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February 24, 2016

Driving – Cell Phone Texting / Talking while driving

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cellIn California it’s illegal to drive and talk / text on a cell phone while driving a vehicle.  I have not seen this enforced, but it is the law.  The closest thing we have seen to enforcing is after a “fender” accident bender the officer checked both cell phones of the drivers involved, we assume looking for the time of the last chat or phone call.  Just this morning we were at a stop light and the driver in the SUV in front of us was chatting away on a cell phone and right next to the SUV, on the left, was a police car, bur because the SUV driver was about a foot higher than the police car, so the officer could not see the law-breaker.  When the light turned green the cell phone disappeared quickly.

We think we have a solution to this issue, not only for catching the cell phone law breaks, but also for the safety of the vehicles around them.  We have seen countless times cars weaving left and right in their lane while talking away on a cell phone.  This is a big time danger to the rest of us and if we knew they were chatting on a phone, we would make sure to avoid the “law breaker”.

So here is what we think should be done to combat these people who seem to have a need to talk / text on their cell phone while driving.

A device needs to be created that consists of a camera, sensor, transmitter, and G.P.S. unit.  The “device” needs to be embedded in the dash-board or a position where the driver is clearly accessible.  By “embedded” we mean the “device” can not be easily removed by anyone.   The “device” will only scan the drive side (Area) of the vehicle and when the driver turns on a cell phone or the passenger gives the driver a cell phone already turned on the “device” will pick up the signal as soon as the cell phone enters the scan area.  The instant the driver starts using the cell phone, no matter if it’s a call or starts texting, the “device” will activate the hazard lights so that any other drivers in the immediate area will be warned that this vehicle is dangerous and should be avoided.  The “device” will then transmit a message to the nearest police department with the G.P. co-ordinates of the vehicle, the license plate, a video clip of the driver, and a message of what is taking place for example, ”Driver texting in progress”.   The hazard lights will remain on as long as the phone is in the driver area with a 30 minute time extension when the driver passes the cell phone to the passenger or turns it off.

This “device” needs to be built and each state needs to pass a law that directs the auto companies to include this “device” in all the new cars and take charge of adding the “device” to the already existing auto’s built in the last 10 years.  Driver-less autos will also be exempt but only the ones that do not have a steering wheel.

So we a calling for one of you “genius” engineers out there in cyberland to go build this “device” and get it in to production as soon as possible.  Of course, you will become very wealthy so you can donate some of the profits to the rehabilitation centers that will be required for the cell phone “addicts” that get caught and receive a “DWT” Citation (D-Driving, W-While, Texting/Talking).  Multiple citations will lead to a driver receiving the maximum capital punishment, loss of cell phone rights.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to share our excitement in the return of “The Voice” next week.


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