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February 21, 2018

NBC Olympic Coverage – Free Dance / Daytona 500

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So Monday We are watching the NBC main channel and the Free Dance was very entertaining.  We are amazed by the talent and the amazing tricks/moves.  Then half way through they go to commercial and come back to Men’s Hockey!  Yes, no warning or any mention that after the commercial they were going to Men’s Hockey even though the Free dance was half done.  No mention that we needed to go somewhere else to finish the Free Dance.  NBC screws up again!  Their coverage is the worst in years.  After a few minutes we found the Free Dance on the NBC Sports channel, but we missed a few contestants.  We created a new name for NBC – Nothing But Crap.  


NASCAR kicked of this season with the Daytona 500 on Sunday and even though we don’t watch it as much anymore, the Daytona 500 is always a good race.  The race itself was entertaining and the commentators are the best.  Then came the last lap and Austin Dillion  bumped AJ Allmendinger who was in first and cause him to crash.  Austin Dillion should have been disqualified for the blatant pushing AJ out of the way, but the spoiled brat Austin will won’t be because his grandpa is a big time powerful owner in NASCAR.  Then when Austin compared himself to Dale SR. as a driver we almost puked!  The only reason Austin has the #3 is because his grand-daddy owned the number and would not retire it.  Austin thanked the Earnhardt family for giving his team the number when in fact that is not true.  Grandpa must have fibbed to Austin.  Dale E. SR was number 3 and the number should have been retired, not given to a snot nosed kid.  Needless to say “Bye-Bye NASCAR”.

We have nothing else to report at this time and we need to clean the barf off the floor after the Dale DR remark.  Hey “The Voice” Fans its coming back soon!

Note:  We added a “Contact Us” to the right side-bar per several requests by our awesome readers.  Feel free to email us, but anything negative will go straight to File 13.

February 16, 2018

Japan has a Dream named Yuzuru Hanyu and he is special

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When he completes a skating routine the audience throws out Winnie the Pooh Bears and ….

Here is what Yuzuru Hanyu does with all those Pooh Bears that are thrown out (CLICK)

We could not take our eyes off his routine tonight, a powerful skater.

There were Pooh Bears everywhere.

We have nothing else to report except that we think this young man will be a leader.

February 12, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 3


So today seems to be Womens’s Hockey Day and since we don’t like watching men’s hockey, no way we are going to watch Japan VS Sweden Women’s Hockey preliminary round.  Of course there is always Curling but the only curling we want to see is at a hair salon.



So were were channel surfing and saw an awesome NBC Interview with Chris Mazder, the USA history making Luge athlete that won the Silver Medal.  Chris is in a state of bliss! Just watching and listening to him makes us feel great.

This is how we wish everyone could feel and we can because we have the choice to feel the bliss!  The minute you wake up in the morning right when you open your eyes say to yourself “Today I will live in bliss!”. Then, quoting Nike, “Just do it!”. Keep reminding yourself that you are in bliss and after a few days of practice you won’t need to remind yourself, you will be there.  Of course there might be a few rough times, but know that you will face the tough and get through to your bliss.  Look st Chris in the above picture, he is so happy he is in tears of happiness.  In his interviews you can hear his bliss when he talks.  And guess what, this is what we have been seeing from every athlete at the Olympics.  It’s great watching and hearing that the Olympic energy is kick butt great.

We feel like we have been assigned the NBC viewer reviewer, because every time we watch an event we find mistakes.  This morning we were watching Women’s 1500 meter speed skating and when Brittany Bowe took first place NBC Tom Hammond became enamored with Brittany so much that on the next race he called the Cezh  Republic skater Brittany Bowe.  His partner quickly covered his butt buy correcting the error.  Brittany’s time got bettered as a few other racers did better, but Tom kept making references to Brittany Bowe.  NBC might consider sending Tom to a Brittany Bowe’s addiction class in Siberia.

So we will probably watch Olympic Prime Time and if there is something that we think needs reporting like, Pence and Adam Rippon making up, or a Curling athlete tossing the “stone” at record breaking speed, or Shaun White doing the Men’s Half-Pipe Snowboard dressed in only a red-white-blue “speed-o”, we will surely report it.

We have nothing else to report except to congratulate Gabrielle in the awesome “slime” creations she has created.

February 11, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 2

Today if you tuned in to see Snowboarding you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Men’s Downhill, you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Women’s Downhill you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Mike Pence and Adam Rippon kiss and make up you got Curling.  So today the Curling fans were in their height of glory because of the high winds.  Then there was Ice Skating and if you tuned in for Ice Skating you got enough Ice Skating for the next four years.  It seemed like several hundred (20) competitors were going for the team medal on the ice.

