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April 14, 2019

Tiger Woods Wins the 2019 Masters

Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters and he is back and even better !!!

We have NOTHING to add at this time, but if you watched on TV then you saw a MIRACLE and saw that we humans do not have limitations !  We can do anything we choose !

More later……


April 14, 2013

The Masters Tournament 2013

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MASTERSHow do you know if you are a Red-Neck?  You know you are a Red-Neck if you are an official at the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta.

Yes folks The Master Golf Tournament is “hyped” as the best of the best in the golf world, but all it actually it’s just a bunch of Red-Necks running around trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  They obviously don’t even know that there are rules in the game of golf and that when an infraction occurs a penalty needs to handed-out within a few minutes of when the infraction occurs, not wait until the next day.  Maybe they could not find the one guy with the golf rule book?  That is no excuse for the pathetic way the two shot penalty at the 15th hole was assessed against Tiger Woods.

We has picked Tiger to win it, but after this incident, he would have to have pulled off a miracle to win it and Tiger ended up coming in tied for fourth place.  It always fun to watch Tiger play so on to the next one.

We do also congratulate Adam Scott for being the first “Aussie” to win the Master’s.  He played very well and putted great when he needed it.

As far as The Master’s Tournament itself, those officials should be ashamed of themselves the way they handled the Tiger penalty.  The folks that run the tournament get the “NOTHING” Award and will always be remembered as to how not to run a major championship unless you want to degrade it down to a minor level.

We have nothing else to add today.


March 25, 2013

PGA Tour 2013 Bay Hill — Tiger Woods Wins !!

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It was a sweet victory today at Bay Hill where Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer tournament for the eighth time setting yet another record that will go down in the history books.  Tiger also moved to the #1 World ranking for the 11th time setting another record and also moves to the #1 ranking in the “Fed-X” ranks.  Next week is the Houston open, but Tiger won’t be there, however the following week is the Master and we are looking for another win.  Tiger is quickly moving toward the Sam Snead record for the most wins, and with a win at the Masters, moving ever so close to the Jack Nickolas of the most major victories.

We have nothing else to add at this time except “WTG Tiger!

November 28, 2009

American Lake Veterans Golf Course

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This amazing golf course came to our attention while watching the Golf Channel over Thanksgiving weekend.  This is a golf course specifically for use by veterans of our military (USA).  What is even more amazing is the funds to cover running this course all come from private donations, no federal funding.  There are approximately one hundred and fifty grounds keepers and they are all volunteers and they are all veterans.

Back in 2001 this course was described as a “cow pasture” and the Pepper Roberts came along.  The day after Pepper retired he made American Lake his project.  To clean up the nine hole course and make it available to veterans and only veterans.  Needless to say he was totally successful and because of the success, they are going to add nine holes to the already existing nine holes to complete the eighteen holes.  Now in order for this to happen, they needed to re-design all the holes.  So they called Jack Nickolas who is a legendary golfer and high on the list as a golf course designer.  They asked Jack how much it would cost?  In the interview I saw the guy who was asking said, “Jack did not even pause. Jack said “no charge.”   Now folks I have to tell you that Jack Nichols a “class act.”  I blog about Tiger often on this site, but Jack is a leader in inspiration and Tiger is following his footsteps.

Please follow this link (Click here) and be sure to watch the videos.  The folks who run the course and the veterans who use the course are all inspirations.  Remember, these are the guys who go out into the world and protect our freedom.  They put their lives on the line each and everyday just so we can enjoy the freedom of living in the USA.

I have nothing else to add except to inform you that this golf course is the only one in the US dedicated to our veterans.  I find that amazing and a fact that needs to change.


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