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July 4, 2017

July 4th 2017

july4Happy 4th of July for all those out there in cyber-space and beyond from the AAN Team.

For those in cyber-space outside of any United States territory, “Have a great day of nothing also.”

We also would like to give a really special AAN shout-out to the British folks because if it wasn’t for them (way back when) we here in the U.S.A. would not have a four day weekend this year.  We are sending you guys a whole bunch of “NOTHING” that should help your economy.

Of course we wish to send our prayers out to all the US armed forces out there protecting us and not able to be here to enjoy the day.  THANK YOU!! X 1,000,000,000,000.00

We have nothing to add except be safe out there and if you have time, join us on Twitter.


May 26, 2014

The Voice 2014 Final results and some others


Josh_downloadWell folks The Voice winner for 2014 is Josh Kaufman and we have been partying ever since the final show, so that is why the late post.  Josh is a fellow Hoosier and when Josh first auditioned he became our favorite contestant instantly.

Yes way back then and Josh initially chose Adam as his mentor, but during the battle rounds Adam dumped Josh!  Yes Adam DUMPED our favorite contestant!  Well folks, this really ticked us off, so we decided to put a curse on Adam.  We called the AAN team and did a group curse on Adam.  The curse was that during this current season Adam’s hair on his head would change to either white or blonde.  On the other side when ADAM DUMPED Josh, Usher “stole” Josh and then Josh joined Usher’s team, and as we all know went on to win it all.  We think this is the 1st time on The Voice that a contestant that was “saved” won.  We need to research this, but since research is out of our realm and not included in our mission, we leave it to all of you out there in cyberland.  JOSH >>>>>>WTG !!!  (WTG=Way To Go for those who DK (DK=Don’t Know)).





Caleb Johnson won American Idol this season and if you were watching our “tweets” on Twitter, you would have know he was our favorite because we LOVE Rock and Roll! When Caleb sang with KISS, it was like he was part of the band and a seasoned veteran. WTG >>>CALEB!  Because we started following American Idol way back when it first started we still are half-baked fans and watch the show when it gets down to the Top 5 and if a Idol show interferes with The Voice, we watch the Voice like we did this season when Idols final performance show was on the same time The Voice final show was on. (The Idol producers did a “DUH” on this show schedule).





The last biggie that is a winner is Meryl Davis on Dancing with the Stars and as we all know (Or at least most of us) know that Meryl was the partner of Charlie at the Winter Olympics is the Ice Dancing category and they WON GOLD!  Yes folks GOLD!  MERYL>>>>>>>>WTG TWICE !!!!

We don’t follow Dancing With the Stars mainly because it’s on the same time as The Voice and even if it wasn’t we watched it when it first started and never watched again.  However it is highly rated and Meryl’s win needs to be mentioned.  She is a very special and having a great year.






Finally here are the results from the heated “Meet the Peeps” Contest that concluded last week and because there are so many categories you need to follow this link for viewing <<<<  MEET THE PEEPS >>>>>


We have NOTHING else to report except to mention that America’s Got Talent starts soon and we are going to be there!  We are also going to check out So You Think You Can Dance starting soon also our one time favorite a very long time ago.

August 7, 2013

Americas Got Talent – 2013 — Kenichi Ebina

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Americas_got When we first saw Kenichi on the audition show he just plain blew us away with his create dancing.  On the audition show he did his version of dance with a Matrix theme.  “Wow!” we thought, this guy is great.

Then last night we started watching So You Think You Can Dance, but in the middle of the show we clicked to the start of Americas Got Talent and we are happy we did, because Kenichi one again blew us away with his performance.  This time he created everything, the video background that he danced to and his dancing was one again amazing, keep right on point to the events in the background.

We agree with Howie, “America pick up your phones and vote for Kenichi because this guy deserves to win the 1 million dollars.”

Here are two links for you all out there in cyberland to watch.  The 1st is the initial audition and the 2nd is last nights performance.

1st Audition  and Last night

We have nothing else to add at this time except to say that in all our years of watching SYTYCD we have never seen anything like this both on the creativity side and the dance moves.

January 16, 2013

Talent Reality Shows 2012 – Review

Vioce Well folks American Idol is about to start a new season tomorrow night and we figured we would review last seasons talent reality shows for a heads up on this season.

Our choice for last season best is “The Voice”.  It has the best format, best judges overall, and some pretty great talent.  We did not miss a show last season even when it went up against The X-Factor.  Our choice is The Voice.  The judges / mentors last season were Adam, Ceelo, Christina, and Blake.  Not only great judges, but as mentors they were pretty darn good.  This year Ceelo and Christina are stepping aside and will be replaced by Shakira and Usher.  We don’t know much about Shakira, but when Usher was a mentor on American Idol we thought he was one of the best ever.  We are looking forward to a new season of The Voice.

 So You Think You Can Dance is no longer on our “must watch” list.  We have been fans of SYTYCD sine the show started, but last year they changed the format to one show a week.  At first we thought it would be a good change. But after two or three episodes we completely stopped tuning in and do not plan to watch in the future.

Also last year The X-Factor introduced two new judges / mentors, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to be on the panel along with Simon and L.A. Reid.   Demi proved to be the worst judge / mentor in the history of talent reality shows.  Whew!  Who the heck picked her?  What a total waste of time even though watching Demi be a ditz was somewhat entertaining.  We felt sorry for the team “Demi” members who did not have a chance to win.  The huge surprise was Britney.  She complete took us by surprise by her mature judging / mentoring ability.  We were expecting the “ditz” routine with Britney and she proved us wrong.  Not only is she very good, we put her right up there with the best in the business.  Of course Simon in our opinion is the best, but watch out Simon here comes Britney.  Whet we did not like about X-Factor is they focused way too much on the drama of the contestants and the nasty arguments between the judges.

