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March 29, 2018

Meditation Continued – Practice, Practice, Practice,

At the beginning of this week we felt”off”.  Ever feel good physically, but you feel something is missing or out of sync spiritually.  Usually we have an issue getting out of balance and even though this felt different we did a meditation to get all of our chakra’s in balance.  With getting back in balance complete, we did feel a bit better but the “missing” or “different” feeling was still there.  So we wait a day and then early in the morning we laid down and started a mindfulness meditation and paid specific attention to what thoughts were coming into our mind.  Sure enough it was like a machine gun of thoughts blasting in and even though we kept going back to our breath, it kept up.  Unusual?  Yes, but we have been here before and for us this is when we need remove some serious negative energy.

We have a meditation that we learned during Reiki training that removes negative that is deep down in our spirit.  We are going to describe how we do it, but you might want to develop your own way.

We start a new negative removal video playing “Negative / Toxic energy removal“.

First we take three deep breaths relaxing with each breath.  Then we call some angels for protection because on this meditation when messing with strong negative energy we protect ourselves not only with angels, we visualize a ring of fire around us.  The angels are important in removing negative energy and taking it away.  Then we start a visualization during a mindfulnesses meditation by seeing a hole in front of us and jump in to the hole.  We fall and fall, deeper and deeper.  When we feel the negative energy getting stronger we know we are nearing the end of the fall.  Then all of a sudden we stop and we find ourselves in a huge room with a guardrail circling the room and in the middle is a huge ball of negative energy.  It look like a ball of gooey back tar, bubbling and smelling like the Green Giant sitting on you face and farting.  (Pea Fart)

We call for the angels to start spinning the ball to break the base loose and we push with positive energy with our hands cupped pointing at the ball.  When it breaks loose, the angels carry it away to dispose of it.  Then there is a residue left in a poll and the angels and we focus on the pool moving it to a small ball in the middle and the angels that that away.  With it all removed we focus on filling the void with positive Love energy.  We bring in this energy from the Galactic and Soul Star Chakra’s and when the room is full we send some energy to Mother Earth.  We slowly came out of the meditation, right at the end of the video we started, and we fell GREAT!

WOW! We feel really good and happy we diagnose the weird “missing” feeling.  We then share this great energy boost to everyone in the Universe.

So this is how we get rid of the “crap” way down deep.  In this case it was negative energy that we had taken on after that terrible school shooting in Parkland FL.  We though we did enough to not take it on, but sometimes it gets in.  So this is another way to remove it.

We hope we helped someone out there is cyberland and we welcome all that come by and read our posts.

We have nothing else to report at this time.

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