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August 1, 2018

Belief System – Death – A Celebration of Life

We talk about having a clear mind all the time and our goal is to pass on to you how we came to have and constantly keep our mind clear.  We have said that a clear mind will hear the answers when they come to you, no matter how small or even in someone else’s passing words. Here is are most recent example that led to this post, which we have been pondering for months and have asked The Universe for some guidance.

Tonight on Americas Got Talent near the end of the show the trio from Oregon named We Three Music ( came on and performed and original song named “Lifeline”.  In this song were four words “Got to be real” that triggered the following thought process. At the very moment we heard those words we instantly knew we were meant to hear those words and we started to think about what other events brought us to this moment.  The first thing we though of was when we had the near death experience (NDE).  We have never thought of why until tonight. We did we go to the other-side and experience the beyond beautiful place where we wanted to stay.  Then that voice said, “You must go back, you’re not done with your journey.”  We did not want to go back, but we did.  (Note to self:  Be sure to find out whose voice that was) Because the Universe does not make mistakes why did we have the NDE? We know now it was because we were shown what the “other-side” is like and when someone says “Their in a better place” when someone dies, we know they are.

Then many years later, another experience to go with the N.D.E. was when we received a phone call from my Fathers head nurse saying “I think your Dad is going to pass soon.  I suggest you get here soon.” We were there in two days and we were with my dad when he passed three days later.  We will never forget every moment leading up to the last five minutes.  All of a sudden it was like the room was full of Love so thick it felt like we were in a swimming pool full of Love and Joy.  Then we heard music and signing by what seemed like thousands of voices coming from far away but moving toward the room.  We moved over to my Dad and looked in his eyes and he sent us a thought “Son, please move out of the way, they have come for me.”  So we moved to the end of the bed and knelt down and prayed “Dear God, thank you for this beautiful moment of peaceful passing of Dad.”  We felt like we were directly connected to God at that moment.  The Love energy grew stronger and the only way we can describe the following is that a celebration broke out.  It was like a thousand Angels were singing and full of joy as they left with Dads soul and grew quieter and finally were gone.  We sat there and cried, not from being sad, but from being joyful and blissful.  We had never experienced someone passing and this was amazing.  This was no doubt a celebration of my Fathers life and we made sure that the funeral was a celebration.  Everyone seemed to get it and they all celebrated with our family.

So tonight four words “Got to be real” from the song “Lifeline” led to our N.D.E., which led to my Dads passing celebration, and finally led to this post.  How amazing is The Universe?  When you have a clear mind you get to find out and we are constantly surprised.  We have heard from one of our friends that was present with his grandma when she passed she cussed until her last breath.  Maybe they just did not hear the Angels nor did they feel the love?  It all was there, but busy minds sometimes miss the important stuff.

We must admit that this post has cleared our minds even more and it feels like we have grown with the knowledge that “Death is in fact a celebration” and we will treat it as such always.  We once learned when we were studying reincarnation that suicide is not a solution to this life because when the soul starts the next life it starts right where it left off.  All the same circumstances take place in the next life right up to the moment a life was taken and it will be re-run until the person changes the outcome and calls for help (Hotline 1800-273-8255) or gets inspired to change their life and move on.

Thank all of you for your support and we constantly send you healing energy.  God bless and be safe my friends.

We have nothing to add right now except to remind everyone that “You are never alone!  God is always loving and with you.”


September 15, 2017

Opera Browser Review and other AAN stuff

My long vacation is over an it’s time to report on what we have been doing and the many interesting places we have been both on-line and off. I have been screwing around with Firefox and Chrome both of which pissed me off so we read about Opera and so far we find it to be perfect for our needs.  We are on it now and so far so good.

We have been living on Twitter for several months supporting the anti-Trump folks and pushing for the #calext (California becoming its own country) proposition. We like #calexit because the point is we don’t want some moron like Trump determining our present and future.  We also have been organizing the Reiki folks world wide to send healing energy to the victims of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes. I once lived in Florida and would not go back, but the folks there have taken a beating and we care.

Recently we discovered that several dating sites contain hundreds of scammers of various types and we have names and will be doing some blogs on what we experienced and solutions. Right now if you are on a dating site and the person you are talking to lives in Ghana and they are asking you for money to get a new cell phone or some other expense then they are probably a scammer. Google “Ghana scammers” and look on YouTube you might just see something disturbing.

We are happy to say that we are still smoke free and have helped other to become the same way. Motto “Smoke cigarettes is like holding a gun to your head and pulling the trigger on a gun that shots a slow moving bullet.” You will suffer and your family will suffer right along with you.

We still watch So You Think You Can Dance, Deadliest Catch (Less), Americas Got Talent (Addicted to Heidi), Pawn Stars, every Golden State Warriors game (Eat your heart out Chicago), every Raiders game, some 49’s games (they need to win us back), The Voice (Less), X Factor, just to list a few.

We are also going to be reporting on some medical experiences that we have currently (Noting major) and have researched. We consider ourselves blessed that we did not have any issues other than shortness of breath after we quit smoking but what we found was he inherited one called Orthostatic hypotentension which has no cure but can e managed, and another called Polymyalgia Rhueumatica (PMR) and 20% of PMR patients have Temporal Arteritis and we are in the 20%.  Then for our followers who have met us here is a little tidbit that will probably make you smile. Between quitting smoking and the medications we have gained some weight after 65+ years at no higher than 150 we now weigh in at 190. At least we have leveled off here. (Hope you did not injure yourself when you fell off your chair Aaron). We must add that Stanford Hospital and The Stanford Medical Group have been beyond outstanding is every phase from the supporting staff to the amazingly talented doctors.

