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April 22, 2019

Quit Smoking the Easy Way – Sharing Our Experience (2019 update)


I am happy to report that this January marks 6 years since I last smoked a cigarette. An accomplishment I am very proud of and I am going to share with others who are attempting to quit smoking but struggling with the task. So if you are a non-smoker you might move on to another site, but then again you might wish to share this site to someone you know that is attempting to quit smoking.
I found that when I decided to quit, I created the intention to quit smoking, and focused on the task at hand the solutions came my way quickly.

2019 Update: In January 2013 we were diagnosed with COPD Level II, which was nodules in the lungs (CT Scan), but too small to biopsy.  They said that they needed to do a CT Scan every three months to monitor and if in December the nodules are big enough then they would do a biopsy, and 99.99% start Chemotherapy immediately.  The appointment was booked ahead of time for three hours.  This is how sure they were. So the 2nd CT scan showed minor growth.  The third showed same as the 2nd.  Then the final CT scan showed that 95 % of the nodules were gone.  Yes gone!  The doctors said “This never happens!  COPD does not get cured, but you no longer have COPD!”.  My pulmonary doctor said “You can fire me. You no longer need me.” To this day every doctor who looks at my chart says the same thing “This never happens!” ans ask me what I did to cure my COPD.  I am a Reiki Level II Healer and every night I sent healing energy to my lungs and entire body.  I said 10 Hail Marys along with the healing. (I wanted to cover all bases) Thats it.  I totally believe there are some things we can self heal.

I was smoking one pack a day at the time, and I was going though a severe chest cold which seemed to a fairly regular event at back then. I also had been smoking for over five decades, yes folks, more than fifty years without ever seriously attempting to quit. So here is my solution to quitting which turned out to be easier than expected.

First I met a doctor that had organized a group of folks that under her supervision had quit smoking using a medication named Wellbutrin. The instructions were one pill a day for three days and then start with two pills a day and continue to smoke. When the third day arrived I had already cut down from 20 to 15 cigarettes a day. I found that I had a reaction to taking the second pill and the doctor said to just stay with the one a day. Within 10 days I was at 3 cigarettes a day and seemed to get stuck at three. (Ask your doctor about a class or a recommendation)

Then one day I was on my Facebook page when I saw a symbol on the right side that was a cigarette with a red crossed “X” over it. I stared at the symbol because I never click on those “pages you need to visit” symbols, but I went with a gut feeling and clicked on it. I then went to a page about quitting smoking by Alan Carr and it led me to a PDF download of a book named “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” written by Alan Carr in 1985. I downloaded the file and read the book in one sitting. I have not smoked a cigarette since completing the book. (Thank you Allen)

Click here for a link to the Quit smoking site PDF File

What this book did for me was to point out that all the thoughts about why I liked smoking or why that cigarette with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning tasted so good, or yeah there is a chance of getting cancer, but not me, etc. The answer is those thoughts are coming from your ADDICTION! Yes your addiction is pointing out how much you enjoy smoking and how special you are for smoking without any issues and of course you are so special that cancer is not an option.

So the actual quitting was easy. I found the tough part was about 2-3 weeks later when I felt an urge for a cigarette when a situation occurred that when I was smoking, would smoke a cigarette. I have talked with other people who said this was the part that when they felt some stress, they automatically went back to smoking thinking they would attempt to quit at a later date. (They rarel do) My though was “I did not quit smoking to go right back to it!” So what I did was I immediately noticed the situation that was causing the urge and then stopped what I was doing. I sat down and started a simple meditation where I focused on my in and out breath knowing that the urge would pass in about 20 seconds. Sure enough, it did and the next time the same situation came up the urge was non-existent. I did this ever time I had the smoking urge and eventually it was a rare event.

These days focusing on your breathing during a meditation is called “Mindfulness Meditation” and classes on how to do Mindfulness Mediation are being offered by most hospitals across the country (For a fee). If you are luck enough to live in or near Redwood City California the Insight Meditation Center offers classes for free (Donations are accepted). Check their web site for more information

Click here for a link to Insight Meditation Center Redwood City California

If you are interested in on-line classes here is a link to the Google Mindfulness on-line course, yes folks, Goggle has a course on mindfulness and from what we understand they support their employees in using this method to meditate. You even get a certificate when you complete the course.

Click here for Google Link

We have nothing else to talk about at this time, but we invite you to post a comment if you would like more information or have a question or two. Be sure to include your email address and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Also if you don’t want your comment made public, please include a “NOT”.

NOTHING is better than a smoke free environment!”


March 10, 2018

Nabisco OREO Cookie Packaging Tribute

We are dedicating this post to all the people who came up with the new cookie packaging that opens on top and re-seals.  These people hopefully received a HUGE bonus from Nabisco.  We cookie junkies can hardly tell you how much we appreciate this packaging because it saves hours of time.  No more opening the package and removing a “tray” of cookies, then putting it back and hoping it will not go stale.  Actually they never go stale if they are within 30 feet of me.  A simple “Lift” and there they are just waiting for us to enjoy these delicious cookies.  Then if there are any left in the package simple close the flap and its sealed.  Can’t get much easier than that!

