 1, 2017

Lincare – Respiratory Specialists – UPDATE on Portable Unit

lincarelogoWe just received a phone call from my sister in Sedona and she reported that the portable unit she has been waiting for a year and one half was just delivered to her house.  As soon as we heard a celebration broke out on both ends of the phone line.  We want to thank Dan for his participation in getting this feat accomplished and to all of you who stopped by to read this post.

You might think you just read the post, but by reading the post your energy was added to the energy already engaged in pursuing a resolution.

To Lincare we say, finally thank you and if you had any business sense you would promote Dan (District Manager) to VP at least.

My sister is beyond blissful.  This portable unit gives her freedom to travel around the world or just on short trips.  We wish you all out there in cyberland could hear her voice and the happiness of being free from the heavy unit she has been coping with.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to say >>> Namaste

If you have a few minutes to watch a U tube video about “Love is the New Religion” by Brian Piergrossi you might find this to be the new Spiritual Revolution:




December 5, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Results

VioceSo Mathew was sent home this week and he has not had a good performance in the last few weeks.  So America was right on. And James W. our favorite was saved by the instant save.

Now we have found a way around the west coast being eliminated from the “instant save” and it just so happens that James was saved, possibly because our votes counted.  This is what we did.  The “instant save” opens for votes about 10 minutes before the show ends at 9:00 PM EST.  So at 8:45 PM EST (5:45 PST) we started Tweeting our saves for James and “bingo” James was saved this week.  We did our “instant save” without knowing James was in the bottom, kind of a “just in case” James winds up in the bottom two.  (It worked).

We were surprised to see Cole move on.  It’s probably because Blake’s fans are voting the last one standing on Blake’s Team.  Even though James is our favorite, right now it looks like Jacquie is the front runner.  The girl can sing up a storm.

Today on Ellen D.’s show Adam Levine was a guest and she asked him about why the west coast is not included in the “instant save”.  Adam answered with “the voting is really crazy.” and  never did answer the question.  The only answer is The Voice executives don’t give a hoot about the west coast voting.  Well, to them we say, if this keeps up we will stop watching next year and hey you guys, I am holding up my hand and giving you a west coast wave.  You know what kind of wave, it’s like when your diving down the road and someone cuts in front of you without warning.

Next Monday after The Voice episode ends another show we like “The Sing-Off ” starts it’s new season.  In fact, we have been following this show from the day it started.   Stay tuned and watch if you want to see folks singing without being accompanied by a band.  (a cappella competition ).

Other than having survived the Black Friday week-end frenzy of shopping spree, which will be described in our next post, we have nothing to add at this time.


November 27, 2013

The Voice 2013 — This weeks results

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VioceMonday was another live concert and Will doing an Etta James song just plain blew us away.  That was the 2nd “WOW” and then Jacquie the amazing 16 year old was a “WOW! WOW!”.  It always amazes us when someone that young can sing so great and with all that soul.  We agree with Cee-Lo when he asked her “Did you swallow an old lady?”. How else could sh sing with such feeling.  And then there is James W., or as we call him “The Singing Stockbroker” and still our favorite.  He kicked off the show with an amazing Queen song and that was our 1st “WOW!”.  At this point it looks like anyone can win, but the above mentioned our our top 3.

On another note are you out there in cyberland ready for the deluge of Christmas commercials coming your way.  The first we saw was the day after Halloween, Disneyland ran one and then 1 day later we saw a Walmart one.  Nothing like starting early.

Now we have to say that Monday was a highlight day because Lady Gaga was on the Ellen D. show and we are HUGE fans of Lady Gaga.  In fact as we type this post the song “Poker Face” is running through our mind.  The shocker was that we had never seen Lady Gaga without out all that elaborate makeup and outrageous attire.  She showed up on Ellen just like anyone else except for the elf-like shoes.  And you know what?  She is very attractive without all the face “paste”.  We thought the interview was also very insightful and we really enjoyed it.



Yes folks the lady in Pink / Red is Lady Gaga.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to wish all of you out there in cyberland a very Happy Thanksgiving and if your outside the USA, have a Happy and Peaceful Day!

