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October 30, 2013

The Voice Knockout Rounds #2

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VioceAnother great night of The Voice and what can we say but our favorite “P-R-E-S-T-O-N” is looking good.  We haven’t seen anyone close yet, but ya never know.

Last night the X-Factor was on 1 hour before The Voice started so we watched and once again it was still boring and the lack of talent was the highlight.  Soon as clock hit 1 hour “CLICK” and off we were to The Voice.  We wonder if Simon is ashamed of the X-Factor this year because it’s just not very good.  Of course we will check in from time to time hoping for a miracle or just to not be bored.

We haven’t seen Cee-Lo take our advice about the colored noggin tattoo yet, but again, it might take awhile before he can find the correct colors.

Right now we are watching the world series (Baseball) and Boston I ahead 6 to 1.  G-O-O-O-O B-O-S-T-O-N !!!”

We have nothing else to report right now.  Be safe you car poolers !

October 29, 2013

The Voice — Knock Out rounds after the Battle Rounds

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VioceWell folks, what can we say?  Another GREAT night of The Voice and now we are doing the knockouts getting ready for the “LIVE” Shows.  We have yet to see Preston again, but we shall be patient.

We had a new idea for Cee-Lo, instead of the tattoo he initially had on his noggin that was just one color, he should try a multi-color like red, yellow, green, etc.  Or he should paste an ad for say Pepsi and make some extra cash to pay for the tattoo and maybe donate some to a good cause.

So to all of you out there in cyberland we will once again be watching tonight and we are sending a shout out to Brandon and his cousin who kindly visited our site this past weekend>>>>Hey Cous, howdy!

We have nothing else to report right at this moment except to say “get the flu shot if you haven’t already.”

October 23, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Battle Rounds Tuesday

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VioceFinally we got to see our favorite Preston and he won his round.  Of course it’s early but we are picking him as a top 3 contender, maybe even the winner this year.  There are a few others we have our eye on but right now it’s Preston that is looking like a winner.  The whole point is for the contestants to grow into much more mature vocalists and that will continue on through this season.  It’s up to the mentors / team leaders to establish this.  Right now it doesn’t look like team Blake has a contender, but we shall see.   Maybe if Cee-Lo “dons” his tattoo once again his team will rise up this year.  Christina’s seems to have a weak team but Christina looks good.

We have nothing else to report except to ask you all out there in cyberland have you ever driven by a major airport like LAX where the jets fly right over the freeway (For those in the Midwest in California we call what you call expressways, we call freeways) anyway, where the jets are landing right over your head.  It’s like you accidentally got on the runway they are so close.  So here is a video that might show you what we are talking about.  The guy in the Jeep is Joe when he was in southern California on one of his Cheetah expeditions and driving past LAX. << CLICK HERE >>>>

October 22, 2013

The Voice — The Battle Rounds continue

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VioceAh another great Monday of battle-rounds BUT we are still waiting for our favorite, which hopefully we will see tonight. (Wonder when Cee-Lo will be wearing the fake tattoo again?).  Was a fun  night especially when Christina battled the fly with the help of Adam.

Has your favorite been on yet?  We had a few surprises last night and the talent looks great.

We have nothing else to report right now except for these folks having a great time down in Florida >>> CLICK HERE <<<<<(Wonder why the guy is the middle never bends over with the others?)  Also notice the person in the white pants and blue top wipes nose on shirt 🙂

September 30, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Audition #3

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Vioce  Finally we got our first “WOW” and that was with the 15 year old Timyra Joy.  What a great voice at such a young age.  Then along came Monika Leigh, and she got an almost “wow” on a voice that needs some further development, and she has the “look” that if she continues to develope her voice we are sure will get a “WOW” later in the competition.   The the last contestant came along and his name is Preston Pohl, and he got our “WOW!  WOW!”.  This guy is a contender and might just win it all.

Once again a great show and when the one contestant said that Cee Lo’s head matches the design on his shirt we cracked up.  A perfect comment that led us to remember that we once had a tie with the same design.

We have nothing else to report right now except to say that after watching The X-Factor last Thursday and when they started talking about a change in the format this year, we were so bored up to then we clicked over to Sponge Bob Square Pants for some real entertainment.


September 24, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Auditions #1

Vioce  Did you all watch the premier last night?  It was great seeing the original judges back this season and the talent once again looks to be awesome.

The big question in this household was do you think the tattoo on Cee Lo’s head is real?  We were bouncing back and forth whether it’s one of those stick on fake thingys or it’s real.  Did Cee Lo take a tear off to get the tattoo?  We would think if it’s real, wouldn’t you worry about ink leaking into your brain?  Now we have to watch again (we would anyway) and check out the crown of his head.  Will it still be there?  Will it be the same pattern?  So many questions, and so few answers.

We wonder what the folks in the Petosky MI car pool think?  We would think the top-o-the-head tattoo was the main topic of conversation this morning on the way to work.  Then again, we wonder if Brandon and friends even noticed.

So tonight is the audition #2 show and of course we will be watching even though we ran out of Goldfish (Cheddar) last night and had to run out and get more.  This time we are going to “Original” flavor.

We have nothing else to report except give a shout out to all the folks who car pool to work.  They are not only are saving cash, they are saving the environment.

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