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April 26, 2018

Belief System – A Celebration of a Miracle

We invite all of you to join us in a victory over depression by my niece Stella (Fake Name).  She has brought joy to our soul and we consider her our spiritual mentor so rejoice might be a better word.  This is a great example of someone not settling for medication and working with her doctor figuring out the cause and the cure AND she bravely documented her journey on Facebook.  Yes bravely, because it sometimes takes guts to admit depression, which seems common these days and we can say we have had depression/ anxiety issues over the years.  Stella chose to document her journey on Facebook and because she has a huge following, her message will resonate throughout the Universe.  Stella has written a testimonial and sent me a copy.

 Stella Testimonial:

Every day I wake up and can’t believe how great I feel!  Within the first month of working with Dr. A my life-log, debilitating “depression” was cured.  Through labs she uncovered what my doctors never even looked for, but tried to medicate anyway.  It was not depression at all, but gut imbalances and food sensitivities that caused symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

I’m four months into the program and I’m off medication.  My energy levels, brain clarity, outlook on life, motivation (I could go on and on) keep getting better and better.  I am no longer cranky and irritable, nor tired in the mornings, and don’t need afternoon naps.  I jump out of bed excited about what I’m going to do for the day, having regained passion for the things that I used to love.  My family notices that I like to have fun again and laughing more.  I’ve also lost some weight and am just a few pounds away from my goal.

Thank you Dr. A.  You have given me a new life.  The life I was meant to live.  After years of struggle I truly feel like I’ve experienced a miracle.

We are celebrating Stella’s miracle and our soul has been singing joyfully since we hear the news yesterday.  Just prior we went over to Facebook to see what’s up.  We rarely go there, but it’s a good way to see what’s going on with our family spread all over this country.  I noticed that Stella’s wording to her posts had changed to a happy font(?).  We could feel her energy was amazing and thought maybe we should give Stella’s Mom a call.  We did and that is where we received the great news.  Our soul is singing happy songs, yes in Classic Rock like this one “Life’s been Good by Joe Walsh”

See folks, when you set your mind to something and you just “know” you will complete your quest, it happens.  There are no limits to creativity and it’s all in The Universe for you to find and ask for.  Just a simple intent asking for what you require.  Just be clear when you ask and the more details the better chance because The Universe likes details.

Example:  I would sure like to win the lotto.< (vague) I would sure like to win the Jackpot of the Mega Million Lottery next week. <(Detail)  (remember where you got the tip when you win 🙂  )

When we ask for our meditation / healing center we include a full floor plan, a location, the functional details of each of the healing types, how we plan to hire homeless folks and provide food and housing, how we plan to have a dedicated staff for treating “bullying” for all and how we plan to treat all for no charge, only donations. Some of the detail keeps changing so we continue to update our intent.  Our temporary location is here posting and we plan to include some videos on You Tube in the near future.

We have nothing to add and we hope you are joining us in the celebration.  Thank you all for the support.

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