We see others also have the package, but because we eat mainly Original Oreo’s Chocolate Sandwich just about every day our focus is with them.  Only 160 calories per 3 cookies. (This is the first time we ever read this).  On the back of the package is a little saying “Carry Love in your heart and Oreo Cookies everywhere else”!  There is also a bunch of really small print about Nutrition but we don’t want to take time to read, after all, we are going to eat them anyway.

We have nothing to else to report except now that we are taking about Oreo’s we are running out to get more and milk too.

February 25, 2018

The “Real” President’s News Conference – 2009 Healthcare


Originally Posted 2009 When we had a real POTUS

I watched the President’s New Conference this morning because I wanted to hear his plan on national healthcare.  Other subjects were also covered such as his South America (Chile) Policy, the Economy, and the Smoking Law passed yesterday.  I really liked what I heard about all the subjects, especially his plan for National Healthcare.

I doubt the healthcare insurance companies like it because it will probably cut into their outrageous premiums, but that is exactly why it is being considered now.  With the millions of Americans out of work and all the others without a healthcare plan, I back the President 1,000% in his quest for a National Healthcare Plan.  I also like the fact that if the insurance companies want to get involved they will not be allowed to only insures healthy people.  They will have to take people with pre-existing health issues.

I once worked for a Commercial Property Insurance company and even thought it wasn’t healthcare insurance, the policies were probably the same.  They took in the payments and fought every claim “tooth and nail”.  I have had the same experience a few times with healthcare providers also.  They freely take your premium payment, but beware if you have a claim.

As far as healthcare cost these days here is a recent prime example.  We have someone visiting us from the Midwest and yesterday this person needed medical attention.  He is not working and does not have health insurance so we called our doctor at “The Palo Alto Medical Clinic” to see if he could get seen.  We were told that they required a $300.00 deposit just for a visit of a new patient without health insurance.  Well I can tell you that this person can not afford that kind of cost and we asked if they could refer other clinics in the area that may not required such a large amount of money for a visit.  They gave us several names and we call a few only to find none of them had any openings immediately.

So we discussed his options.  Because his symptoms were that his throat was swelling on the inside, we were afraid it might be life threatening and maybe a visit to a local hospital emergency room should be considered.  Of course, he would not have to outlay a “chunk of change”, but the final bill would probably be a few thousand dollars or more.

Well my daughter saved the day.  She did a “Google” search for some local clinics that provide immediate attention for “walk ins”.  Walla!  She found a clinic named “Quick Health” and we called.  They said they charged $59.00 for a visit and off he went.  When he came back he went on and on about how great everyone was and that they saw him within a few minutes of his arrival.  As it turned out, he did not have a life threatening illness and the doctor told him how to treat the swelling after a complete examination.  The total bill was just under 100 bucks.

Then two days later someone from Quick Health called him to ask how he was doing, as a follow up.  This impressed me.  This showed me that Quick Health was not just some “fly by night” company and if anyone in my family needs medical attention, Quick Health would be a strong choice.

Thank heaven he did not go the local hospital emergency room and have to deal with that bill.  Thank you Quick Health!

As a footnote:  I once went to The Palo Alto Medical Center and paid the $300.00 deposit for a visit.  The $300.00 was used up by my visit and the doctor’s diagnosis with an additional cost of $250.00 for the medication (20 pills).  Yes that’s right, 20 pills cost me $250.00.  (This in itself demands healthcare reform.)

I have nothing to add at this time except “Please Mr. President, help us folks out here who need some help with our healthcare!  We are with you all the way!”

February 1, 2017

Lincare – Respiratory Specialists – UPDATE on Portable Unit

lincarelogoWe just received a phone call from my sister in Sedona and she reported that the portable unit she has been waiting for a year and one half was just delivered to her house.  As soon as we heard a celebration broke out on both ends of the phone line.  We want to thank Dan for his participation in getting this feat accomplished and to all of you who stopped by to read this post.

You might think you just read the post, but by reading the post your energy was added to the energy already engaged in pursuing a resolution.

To Lincare we say, finally thank you and if you had any business sense you would promote Dan (District Manager) to VP at least.

My sister is beyond blissful.  This portable unit gives her freedom to travel around the world or just on short trips.  We wish you all out there in cyberland could hear her voice and the happiness of being free from the heavy unit she has been coping with.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to say >>> Namaste

If you have a few minutes to watch a U tube video about “Love is the New Religion” by Brian Piergrossi you might find this to be the new Spiritual Revolution:



April 29, 2014

Stop using Microsoft’s IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

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 If any of you out there in cyberland has not head about this HUGE issue with Microsoft IE browser follow this link immediately


From what we understand this security issue applies to all versions of Explorer, but the really sad part is for those 500 million users that are still using the XP Operating System you are basically “SCREWED.  Why you ask?  For the uninformed Microsoft as of APRIL 8, 2014 has stopped supporting the XP Operating System.  Of course for the recent “bug” they will find a “fix”for the operating systems still supported, but XP users, you are on your own out there in the virus infected cyber-space attempting to figure out what to do next.  

