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March 24, 2018

March For Our Lives – The Beginning

Well folks we must tell you that we have not been this inspired in a vary long time.  We have been meditating for months for some sort of solution to all the gun killings in this country and today our intentions have been answered.  Our last post noted how much power you can have when you work as a group and the Parkland Students formulated an idea, gave it tons of energy, and created  a revolution that started today with a world wide march.  These students are not messing around and they “get it” and have “BS detectors”.  They know the vote matters and they know the NRA controls 99.999% of the GOP by giving them money for campaigns.  It’s all on-line and easily found.  The Students are going to call out these guys / gals and invite them to a town hall meeting.  If they refuse, invite the opponent.

We sat and watched all the speakers and saw and we were so proud of all these students we were in tears most of the time.  A million people turned up in Washington DC and millions all around the world.  Where was the POTUS?  Where else golfing in FL just a few miles from Parkland and of course, silent.  This is what the students are going to change.  Marco Rubio was called out today for his hypocrisy on gun control and should probably be updating his resume for the next time he runs.  Marco received 3.3 million from the NRA.  Wait till they check John McCain 7.7 million, Richard Burr 6.9 Million just to name a few.  On the right side bar under “search” enter “NRA” and you will see a list of the top 10 senate and congress persons that received money from the NRA. We posted this November 11, 2017 and March, 2018.

Here is a link for “MARCHFOROURLIVES” Mission Statement.  (Click on it)

We plan to be “living” on this site and promoting this site here.  We are a baby boomer and marched against the Viet Nam War. In Chicago watched the cops beat the crap out of our friends as we were forced to break up the march.  Today they wouldn’t dare that today, but we bet the old guys were thinking about it.  So Baby Boomer’s of America lets help these students save our grand-children.  Just like them we can regenerate that energy we had back then and add it to the student energy and get the change done.

To all out there in cyber-land every night when you go to sleep send out the intent for the Students to be successful and picture an America & world without guns that kill thousands every year.  Check out our posts on meditation and with enough of us sending energy the change will be quick.

We remember where we were when JFK was shot and now we remember where we were when the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES event took place.

We have nothing to report right now, but will be sending updates often.

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