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June 13, 2018

Twitter —- #MPRaccoon went Viral

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We happen to be watching the Weather Channel yesterday and they played a video of a baby raccoon that had climbed up the UBS Building in St. Paul Minneapolis.  The raccoon was up very high and climbing, and then stopped about four stories from the top to rest on a window ledge.  There are all kinds of pictures and some experts said that raccoons have no problem climbing building with an exterior of rough stone like the UBS Building.  This got our interest because the raccoon was so high up and just a little guy.

Then last night around midnight (PST) we were on Twitter and noticed #MPRaccoon under the “Trending” box and clicked on it.  It seems that people all over this great planet we following and tweeting about the raccoon.  All were concerned about the raccoon’s safety and what was the latest news.  We happen to arrive when it was announced that there were people on top of the building attempting to coax the raccoon to the top so they could capture it and give it food and water.  The raccoon was moving up and down the side of the building and at about 4:30 AM PST the guys on the roof managed to capture the raccoon.

We would guess there were about 1,500 + tweets an hour for a good four hours and people we concerned and completely focused on a safe ending.  There were people from just about every country on this planet.  Some said they saw what was going on and could not get back to sleep or some said they were getting up for work and had to get the latest news.  It was like the world came together totally focused on the baby raccoon’s safety.  We were in constant “tweet” mode with everyone.  It was awesome sharing and chatting.  Thanks @Twitter !

Just when the raccoon got to the roof and was saved by those guys we tuned in to @CNN “Early Start” and Dave Briggs said that in a few minutes they would be reporting on the “viral” baby raccoon.  Great timing on Dave’s part and Dave would probably be famous for scooping all the other news networks with this story.  So we waited, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes and nothing!  Dave did the “tease” and then DID NOT do the story.  Needless to say we were pissed and we Tweeted that @davebriggstv should be boycotted along with @CNN because they did  not run the story that hundreds of thousands of people were waiting for.  This is why Trump calls @CNN “Fake News” we guess.  They say one thing and do not follow through.  So Dave went from “famous” to “dirt bag” in just a few minutes.  It seems Dave got hooked on Trump’s plane landing and dumped the raccoon story.  Nobody at that time of the morning cared about watching a 747’s land, smoke the tires, and taxi.  They wanted the raccoon story.  Dave my man, your next job with @CNN will be the on the floating ice cap reporting on how the seals are holding up with global warming and even though the temperature is 50 below zero the penguins’ seem healthy.  Stay warm dude!

So the latest today is the raccoon was feed and checked out and released back into the woods.  There tweets still going but overall everyone is happy to see it was an awesome ending. When the raccoon got to the roof it was like a weight was lifted and he was safe at last.  Let’s give a shout out to the U.B.S. folks on the roof that saved the raccoon.  We thought that U.B.S. should have built the raccoon a luxury house and provided food forever because they got all that free publicity, but at least the little guy is free to roam.

We would like to thank all the folks that hung in there last night and we believe that the positive energy coming from everyone had something to do with a great ending.

We have nothing else to report except we are going back to the “trending” #MPRaccoon to see if the raccoon folks are as happy as we are.  Thanks to all the new followers and existing followers for support our blog.  God Bless all of you.

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