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May 16, 2018

Belief System | Wednesday (Hump) Daily

Hello folks!  Today is what we call “Hump” day (Wednesday) and it’s once again a great day!  If you are following our post “Transforming #1” post about getting back to feeling young we hope you are feeling much younger like we are.  Amazing how tis all works.

We are dedicating this post to “Rick B.” who posted a comment about our post on “The God Code”.  Here is what Rick posted as a comment:

What a negative personality the person is that wrote this “article”! “If you don’t show it to me, I don’t believe it!” type of person. Why someone that’s an atheist would write an article about this subject is very curious anyway! Oh well, everyone has an opinion…. as they say.

It just so happens that we have been working on tweaking our intuition so this post was perfect for us to “tune in” on what Rick might be thinking instead of going right in to a defensive position.  But first we thanked Rick on taking the time to post a comment because we appreciate all comments.  Because we know we are not a negative person and our entire sight is about as positive as can we thank Rick anyway.  When we look at his comment our intuition tells us when someone posts a negative comment about what they thin is a negative post, then they might just be having a “bad” day and if Risk feel better about his post, then we are even more happy to know that.  This all reinforces what we say about “having a clear mind”.  Judging someone about one thing is what we call “tunnel vision” and if you are clear minded you would look at the whole picture and then maybe have a different outlook.  We know that we can’t please everybody, but the “comment’ in itself makes us happy.  Love the “atheist” remark! LOL Thanks Rick for the great laugh.

So we hope everyone is enjoying all our posts and hopefully we are giving examples about looking at life in different ways.  We woke up today and once again it’s a great day in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s partly cloudy and we love partly cloudy because we are one of the people who can just stare at the clouds and looking for shapes and enjoying God’s painting of the shy with clouds.  When we were young we would lie on the lawn on a cloudy day in Indiana and stare at the sky.  Where we live now has the same type of clouds and we appreciate them because it’s normally clear and sunny.

Then after our morning meditation a friend stopped by and dropped off a package of “Original Oreo’s” because he new that we have not had any junk food for a few days (Yes Junk food).  He knows that we are HUGE Golden State Warrior Fans (He is a Thunder Fan) and there is a game tonight which is the perfect time to eat junk food.  The Warrior are up 1 to zero against the Houston Rockets and we look to be up 2 to zip after tonight.  Funny thing is we had been thinking about Oreo’s for two days before today and “wallah” he comes up with the package.  We did a post about how the new packages have to easy open top which is the greatest invention since sliced bread.

When we first started our journey we were really looking at being a channel, but as much as we practiced, we could only get so far.  Because we quoted some books on an earlier post we started reading some of the books where we had post-it notes and found the “channeling” section.  So we came to find out that it works much better if you have a clear mind and can focus on meditations.  Being in the moment is the key and we realize that when we started the journey was only a taste of what was to come.  Now we are seriously working on the channeling and it’s coming along.  We are not is a big hurry like before, we are taking our time and having some fun.

We welcome all the new subscribers and thank all the existing subscribers many have been with up though our entire journey.  We bless all of you and constantly send positive energy.  We also thank all the folks that participated in sending John McCain some healing energy.  Did you notice that you got some back?

We have nothing to add at this time except to send an energy boost to all of you out there in cyber-land.

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