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May 30, 2019

An Important Subject Was Started, But We Went A Different Direction…..

Our Posting Count needs to be higher so instead of a post of substance, like toxins in our life and where they come from, we don’t feel like doing that post but instead we are going to follow up on the posts so far.  We have been struggling for about a month, yes we struggle also, and a few days ago we has a what we consider a big breakthrough and we are feeling good, yep, really good and back in the moment and in bliss.  (We are listening to “One” by U2 right now).

Back about six months ago we started clearing our past events and we did a post about during meditation go back in time (The illusion of the past) and start forgiving everyone who did you wrong no matter what it was and asking for forgiveness from every one whom you have done wrong.  In both instances you will start at a shallow level like forgiving Mom/Dad for all those “you can’t’s”, and “You are not good enough”.  That’s the easy stuff, go down deep and get to the relationships with boy friends, x-husbands, current husbands, children, family members, customer service people you yelled out, the kid sitting behind you in 1st grade that pulled your hair, that nun in 2nd grade who made you put your head down and kneel on a tile floor for two hours, the doctor who slapped your butt at birth, and just about anything else you can think of.  It’s everything about a relationship, not just one thing.  The disagreements, the “fights”, the projections, the lies, the fibs, the holding back, everything you can think of.  And, this is important; it’s not only about this life but all of the lives prior.  Yes all your lives prior to this one and all the lives you are currently living in other dimensions.  So we ask you, “Are you done?”

We have been clearing the deep stuff and at first we were moving right along but then slowed to a crawl.  Stuff started popping up out of the “blue”.  The look from another person, or a view as we rode down the road brought back an event from the past and we handled each as they happen.  (We are listening to Lady Gaga “Poker Face” right now and it’s loud).  Then when that came to a halt in about two more months we still felt there was something major we did not clear and we meditated many times choosing to bring it to the surface without a current success.  We know it would come and we have been at these plateaus before.  You are moving right along and then a pause comes in.  We call it a plateau and it one of those “it too shall pass.” times.  Just relax and let the Universe do their thing.

Then around May 18th we reported meeting a “Kat” and her energy caught our attention and but it was the name that triggered our memory.  Back in 1999 we met a Kat in Cave Creel AZ for the first time.  It was an immediate attraction by both, but we did not say much until later.  We were already in a relationship and she was just leaving one.  We talked about the feelings and decided to stay friends, which we did.  In this moment we asked for forgiveness from her because we were sorry it never turned into a relationship later on.  We did remain friends for about five years and then we agreed that we are on different paths so we each went our own way.  Even though we were stuck back on May 18th we made sure to keep meditating and keep our mind clear.  That’s why the name triggered the memory.  A small thing list that did it and once we cleared that memory a waterfall of other memories came into our attention and we clear them all.  We have moved on and are feeling pretty damn good.  Our energy has bumped up a few vibrations and we know this because people have commented on our energy being almost overwhelming.  Now this gets our attention because maybe we need to dial it back, or put the attention out to the Universe to meet more like minded people so we can grow more. The ladder is our preference, mainly because we have a place we wish to get to in the next few tears.  It’s an intention, not a goal because future goal setting is a waste of time.  As you all know “The future is an illusion.” (One of our mottos).

So folks everyday we experience something great and it keep reinforcing that every moment matters and everything happens for a reason.  We are planning to purchase a Go-Pro and start recording our daily travels so we can narrate our thoughts and actions.  This summer we are going to do something special, we can feel it, but the Universe has not dropped a hint about what it will be.  We shall stay in the moment, enjoy every moment, and cit chat with every Uber driver we connect with and whom ever will listen.

Thanks to all who have stopped by to read our posts and we send you many blessings.  We do pray that you are doing the clearing and we know that the ones that are we will meet later down our path.  The clearing will lead you to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

We have nothing to add at this time except we will constantly turn up the classic rock and rock on!  Hey, have any of you out there in the Universe bought a bracelet from “Pick up two pounds of plastic (4ocean)” ?

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