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April 1, 2018

Gaba’s Easter Egg Hunt – Blast from the Past 2009

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 The town we live in announced an Easter Egg Hunt to be held Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM at the main park in town.  They also mentioned the gate would open at 12:30 PM.  I thought “Gate?  Why a gate and why 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM?  How long does it take to pick up a few Easter Eggs?”  Little did I know that when we arrived at 12:30 PM it was not just an Easter Egg Hunt, it was a free festival for the kids.

 They had Crafts, Face Painting, a live band, refreshments, kids rides, pictures with the East Bunny, and not one Easter Egg Hunting area, but three.  Each “hunt” area was by the child’s age.  The “Pink” area was for ages 1-4, “Orange was for ages 5-7, and “Blue” for ages 8 and older.  What was good was Gaba was rated for the “Pink” Egg Hunting area and that was opened when the gate was open.  The other areas opened at 1:30 PM.  So we went straight to the “Pink” area and Gaba started filling her basket.  There was a limit to six eggs per child, but they also had containers of candy to accompany the eggs.  She was so excited that she was beaming from era to era.  After she filled up her basket we started going to all the other sections.  Gaba had a Lady Bug painted on her cheek, and then we went for a picture with the Easter Bunny, which Gaba refused, but her mom and grandma had one taken.

 When it was close to 1:30 I went over to the area where the older kids were going to do the hunt.  There were hundreds of kids “chomping at the bit” to get through that gate to get to those eggs.  Each of the older kid areas had 4,000 eggs scattered over about a football field.  Then the announcer did a count down from 10 and when the gate opened a river of kids dashed in to each area.  They were running all over the place and jamming up in the front scrambling for eggs.  The smart ones ran past the front to the back of the field where nobody was going and got there fill of eggs without a hassle.  Within 10-15 minutes there was not an egg to be found.  The late comers were told to go to the main stage to get their eggs, but they missed the excitement of the “hunt”.

 We hung around checking out all the booths until about 3:00 PM and then started home.

 It was a great weekend and nothing could please me more than the smile on Gaba’s face.

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