February 27, 2013

Ellen Show – Changing Things Up

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On yesterday’s show Ellen mentioned that after 10 years on the air she has been changing things up.  Last week for example instead of parting her hair on the left side she parted her hair on the right side.  Several folks we know noticed it immediately and “tweeted her”.  Also a few weeks ago she changed the opening of the show from Ellen dancing up into the audience to Ellen dancing on the stag and for the viewing audience on the right of the TV screen displayed miscellaneous facts / jokes.

So if Ellen wants to “change things up” we have an idea that will make her audience of millions just plain gasp.  Yes our idea will make the fans chin drop and a gasp will be heard around the world from her millions of fans.

Here is our idea and it’s simple:  “Ellen open the show wearing a dress!”  “A mini-skirt would be a huge plus, but any dress will do.”  We can’t remember the last time, if ever, we have see Ellen in a dress.  (She could probably borrow one from Portia).

Hopefully her staff will see this post and we will be gasping with surprise when the event finally (If ever) happens.

We have nothing else at this time except “Hito ni shinsetsu ni” (Be kind to others)

February 22, 2013

Favorite Daytime TV Show

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We have been fans of Ellen for about 10 years.  We watch Ellen’s show everyday and if you want to laugh, cry (joyfully), and dance all in the same day then this is the show to watch.  She usually starts the show backstage by tossing a “mint” high in to the air and catching it in her mouth.  Then after a short monologue she dances up into the audience and back to her chair on stage.  (One of these days we would like to see her take Tony, the DJ, with her).

Then the games begin.  Sometimes at the beginning of the show and sometimes at the end audience members are invited down to the stage for games and they really win some great prizes.  Currently trips to Australia for 7 days and 6 nights are the prize.

If it’s not a game, then she usually has some great guests and / or is helping out someone in need of a break.  Ellen and Shutterfly have partnered to help folks out there cyberland that are needing help.  We must say that Shutterfly sure seems like an awesome company and we strongly recommend that you all visit their site to see what services they are offering.  This segment is where we sit with tears of joy and smiling from ear to ear because of the folks being helped by Ellen and how she gets it done.  If you visit Ellen’s site you can nominate someone that you know needs help, or just send her a quick note.  (ELLENTV.COM).  We also follow Ellen on Facebook and get emails from her site of what is going on.

Finally when Ellen ends the show she says, “Be kind to others.” and that describes exactly the theme of her show.  She is always being kind to others in the way she chats with folks and the way she treats her guests.

We have nothing else to add except “Hito ni shinsetsu ni”.



July 28, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 8 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, Sonya and guest judges Lady Gaga and Rob Marshall.  (Yes folks, Lady Gaga was in the house tonight!)

The contestants did two routines tonight one with an “All Star” as a partner and the other a routine with one of the other contestants as a partner.  The “All Star” dancers are past competitors from previous seasons of SYTYCD.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with All Star (AS = All Star):

1] Sasha and AS Pasha – Style: Two Step                Song “Putti’n on the Ritz”
The dreaded Two Step is usually a ho-hum style but tonight this pair was amazing.  Sasha did an excellent job with the style and “nailed” this routine in all aspects.

2] Caitlynn and AS Ivan – Style: Lyrical Hip-Hop        Song “Let Me Love You”
The routine itself was not to our liking because it did not challenge Caitlynn, but she did a good job with what she was given, especially because she was out of her speciality.

3] Jordan and AS Ade – Style: Jazz                           Song “”Nutbush City Limits”
This was the best Jazz Style routine we have seen in many weeks.  Jordan absolutely “nailed” the technique, power, and danced fearless.

4] Melanie and AS Neal – Style: Contemporary          Song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
Week after week Melanie delivers outstanding performances and this was another outstanding one.  It was simply amazing and beautifully danced.  Melanie is another fearless competitor that knows how to “bring it”.

5] Ricky and AS Anya – Style: Jive                             Song “River Deep – Mountain High”
The main theme of this routine required fast paced steps and Ricky did a pretty good job with it.  He did have one lift that was messy, but overall it was a good job.

6] Jess and AS Lauren Gottleb – Style: Hip-Hop        Song “Take a bow”
Last week Jess was great and this week he topped it.  Jess was way out of his specialty and showed he has the “swag” required for this style.