 Well folks we have nothing else to report and we will soon be hustling to get a new P/C because our backup desktop has the DREADED XP Operating System.  We are strongly thinking “APPLE”!

April 14, 2014

Southwest – an Airline with a sense of Humor

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Now this is a flight I would like to take someday if we are ever going to Salt Lake City via Southwest Airlines.  Click on the Southwest pic above, kick back and enjoy.  Thanks to Mashable for the original post.

We have nothing else to add at this time except to remind you that The Voice is on tonight and we are sure it will be another Monday Night concert.

November 21, 2013

Boeing 747 “Dreamlifter” Cargo – Lands at wrong Airport!

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dreamlifter-02This just in and trending.  A HUGE specially built Boeing 747 Dreamlifter landed at the wrong airport in Kansas and it looks like it’s going to be “tricky” taking off because the runway is to short.  We bet the pilot who landed the plane is having some interesting dreams, like maybe about forced retirement.

<click here for more details>

We have nothing else to report at this time, but will follow this story as soon as we stop smirking.

June 3, 2013

The Voice / Taco Bell

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taco bell  We just happened to watch the news before went to Taco Bell to get some munchies and we saw this.  For the full story click here “Huffington Post“…


We have nothing else to add except “YUCK!”

August 22, 2012

Wendy’s Baconator – Review

Recently Wendy’s has been running commercials in our area for the Baconator Sandwich.  When you look at the picture what do you see?  Do you see delicious looking hamburger that you can’t wait to taste?  Does it make you want to jump in your car and go get one?

When we see it we think “Man that burger will clog your arteries quicker than all get out!”  “Look at all that burger and bacon grease!  Yuck!”   We imagine someone on a steady diet of Baconator’s and after a few years they are sitting on the couch after just eating a Baconator and they get a chest pain.  At first they think its heartburn, but as the pain increases they know it’s the “BIG ONE”!  They have a tinge of panic whet they get short of breath and when the pain increases tenfold they go into full blown panic.  They jump up on their way to get the phone and find they are losing their balance because of the lack of breath.  They grab the phone and start to dial “9” and their legs give out.  As they are falling to the floor they hit the “1” key.  Plop, they are on the floor and they manage to hit the other “1” key.  They lay there after completing “911” weak, sweating, and gasping for air holding the phone close to their ear.  They are promising God that they will never eat another Baconator if only someone will answer their call for help.  Seconds feel like hours as they wait.  More promises to God and the call is answered…

Of course we are projecting what we think will eventually happen, but hey, clogged arties are written all over the Baconator is our view.

We have nothing else to add right now but if you want to go see what the nutritional value of this hamburger is < CLICK HERE >

March 25, 2011

Wheat Thins / Campbell’s Chunky Soup Commercials

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Last night I saw one of those Wheat Thins commercials that identify a person that “Tweeted” a message about Wheat Thins and surprise them with a visit.  Here are three examples:

1) Girl gets pallet load

2) Girl gets pendant

3) Wheat Thins and Football

So this is an effective commercial because it got my attention and I thought it was very creative.  When I saw the commercial I immediately recognized the product and it reminded me that this product was still on the market.  I tend to think of any commercial like an automated “post-It” reminder, especially if the product is one that I might use and have not used the product for some time.

 The Wheat Thins commercial reminded me of when I was a young lad and had not yet discovered or had access to junk food.  Way back then my mom tended to go on diets to lose weight, which meant that the entire family was on the diet with her and she bought Wheat Thins to munch on between meals.  So if I was looking for something to munch on my only choice would be Wheat Thins, which as I remember it was like eating cardboard, yes cardboard. 

 The commercial did get my attention, but did not motivate me to jump in my car and haul out for some Wheat Thins or to put Wheat Thins on my “must get” grocery list.  It is, however,  an interesting marketing tactic, which does bring a product from long ago more current by using TWITTER.

Yesterday was my pay attention to commercials day.  Soon after the Wheat Thins commercial, I saw another commercial advertising Campbell’s Chunky Soup.  In this segment a can of chunky soup was poured over mashed potatoes.  The mashed potatoes were formed into an oblong bowl shape and the soup was then poured over the potatoes.  This got my attention, but not in a favorable way.   I almost gagged just looking at that mess, let alone eating it.  Good grief!  Yuck!  The picture to the left looks better than the actual commercial – most likely  because it came from a site promoting the Campbell’s Kitchen web site, but you get the idea.

 When that was over, I finally got the answer to the question I had about Wheat Thins which was: “What could possibly prompt me to eat Wheat Thins?” Answer:  If I were locked in a room and the only way to get out was to choose between Wheat Thins or a platter of Campbell’s Soup poured over mashed potatoes, I would choose the cardboard over the mush. 

  I have nothing further to add at this time except you can bet on the fact that I am on my way to our local Whole Foods to check out the fresh daily deli menu.

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