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February 6, 2018

Finding Hitler Season 3 – Preview Continued

So we decided to watch Finding Hitler tonight to see how far this season has come and to see if it has caught up with season 1 & 2.  We have to say that The Curse of Oak Island was another awesome episode so we were feeling like the possibility that Finding Hitler may have improved, but we were wrong.

We see that this season in managed to get to Argentina and they even inserted a few scenes from Season 1 & 2 in to tonights episode, which if you are new this season may have caused some confusion, because they have advanced to the point where the scenes are appropriate.

Tonight they started with making a big deal out of a seaplane crashing in a lagoon in Uruguay and the BB (Bob Baer) investigators made a bug deal of finding the crashed seaplane and identifying who was on the seaplane even though several witnesses said that there were Nazis on the plane and the plane was moved and repaired.  But the BB Boys said that they need to find out who was on the plane so they needed to find wreckage so they could pin point exactly who was on the plane. So we sit and watch two boats doing a grid search and they get two hits, mark the hits with buoys, and then the BB Boys go back to look for wreckage.  All they find is what looks like an engine part and a broken propeller.  This is where it gets good, the very next scene has nothing to do with the crash site instead they are in Argentina looking for the Nazi connections of moving other Nazi’s throughout the area.  The seaplane and crash site were never mentioned again do the first half of the episode was a total waste of your time and ours.

We also noticed that there was not any mention of “Heavy Water” that was the main subject matter of most the beginning episodes of this season and if they found the heavy water it would be a game changer.  Granted we missed a few episodes so we must assume that when they were climbing cliffs looking for “Heavy Water” it evaporated.

They sure could have saved a ton of time if they would have watched the episodes from season 1 & 2 where they got the names of Nazi operatives in Argentina, but instead they inserted a few scenes and repeated finding the operatives for top secret documents from a guy who did not want to be identified, yada yada….

So season 1 & 2 ending had Hitler and his gang running all over South America building fortresses and looking like they were creating a new Fourth Reich.  This seasons teaser hints that Hitler may have changed his looks though plastic surgery so we can only assume they put a tanned face and orange hair on him, and gave him small hands (LMAO).  Okay, we were joking about his new looks, but we could not resist so we apologized to all the guys out there in cyberland with small hands.

We have nothing to add at this time except to all the Olympic participates from the USA our best wishes for success in completing your dreams to win a GOLD Metal for your country.


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