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May 1, 2018

Mountain Monsters (Destination America Channel) AIMS Team

We happen to start watching Mountain Monsters at their first season.  We are fans of “Finding Bigfoot” and were channel surfing when we saw “Mountain Monsters – Grass-man of Perry County” on “Destination America Channel” and later we found them on “The Animal Planet Channel”, so we clicked in.  Here is a breakdown of the “AIMS Team (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings” (Even this name is creative)

AMS Team Members:

Trapper John – Team Leader, Buck – Expert Caller, Huckleberry – Head of Security, Jeff – AIMS C0-founder and team researcher, Willy – Expert trap builder, and Wild Bill – Expert Tracker and Big Game Hunter.

Every show the guys went after different monsters, but the format was always the same.  They would get a report of a monster and the go and find eye witnesses that always had a foggy video or a partial picture of the monster.  Then they would do a daylight quick investigation and finally main night investigation.  Willy and Wild Bill always built a trap and the guys would attempt to fins the monster and get it headed toward the trap.  All the guys were carrying guns of various types and often shat at the monster, but we never saw them hit anything.  It looked like they were shooting blanks, but we don’t know for sure.  One the guys would always fall down a hill (usually Buck) or fall in a hole that led to a cave.  If there was a cave, they always went in and heard noises, then rushed out.  Most of the time the monster was eventually forced in the trap (Out of eye sight) and every time the monster broke out.  One time a monster was caught and could not get out, but from out of nowhere came a Bigfoot that tore up the trap to release the caught monster.

We watch often because we found the series to be funny once we figured out that it was always the same, but the talk was the funny part.  They would joke around and play pranks.  Buck was the rookie so he was the brunt of most jokes.  After a few years the episodes started to get weird.  There were guys following the AIMS Team and finally the team was captured.  This is when we stopped watching.  It was just plain weird.  We thought maybe because they were popular they decided to try acting and add some drama.  So we don’t know what is going on now, but back in the beginning was really entertaining.  We figure they had the same script for every show and just changed the monster name and location.  We must say the monster names were very creative like Mothman of Mason County, Lizard Demon of Wood County, Yahoo (no county), Wampus Beast of Pleasants County, and several other ones.

The last we heard that the AIMS Team was having a feud with the “Finding Bigfoot” team over who actually does the best coverage and who has see Bigfoot.  We have to go with the Finding Bigfoot team (No guns) because they have got some pretty darn good photos, videos, and heat images.

We have nothing to add except we will be tuning in this year to see if the weird stuff is still going on.  The other day we were channel surfing and found another AIMS Team but it was totally different people so we moved on.

Thank you for the support and God Bless all of you.

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