Just when we though NBC was improving the commentary they ran a bit about Men’s Cross-country Skiing where the Gold Medal winner started by falling down and then came from behind to win.  The commentary seemed like it was dubbed in after-the-fact and it was terrible.  NBC must have had the voice over done at the US White House.  It was that lame.

We just checked Women’s Snowboarding and it’s on!  They must have run out of Curling video!

So far we think that the Men’s Snowboarding where 17 Year-Old USA Red Gerard won a gold medal has been the most exciting.  On every run we thought “How the heck to you train for this?”, or “Those guys are crazy!”.  It was great watching those competitors having what seem like a good time.

Women’s Snowboarding continues and they are a bit laid back compared to the guys, but still exciting.  I wouldn’t get on those hills with a sled.  USA Jamie Anderson is in the lead after the first run.

 Looks like Mike has the “hots” for Adam and we got Curling.

We have nothing else right now!  Thank you for stopping by and God Bless all of you.


February 10, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 1.5

We choose to not let NBC’s crappy commentators aggravate us so as it turns out on the event converge the  commentators were very good.  They were very clear about what was happening and even explained some details of each event.  Then came more curling and we switched channels to CBS’s coverage of the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament.

We came back to NBC to watch some skating and then if you have ever lived in the Bay Area you know that if the Golden State Warriors are on, you watch!  So we did watch them win over the Spurs.  But with the magic remote we have clicked back and forth and got to see the Men’s Snow Boarding.  Red Gerard on Team USA, a 17 year old did an awesome third run and won the GOLD! 

We finished today watching the skating and whatever else happen to be on NBC.  Tomorrow its Olympics in the morning and Pebble Beach and N.A.S.C.A.R. Advanced Auto Parts Clash mixed in with the Olympics.

We are completely enjoying watching these young and old athletes follow their dreams and compete, win or loss, we can see the energy in them knowing that all the work paid off and then are in the 2018 Olympics.

We have nothing else to report except to thank everyone for stopping by. God Bless all of you.

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 1

So the opening ceremonies were a HUGE disappointment when the NBC Commentators said that because of time constraint there were NOT showing the entire ceremony, but if you want to see the entire event go to  We don’t ever remember any opening ceremony not being shown fully.  NBC is doing a crap job in their coverage which they promote 24/7 coverage.  If its 24/7 then why not show the whole thing?  Does NBC think that the viewers want to see 100 hours of Curling? Or probably because the lousy commentators kept lauding the fact the South and North Korea were marching out as one country.  It did not sound to us like they were happy about that, but they are doing such a lame job or they wanted us to think they were the center of the universe in their coverage.  If it was us we would have said “The fact that South and North Korea were marching as one country is awesome and hopefully the beginning of peace in the world.  The person that put this deal together should be proud and get some kind of award like the Nobel Peace Prize.”  Then the presentation of four entertainers singing “Imagine by John Lennon” By John Lennon wit the Peace Doves combining in to one was awesome.

Overall the Korean people did a great presentation as far as what we saw, but NBC made it feel cheap.  We have already complained about the commentators making the Olympic a political event on Twitter (Yes we are on Twitter and Facebook).

So today we set our alarm for the Ski Jumping, which was good.  The commentators were excellent on this event.  The back to sleep and woke up to the Men’s Luge and the commentators on this were good too.  The hour of Men’s Downhill was boring but the Women’s Speed Skating is interesting and we will continue watching.

So the trick is to watch the events, they seem to have good commentators but where NBC is “killing” time commentators are the worst ever.  There must be a cable channel other than NBC that is broadcasting the Olympics and even if it was in a foreign language we will watch it.

We are only through half of the first day and will continue watching on the dreaded NBC holding our finger over the mute button.  So Nothing more right now.  To all out there in Olympic Cyberland have an awesome day watching athletes follow their dreams.

February 9, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea

To all the Athletes that are in competition at the 2018 Olympics we wish that they all complete their dreams in competition and sportsmanship among all the countries as all young people seem to understand.

We wish Team USA a great competition and a chance to show the world what the USA is about.

The opening ceremony was awesome by showing what the North Korean is all about. We like the way they show that the group is where change comes from.

We have nothing to add at this time and we are happy to see that DF POTUS did not go probably because he was afraid the President of North Korea might show up.



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