Of course there is more, but we have a craving for Cheeto’s and need to go find some.

We have nothing else to report except to say to everyone we hope you and your families are all well and we send you many blessings. We hold ourselves grateful having met so many great folks and knowing some very special people.


September 24, 2014

The Voice Season 7 – Audition Night #2

VioceOnce again another The Voice Concert and we enjoyed every moment.  Sure looks like the two rookie judges have come prepared and are giving Adam and Blake a run for their money.  Pharrell is fun to watch and we would type more about him but when we type his name here we get the dreaded spell check underline.

So finally the season started and we have been waiting for years (exaggeration) for this season to start.  During the break we tuned in on “Rising Star” and we liked the concept, but the execution seemed a little off.  The mentors / judges were terrible, possibly the worst we have seen since Demi Lavto was on the X factor.  There were several times when the “judge” would say to a contestant “I didn’t like when you did that “run”, but I voted yes anyway.”  What?  Talk about two faced ! Kesha rarely voted “no” even when she voiced what she did not like about a performance.  We must say that we picked the winner Jessia Kinch from the 1st time we heard him and hoped he would win.

The other show we watched every week was America’s Got Talent (AGT), and found this to be one of their best seasons ever.  When it got down to the finals it was up for grams as to who was going to win.  Mat Franco one of our favorites took home the million bucks and Emily West came in second, another one of our favorites.

Then after not watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) for two years we tuned in and when it conflicted with AGT we taped it and watched later.  Once again we were impressed by the level of dancing and Valerie was my grand-daughters favorite.  Valerie came in second with Rickie winning.  We are looking forward to next season already.  This show constantly amazes us by the quality of the dancing.

We have nothing else to report except that the special health drink and vitamins just got delivered and we will be reporting on the effects after we use them for about a week.

September 19, 2013

Americas Got Talent – 2013 — Kenichi Ebina Wins the Million

koneicki Well folks America got it right and voted Kenichi Ebina the 2013 winner of Americas Got Talent.

A few weeks ago we did a post about Ebina and he proved to be a visionary with some pretty great and creative performances.  Every time we watched he just plain blew us away and absolutely deserved to win the million.  If we get to Vegas when he becomes the headliner of a show we will for sure go an see him.

Here are two links for you all out there in cyberland to watch.

Performance #1

Performance #2

We have nothing else to add at this time except to ask “What does the fox say?”

Also tonight is the final show of “The Million Second Quiz” on NBC and the winner will take home 2 million bucks!  If you don’t know what “The Million Second Quiz” is,  just imagine your watching “I want To Be A Millionaire” on Speed.

June 2, 2013

The Voice 2013 – Top 6 Preview

Vioce  Last week the Adam lost two of his team and we must admit we were completely shocked.  We had Judith Hill picked as a contender to win it all.  However as we have learned on other reality variety shows, the American viewing audience doesn’t always get it right.  The show itself is still our favorite and now Team Blake has a full three members, which we think two of them are so-so country singers with the 16 year old is just plain awesome.  All the other teams are left with one member.

We will be tuning in tomorrow for what we like to call “The Voice weekly Concert” Top 6 performance night.

The last few days we have been in touch with a very old friend from far – far – away and Brandon, or as we call him “Mr. Lynx”, (his original nickname was Mr. Unix and then he jumped ship) has a friend that really likes the show also.  We were really glad to hear that and hope his friend is enjoying the last few weeks of this season.

Also this coming week America’s Got Talent starts it new season and we are sorry to see that Sharon Osborne will no longer be a judge.  We thought that Sharon was easily the best female judge out of all the “judging” shows running.  She will be missed, but Howie M. is still a judge and we also enjoy his comments.  Sharon will be missed.

On a side note, So You Think You Can Dance started it’s new season a few weeks ago and this was once our favorite show, but when they changed the format last year, we changed our liking.  We have seen a few show this year, but only after we taped it because with it’s schedule is conflicting with The Voice.

We have nothing to add at this time except to say “See you at the Voice Concert”.

July 28, 2011

America’s Got Talent – Results Week Three – Third Twelve Acts

Tonight’s show was the results from last night’s (June 26th) performance of the third twelve of the forty eight Act’s chosen this season.  The four acts chosen tonight will move on to the semi-finals.

The first three acts to move on are chosen by the viewing audience.  The fourth final act is chosen by the judges to move on.

The judges were Piers, Howie, and Sharon.

Top Four Acts Chosen to Move on in Order:

1] Poplyfe (Oakland CA Band)

2] Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. (Frank Sintra reborn)

3] Lys Anges (Opera Singer)

4] Professor Splash (Climbs up a ladder really high and dives into 12 inches of water)

Other highlights tonight:

The great Stevie Nicks performed her new single “For What Its Worth” from her new album “In Your Dreams”.  Later in the show she performed again, this time the classic “Edge of Seventeen”.

“Fighting Gravity” (Came in 3rd last season) performed and they were one of our favorites last year.  Once again they “knocked our socks off” tonight with one of their original performances and said they were putting together more and hoping to maybe do a show on Broadway or Vegas.  For more news they can be followed on Facebook.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to ask Piers “Why did you pick Professor Splash”?

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