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February 11, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 2

Today if you tuned in to see Snowboarding you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Men’s Downhill, you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Women’s Downhill you got Curling.  If you tuned in to see Mike Pence and Adam Rippon kiss and make up you got Curling.  So today the Curling fans were in their height of glory because of the high winds.  Then there was Ice Skating and if you tuned in for Ice Skating you got enough Ice Skating for the next four years.  It seemed like several hundred (20) competitors were going for the team medal on the ice.

Just when we though NBC was improving the commentary they ran a bit about Men’s Cross-country Skiing where the Gold Medal winner started by falling down and then came from behind to win.  The commentary seemed like it was dubbed in after-the-fact and it was terrible.  NBC must have had the voice over done at the US White House.  It was that lame.

We just checked Women’s Snowboarding and it’s on!  They must have run out of Curling video!

So far we think that the Men’s Snowboarding where 17 Year-Old USA Red Gerard won a gold medal has been the most exciting.  On every run we thought “How the heck to you train for this?”, or “Those guys are crazy!”.  It was great watching those competitors having what seem like a good time.

Women’s Snowboarding continues and they are a bit laid back compared to the guys, but still exciting.  I wouldn’t get on those hills with a sled.  USA Jamie Anderson is in the lead after the first run.

 Looks like Mike has the “hots” for Adam and we got Curling.

We have nothing else right now!  Thank you for stopping by and God Bless all of you.


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