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February 10, 2018

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 1.5

We choose to not let NBC’s crappy commentators aggravate us so as it turns out on the event converge the  commentators were very good.  They were very clear about what was happening and even explained some details of each event.  Then came more curling and we switched channels to CBS’s coverage of the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament.

We came back to NBC to watch some skating and then if you have ever lived in the Bay Area you know that if the Golden State Warriors are on, you watch!  So we did watch them win over the Spurs.  But with the magic remote we have clicked back and forth and got to see the Men’s Snow Boarding.  Red Gerard on Team USA, a 17 year old did an awesome third run and won the GOLD! 

We finished today watching the skating and whatever else happen to be on NBC.  Tomorrow its Olympics in the morning and Pebble Beach and N.A.S.C.A.R. Advanced Auto Parts Clash mixed in with the Olympics.

We are completely enjoying watching these young and old athletes follow their dreams and compete, win or loss, we can see the energy in them knowing that all the work paid off and then are in the 2018 Olympics.

We have nothing else to report except to thank everyone for stopping by. God Bless all of you.

2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea – Day 1

So the opening ceremonies were a HUGE disappointment when the NBC Commentators said that because of time constraint there were NOT showing the entire ceremony, but if you want to see the entire event go to  We don’t ever remember any opening ceremony not being shown fully.  NBC is doing a crap job in their coverage which they promote 24/7 coverage.  If its 24/7 then why not show the whole thing?  Does NBC think that the viewers want to see 100 hours of Curling? Or probably because the lousy commentators kept lauding the fact the South and North Korea were marching out as one country.  It did not sound to us like they were happy about that, but they are doing such a lame job or they wanted us to think they were the center of the universe in their coverage.  If it was us we would have said “The fact that South and North Korea were marching as one country is awesome and hopefully the beginning of peace in the world.  The person that put this deal together should be proud and get some kind of award like the Nobel Peace Prize.”  Then the presentation of four entertainers singing “Imagine by John Lennon” By John Lennon wit the Peace Doves combining in to one was awesome.

Overall the Korean people did a great presentation as far as what we saw, but NBC made it feel cheap.  We have already complained about the commentators making the Olympic a political event on Twitter (Yes we are on Twitter and Facebook).

So today we set our alarm for the Ski Jumping, which was good.  The commentators were excellent on this event.  The back to sleep and woke up to the Men’s Luge and the commentators on this were good too.  The hour of Men’s Downhill was boring but the Women’s Speed Skating is interesting and we will continue watching.

So the trick is to watch the events, they seem to have good commentators but where NBC is “killing” time commentators are the worst ever.  There must be a cable channel other than NBC that is broadcasting the Olympics and even if it was in a foreign language we will watch it.

We are only through half of the first day and will continue watching on the dreaded NBC holding our finger over the mute button.  So Nothing more right now.  To all out there in Olympic Cyberland have an awesome day watching athletes follow their dreams.

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