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May 3, 2009

A Gaba Morning

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 Almost every morning when I am starting my day I get a cup of coffee and sit at my P/C to read the news and check my email.  As I am sitting at my P/C focused on reading the events of the day I hear a voice say “Papa, are you busy?”  The voice is from Gaba (My 3 year old grand-daughter) and I think she knows that even if I was doing heart surgery I would put everything on hold to answer her question.  I turn to Gaba and say, “I am never too busy for you.”  Gaba the says, “Can we go see The Puppy of the day?”  I say, “Sure.”  Then I get up off my chair so Gaba can sit in it and kneel down next to her.  I minimize the screen I was just looking at and then bring up my “iGoogle” .


 The theme on my “iGoogle” is a park and Gaba likes to see what’s happening in the park.  This theme changes depending on what time of the day you are looking at it.  In the morning there are joggers, in the afternoon there are children playing, and at night the sky is dark and the park is empty.


 Then on my “iGoogle” I had three “Apps” just for Gaba.  The first one we visit is “The Daily Puppy”.  Gaba moves the mouse to the picture and clicks on it. (Sample click here) A new window opens and she maximizes the window and I tell he the name of the puppy and read the description to her.  We then scroll down looking at all the pictures.  The, on the same window, Gaba clicks on “Today’s grown up puppy” and we go through the same process.  When we are done, we close the window and return to the “iGoogle” screen where we visit the next two “Apps” “My Pony” and “My Pig”.  On both of these “apps” there is a little box at the top of each and when you click on the box it places a piece of food in that box.  The “Pony” trots over to the food and “eats” it and the “Pig” flies over to the food “eats” it.  Then we are done and we close the window.


 Now we move on to “Word” so Gaba can do some typing.  I set the document format to “Arial” and the size to 72.  Gaba then makes sure the “Caps Lock” is on because she likes only capital letters.  I must say that when we first started doing this she would randomly hit keys on the keyboard, but now Gaba will say “I want to spell my name, Gabrielle”.  I then say the letters out load and she types each one. When she is done I say “next line” and she hits the “Enter” key.  She will then ask for other words and we go though the same process.  Just before we are done, I point to some of the words she has typed and ask her what it spells.  She usually correctly answers on each word I ask about.  When she is done, she clicks on the “printer” icon and prints today’s entries.  She then goes over to the printer and gets the print out, then takes it and hangs up with the others.


 Gaba then will say “Thank you Papa.” and go about her day with her mom.


Nothing can replace this time I spend with Gaba.


March 28, 2009

Gaba saves the day…

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 Gaba, my 3 ½ year old granddaughter, and her mom were at the park today.  Gaba was riding her new bike when she suddenly stopped.  Gaba was looking down and said to her mom, “There is something down there.”  Gaba’s mom looked down and saw something moving in the grass.  Gaba and her mom took a closer look and saw that it was a baby Hummingbird.  It could not fly because it was so young, so Gaba’s mom found a small box and Gaba went and picked some flowers to put in the box for food.  They both admired the baby bird for a little while, then Gaba’s mom called the Animal Welfare office and report what they had found.  The Animal Welfare folks came to their location and thanked Gaba and her mom for reporting the baby bird.  They said they would take it back to their office and they would take care of the baby Hummingbird.

 When Gaba and her mom were telling us the story I could see that Gaba was very proud of herself.  Both grandma and I told her how proud we were of what they had done.

Nothing compares to the smile on Gaba’s face when she was talking about today’s event.

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