7] Tadd and AS Lauren F. – Style: ?                          Song “Another One Bites the Dust”
We think this was Tadd’s best performance of this season.  Every week Tadd whos specialty is “B-Boy” takes on and conquers the style of the week.  He always surprises us with his excellent dance technique and performance.
Note: The “?” above for style is because Cat Deeley once again neglected to announce the style prior to the routine.

8] Marko and AS Allison – Style: Contemporary         Song “I Know Its Over”
“Wow!” What a great performance and beautifully danced by Marko and Allison.  This performance brought tears to Lady Gaga’s eyes and many others.  This was one of those special dance moments and we are honored to have seen it happen.  Sweet!

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with other contestant:

1] Caitlynn and Tadd – Style: Fox Trot                       Song “Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails”
Another boring style made entertaining by this pair.  Both dancers sparkled.

2] Ricky and Marko – Style: (Soft) Hip-Hop                Song “Bad Boy for Life”
Both dancers showed “swagger” and “nailed” this routine.

3] Jordan and Jess – Style: Rumba                           Song “Set Fire to the Rain”
The chemistry seemed to be missing but both dancers did a good job with this style.

4] Sasha and Melanie – Style: Contemporary            Song “Game On”
This performance received a standing ovation from all the judges and audience, which was rightly so.  This was a double “Wow!” performance.  It had power, great technique, strength, and energy.  A perfectly danced routine created by the one and only Sonya.

Our top three best routines tonight

***** Melanie / Neal * Marko / Allison * Sasha / Melanie *****

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and two dancers will be going home.

We have nothing else to report except to comment on Lady Gaga’s judging ability and we think she was one of the best ever guest judges.  Her comments were exactly “spot” on.  What we liked best was when a dancer did not have the exact technique as judged by Nigel and Mary, which point out when a dancer does not do the moves according to the strict “ballroom” rules, she pointed out that the dancer was expressing himself / herself and they were making the style current.  We totally agree with that assessment and applaud her for her comments on this subject.  Have you ever noticed that if you want to see “ballroom” dancing its usually only on public television?  That’s because it not current and requires stringent rules in the techniques based on “stone age” thinking.  Maybe, just maybe, the “ballroom” community should do a little rethinking and update the rules to allow the dancers a smidgen of creativity.  That might just bring Ballroom to the mainstream on major television outlets.

By the way Lady Gaga will not be on the judging panel tomorrow night but she will be performing.  Bravo!

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow for the results and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.

May 19, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 3 Results

Cut from the top 3 tonight was Casey James.  Next week is the final week and Crystal and Lee will be going for the American Idol winner of season 9 and from AAN a complimentary coffee cup with nothing printed on it.
As we say to all the departing contestants, “To Casey we send our congratulations for making the Top 3 and even though you are leaving tonight, “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

Tonight’s Highlights:

First up were the highlights of Casey’s visit to his hometown in Texas and to the Fort Worth where he made several appearances and visited a hospital where he thanked a doctor who treated him after an accident.

Next up was Crystals visit to her hometown in Ohio where she made several appearances in and around Toledo and to “BowerStock”.

Last up was Lee’s visit to his hometown in Illinois with several appearances in and around the Chicago suburbs including a visit to the store where he sold paint.

This is one of AAN’s favorite segments of American Idol.  Seeing all the proud parents of the contestants is really cool and of course all the fans who support these folks in their journey.

Travis Garland who was discovered online sang “Believe”.

Justin Bieber performed his new songs “You Smile” and “Baby”.

We have nothing more to say except to “Rock on!”  See you at the finale next week.

May 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 3 Performance Week

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

The contestants will sing two songs, one chosen by the contestant and one chosen by a judge.

Here are the top 3 contestants in order of performance:

Songs chosen by the contestants…

1] Casey James – Song: “Okay it’s alright with me.”
So-so choice (We never have heard this song before tonight), but the arrangement was up beat and the vocals were very good, not great, but we enjoyed the performance.  We have to agree with all the judges, it was only “alright” especially because this is probably one of the most important nights in Casey’s career.

2] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Come to my window“
An interesting choice we must say.  As usual we really liked her vocals, but overall, we did not like the arrangement.  We agree with Randy, her vocals made it a great song.  Even more important we agree with Simon when he said, “The one thing about you is from day one you never have compromised your style and you consistently pick songs that suit your style.”

3] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Simple Man”
Now this was a great song choice and Lee had a great performance.  The vocals were spot on with a great arrangement.  We think this was the best performance so far tonight.  The performance rates right up there with his best performance ever.  Great job!

Songs chosen by a judge…

4] Casey James – Song: “Daughters” (Chosen by Randy and Kara)
This performance was better than his first song, but it was not great.  We thought it was a little “sleepy” and did not find any sort of connection.  Not memorable at all.

5] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Baby I am amazed” (Chosen by Ellen)
All we can say is “Wow!”  Once again we were amazed by Crystal’s vocals.  The vocals we absolutely great and even though we were concerned on this song choice, it is opinion that it was her best performance this season.  Excellent song choice by Ellen!

6] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Halleluiah”   (Chosen by Simon)
Another “wow” for Lee!  This song has been done before on Idle, but we think Lee did the best version ever done on American Idle.  Simon sent a challenge and Lee answered with a great “moment” and great performance.  Lee showed what this show is all about.  Just think about it, Lee was selling paint before American Idol and he decided to follow a DREAM…sweet!

AAN‘s Best of Night Choice (Easy one)

We have nothing else to report except that to remind you that tomorrow night is the results show..  Pick up the phone and vote for your favorite are they may go home tomorrow night.

May 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 next to last week…

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Only two more weeks left in Season 9 of American Idol and when this year is over Simon will be departing as a judge.  Over the years we believe that overall Simon was by far the perfect judge for this show.  More often than not, we agree with what Simon has to say about a specific performance.  There are times when Simon seems lost in some of the “slang” words used in the conversations that take place among the judges, but hey, the guy is from England.  This also applies to some of his descriptions he uses when he is giving his opinion, but overall he is the main man and he will be missed.

So we are down to three contestants with two  weeks left.  There is Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, and Casey James.  We find it ironic that Crystal and Lee both came from the Chicago audition, which only picked thirteen contestants earlier in the year.  Ya never know, huh?

So tomorrow night will kick off with footage of the three contestants visits to their home town and their interaction with the fans.  The the performances, which better be “great” or it will be bye-bye on the results show.

This year the season seemed to start kind of slow, but by the Top 11 things really picked up as far as talent.

So until tomorrow night we have nothing else to report except to wonder if a special send off is being planned for Simon.  Nothing has been mentioned, but like we say, “Ya never know, huh?”

May 4, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 5 Performance Week

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

The music theme tonight is the music of Frank Sinatra (Blue eyes) and the mentor to the contestants is Harry Connick Jr.  Every song Frank did was “big, huge, great, etc” and it should be interesting to see how each contestant “Makes the song his/her own” because if they don’t, they will probably be leaving tomorrow night.

Also note that Harry Connick Jr. did all the arrangements of the songs for the contestants tonight.  (That is impressive in our book.)

There was a presentation of an autographed Sinatra handkerchief to Simon by Frank’s daughters.  It seems Simon is a huge Sinatra fan and he actually looked touched by the gift.

1] Aaron Kelly – Song: “Fly Me to the Moon”
After a very slow start, Aaron finally got “in to” the song.  We did get any connection even though his vocals were pretty darn good.  We agree with Kara, “There wasn’t enough charisma.”

2] Casey James – Song: “Blue Skies”
We actually liked the performance and his vocals we thought were good.  None of the judges liked it at all.

3] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Summer Wind”
A completely new style for Crystal and she absolutely “nailed” it.  She even surprised us with her vocal range.  Very good job!

4] Michael Lynche – Song: “The way you look tonight”
Unlike Crystal, Michael is in his element tonight.  He “nailed it” according to the judges.  We think he should have “nailed” it, because he was in his element, but what was missing was, it wasn’t great.

5] Lee Dewyze – Song: “That’s Life”
Lee is another contestant in his element tonight.  Right off from the “get go” he was right on it.  It was like he has been singing like this his whole career.  Very Good and best of the night for sure.  Excellent job Lee!

AAN Best of Show

Another GREAT Mentor

We have nothing else to report except that to remind you that tomorrow night is the results show..  You better vote for your favorite are they may go home tomorrow night.

A final exciting note is that the premier of “So You Think You Can Dance” is coming May 27th, 2010.  We are so looking forward to SYTYCD once again this year.

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