America’s Got Talent was another show we watched just about every episode and it really can’t be compared to the other “vocal” shows because it’s more of a variety show.  The “new” judge last year is Howard Stern, which we thought was a little over the top and a legend in his own mind.  Sharron Osborn is our all time favorite female judge and we always enjoy her comments.  The one thing we did not like on this show is the fighting between judges.  There were times it got down right nasty.

The of course there is American Idol.  This year three new judges will be added to assist Randy Jackson who has been on the show from the get-go.  New are Nicki Manaj, Keith Urban, and Miriah Caey.  All entertainers and as far as we know do not have any kind of track record in being a judge.  Last year the talent was great, but the season seemed to be dedicated to promoting J-LO.  It was J-Lo this and J-lo that and J-lo performing some new song.  We guess she is basically past her prime as a super star and needs the attention.  Not once did she sing with a contestant probably because the final contestants were better then her aging vocals.

We have nothing to add at this time, but we are looking forward to the 2013 season coming up.  Hopefully X-Factor will be replacing Demi with someone that has more than a few years experience and can actually mentor contestants and not try to be their buddy or make them like her.

August 23, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 9 – Top 10 Results

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All 10 dancers performed before the final results and then the bottom vote getters performed solos “Dancing for their lives”.  The judges did their saving routine and then decided who stays and who goes.

Going home tonight are Audrey and George.

To Audrey and George we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we still think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.

August 15, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 9 — Top 14 Results



The dancers only had to wait three weeks to see who was going home, because FOX did not have the guts to go up against NBC and the Olympics.  The new SYTYCD format is boring enough, but waiting three weeks must have seemed like forever.

All 14 dancers performed before the final results and then the bottom six dancers performed solos “Dancing for their lives”.  The judges then saved two dancers and…

Going home tonight are Matthew, Dareian, Amelia, and Janelle.

To Matthew, Dareian, Amelia, and Janelle we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we still think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.  We recently had a comment by a visitor and they said, “The new format is about the same as a visit to the dentist’s office.”

July 25, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 16 Results



The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Christine Applegate (Dancer?).

Tonight at the end of the show one boy and one girl will be going home based on last weeks voting.  All 16 dancers performed before the final results.

Going home tonight are Amber Jackson and Brandon Mitchell

To Amber and Brandon we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

At least they did not have a “Bollywood” style this week.  The only time that a “Bollywood” Style routine would appeal to us is if we were in the lobby at the Hilton in BombayIndia for a “Bollywood” Convention and they happen to have the TV on with a SYTYCD “Bollywood” routine being telecast.  Back a few years ago they introduced a Russian Folkdance style and did not have any appeal.  They tried it again another week and once again it “bombed”.  We never saw the style again.  We hope the take a long look at the “Bollywood” style and come back with the same results.  It would save us a trip to Bombay.

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.  One show per week with dancing and the results from the prior week all in the same night is not our “cup of tea”.  Ah well, that’s show biz.

Oh and by the way >>> 2012 Olympics start in two days.

July 18, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20 Results



 Tonight at the end of the show two boys and two girls will be going home based on last weeks voting.  All 20 dancers performed with the same partners as last week and according to Nigel “We knew who was in the bottom six at the beginning of the show and we talked with talked with all the choreographers from last week and this week and that along with tonight’s performance we decided who would be saved out of the bottom six.  The judges saved Witney and Chehon.  Going home are Nick, Daniel, Janaya, and Alexa.

To Nick, Daniel, Janaya, and Alexa we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

We have nothing else to report right now except to remind you all out there in cyberland that July  28th is National (World) Dance Day.  Click here for more details


July 4, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 9 — Top 20 Pic’s

Top 10 Girls                                                                                  


Top 10 Guys

 We have nothing else to report except we hope all of you in the USA had a great Fourth of July>>PEACE!

See you all next week when SYTYCD Season 9 officially starts.

June 27, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Zooey Deschanel (No clue why Zooey.  A sitcom star as a judge? Whatever!)

We liked the format of tonight’s show.  It wasn’t like any other of the “song” shows where they drag through the to zillion contestants at the end of Vegas Week to pick the Top contestants.  One by one they go though and either reject or accept each contestant.  SYTYCD did a quick review of the Vegas Week finals and mainly highlighted each “yes” dancer as they were chosen.  Then as three or four dancers were chosen they danced and the show continued on.  Much more entertaining than other “song” shows.

Also this year Nigel announced that because of the format change, this year there will be two “America’s Favorite Dancers”, one boy and one girl.

Here are the SYTYCD Season 9 Top 20:

Alexa Anderson, Amber Jackson, George Lawrence II, Will Thomas, Whitney Carson,
Lindsay Arnold, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Daniel Baker, Eliana Girard, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp,
Audrey Case, Tiffany Maher, Janelle Issis, Dareian Kujawa, Amelia Lowe, Janaya French,
Matthew Kazmierczak, Brandon Mitchell, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, and Cole Horibe.

(Did you count to see if there are 20 in the list?)

We have nothing else to report except say we are really looking forward to next week when the Season really begins and the this years dancers begin dancing routines of various styles and partnered with a SYTYCD “All Star”.

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