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October 22, 2019

Vacation Over (Rested Soul)

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Around September 10 when we completed our journey of raising our vibration and moving into the fifth dimension we assumed (never assume) that our energy would kick up. Instead to our surprise it was the opposite. We felt like we were walking in waist deep mud. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. We were taken aback and it did throw us off balance. We can usually figure out what is going on but this time it wasn’t just our balance, it was everything around us. We then meditated and balanced our chakras, did an energy detox, and cleared our aura. Nothing worked so we figured “This to shall pass.” Two days went by and were still in the “mud”. So we were a bit shaken because we had not experienced being in a “rut” for so long. Finally we asked the Universe for some help and we asked why this energy was so weired?

And the Universe came through (as always). When we are surfing through Tou Tube the subject matter is usually the same because we like the flying, people are awesome, driving in Russia, etc. themes. Then out of the “blue”, like comes a link that we would have been using 20 years ago when we were “in to” astrology. So this was our answer and a reminder of using astrology as a spiritual tool. The link was to a intuitive astrologer pod cast and her name is Molly McCord. This was so right on it immediately got our attention and subscribed to her sight. (We strongly suggest you subscribe because she is awesome). Molly nailed the reason we were in the “mud” and basically it’s because we have been working so hard in getting our energy and vibration into the 5th detention it was time for a rest. Time to step back and enjoy completing the task. Clean up some of our minor stuff that we put aside in our quest.

Thank you Universe! When we found this site we were also informed as to what is going on. The feminine energies are in full control and will be until Jan 2020. Libra energy is at an all time strength and now that we are moving into Scorpio, Libra will start to wane and because Scorpio is in the feminine realm its stronger then usual.

This was weeks ago and we are once again moving forward, so the vacation is kinda over. As usual we are surprised by how many it all works and how the collective works. If you compare what’s going on in this world, and compare it to the astrology aspects, it’s amazing how it all is in sync.

So my friends thank you for supporting our site and we send our blessings to all. We have made some time to meditate on the issues on the middle east and the Kurds and we send healing, love, and for a peaceful solution that will save lives.

We have nothing to report at this time but we are really enjoying the available energy that all have access too.

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