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January 17, 2018

Hunting Hitler Season 3 – Preview

I must say folks that season 3 is a total disappointment.  If you watched season 1 & 2 they investigated Hitler leaving Berlin by airplane on a special airport which was a converted roadway.  Then flying to Spain and getting on  a submarine and going to South America, Venezuela and other countries in the area.  They even found a lady who saw a submarine off the coast and they were in the process of finding some submarines.  They found several places where Hitler lived and many people who say him in the area.  They even talked about Hitler creating a new Fourth Reich with all his buddies who escaped with him.  This whole series makes Dwight Eisenhower look like a fool.  Remember Dwight was the top general and his command let Hitler and his boys escape.  Maybe Dwight was to busy wanting to be the Republican president.

Now season 3 is starting all over and not even close to season 1 & 2 , which is the huge disappointment because we thought 3 would be a continuation of 1 & 2, but its NOT!!  It’s like starting over completely different escape routes by Hitler and his gang of murders.  So this says to me “If you watched season 1 & 2 you completely wasted your time because it was all wrong!”.  Season 3 has already gone off track by looking to prove Hitler was working on a “H Bomb” which everyone already knows he was working on so more wasting of time on old news.  Maybe Bob Baer needs the money, but as far as I am concerned I held Bob very high on my good guy list and now we took him off the list.  Season 3 they are looking at a northern and southern route as Hitlers escape route, throwing out the flight out of Berlin as in 1 & 2.

So we are removing “Hunting Hitler” on our “be sure to watch” list.  The only reason we got interested is because its on after The Curse of Oak Island series which we never miss.  We admit that season 1 & 2 did get our interest only to have it shattered in season 3.  Do you care about where the heavy water is?  We don’t!  The entire US Army and government knew that Hitler was working on a special “atomic bomb” back in 1945 so season 3 is wasting your time with crap information, except if your looking to build one yourself then the information might be helpful.  Hey Bob!  Did you ever think you might me helping shady people how to make a bomb? They already told how to make “heavy water”.

So folks how about Oak Island?  Great stuff huh?  Do you think they have found the vault?  We are on edge every week.  As far as the Hunting Hitler series goes, we are disconnecting from following.  Maybe later when they finally get to South America we will watch again, but not anytime soon.  This is easily our disappointment of this season.

So folks we have nothing else to add at this time except we see that “mayhem” is back on the Allstate commercial.


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