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February 16, 2018

Japan has a Dream named Yuzuru Hanyu and he is special

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When he completes a skating routine the audience throws out Winnie the Pooh Bears and ….

Here is what Yuzuru Hanyu does with all those Pooh Bears that are thrown out (CLICK)

We could not take our eyes off his routine tonight, a powerful skater.

There were Pooh Bears everywhere.

We have nothing else to report except that we think this young man will be a leader.

February 13, 2018

Shingles Virus NEW Vaccine

We went for our quarterly check-up today and we were informed that even though we received the Shingles Vaccine four years ago, it’s highly recommended by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that all adults 50 and older receive the new two-shot vaccine of Shingrix.  My doctor said the old vaccine has been she agrees with the Disease Control dudes and that the new vaccine is significantly more effective.  In my words, the other vaccine is no good and we had better get the new one A.S.A.P.  If you have ever had shingles you know you don’t want it again.  We had a mild case on the left side of our forehead and it felt like someone was sticking ice picks in our skull and the medication was unbelievably expensive.

We suggest you all call or contact your doctor for any information.

We wonder if the is a shot for over watching the Olympic Curling?

We have nothing else to add except we are watching Shaun White do his last run for the gold.


February 12, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 3


So today seems to be Womens’s Hockey Day and since we don’t like watching men’s hockey, no way we are going to watch Japan VS Sweden Women’s Hockey preliminary round.  Of course there is always Curling but the only curling we want to see is at a hair salon.



So were were channel surfing and saw an awesome NBC Interview with Chris Mazder, the USA history making Luge athlete that won the Silver Medal.  Chris is in a state of bliss! Just watching and listening to him makes us feel great.

This is how we wish everyone could feel and we can because we have the choice to feel the bliss!  The minute you wake up in the morning right when you open your eyes say to yourself “Today I will live in bliss!”. Then, quoting Nike, “Just do it!”. Keep reminding yourself that you are in bliss and after a few days of practice you won’t need to remind yourself, you will be there.  Of course there might be a few rough times, but know that you will face the tough and get through to your bliss.  Look st Chris in the above picture, he is so happy he is in tears of happiness.  In his interviews you can hear his bliss when he talks.  And guess what, this is what we have been seeing from every athlete at the Olympics.  It’s great watching and hearing that the Olympic energy is kick butt great.

We feel like we have been assigned the NBC viewer reviewer, because every time we watch an event we find mistakes.  This morning we were watching Women’s 1500 meter speed skating and when Brittany Bowe took first place NBC Tom Hammond became enamored with Brittany so much that on the next race he called the Cezh  Republic skater Brittany Bowe.  His partner quickly covered his butt buy correcting the error.  Brittany’s time got bettered as a few other racers did better, but Tom kept making references to Brittany Bowe.  NBC might consider sending Tom to a Brittany Bowe’s addiction class in Siberia.

So we will probably watch Olympic Prime Time and if there is something that we think needs reporting like, Pence and Adam Rippon making up, or a Curling athlete tossing the “stone” at record breaking speed, or Shaun White doing the Men’s Half-Pipe Snowboard dressed in only a red-white-blue “speed-o”, we will surely report it.

We have nothing else to report except to congratulate Gabrielle in the awesome “slime” creations she has created.

February 11, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 2

Today if you tuned in to see Snowboarding you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Men’s Downhill, you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Women’s Downhill you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Mike Pence and Adam Rippon kiss and make up you got Curling.  So today the Curling fans were in their height of glory because of the high winds.  Then there was Ice Skating and if you tuned in for Ice Skating you got enough Ice Skating for the next four years.  It seemed like several hundred (20) competitors were going for the team medal on the ice.

Just when we though NBC was improving the commentary they ran a bit about Men’s Cross-country Skiing where the Gold Medal winner started by falling down and then came from behind to win.  The commentary seemed like it was dubbed in after-the-fact and it was terrible.  NBC must have had the voice over done at the US White House.  It was that lame.

We just checked Women’s Snowboarding and it’s on!  They must have run out of Curling video!

So far we think that the Men’s Snowboarding where 17 Year-Old USA Red Gerard won a gold medal has been the most exciting.  On every run we thought “How the heck to you train for this?”, or “Those guys are crazy!”.  It was great watching those competitors having what seem like a good time.

Women’s Snowboarding continues and they are a bit laid back compared to the guys, but still exciting.  I wouldn’t get on those hills with a sled.  USA Jamie Anderson is in the lead after the first run.

 Looks like Mike has the “hots” for Adam and we got Curling.

We have nothing else right now!  Thank you for stopping by and God Bless all of you.


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