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January 23, 2017

Lincare – Respiratory Specialists – Consumer Alert

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lincarelogoOne of the things that really “bugs” me is when a medical facility takes advantage of a patient looking to them for their help.  We have a list of issues and we are starting with this one today because even though it’s about one person’s issue, it might help others going through the same thing.

I have a sister that lives in Sedona AZ and she has a pulmonary issue that requires her being on oxygen.  A year and a half ago her doctor (Mayo Clinic PHX) put her in contact with Lincare so she could get a portable oxygen unit.  All the approvals have been done and Lincare sent a concentrator to her home for her to use while she waits for the portable unit to arrive.  They said about 6 weeks.  They said 6 weeks ONE and ONE HALF years ago.  Just today my sister talked with Dan, a District Manager and he said 6 weeks.  I asked, “Why don’t you go somewhere else?” Get this folks, when she signed up ONE and ONE HALF years ago they locked he into a 5 year contract.  This is supposed to protect her against them cancelling, but to me it looks like a really nice medical scam, which probably should be brought up to the MEDICARE folks.  If they are billing MEDICARE for the portable unit and not delivering, then the FEDS might want to talk with Dan and / or probably some higher up the corporate ladder.  (Lincare is billing MEDICARE monthly)

I told her to call a lawyer and maybe this will light a fire under their butt to get it done.  The biggest problem for my sister is the concentrator is too heavy to lug around and she will be traveling abroad soon and only the portable unit can be taken on an airplane.  She told Dan about this and he stuck with the 6 weeks anyway.

So we are reaching out to any of you out there in cyberland to take a few minutes and email the Lincare Media Department and see if they can help my sister out?

Lincare media dept email address:             < Click here for email address >

They might want a name, but how many Lincare customers live in Sedona AZ?  If there is more than one then they have a bigger problem than being reported here.

Please do mention this post if you choose.  We will be following up on this in the coming weeks or as long as it takes to get resolution.

Licacare Web Site Address:                     < Click here for Lincare web site >

Note that they have a mission statement and you might ask when they intend on living up to the mission statement?

If you are you are a lawyer that knows how to resolve this issue, please take a few minutes and post a comment with your name and phone number of email where you can be reached.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to say that the Uber Journal series will be updated later this week.



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  1. I went to Lincare because of the poor service provided by my local Norco dealer. After explaining my unmet needs, Lincare staff assured me they could take care of me. I was given and signed a multi-page contract authorizing $19.95 per month charges for the rental of the equipment received from Norco at about $60 per month. I asked the gentleman who handed me the contract “Is this just a general procedural thing I have to sign to get my care?” He said, “Sure, nothing unusual. No big deal.” Lincare ended up charging me the same amount as Norco explaining they are permitted to charge me the maximum amount allowed by my insurance regardless of the contract.
    After contacting my Medicare insurance company because I was being billed by both Norco and Lincare, the agent said Lincare could not possibly provide rental service on a product provided by Norco; that Lincare should absolutely know this and could possibly be fraudulent in their dealings with me.
    When I went to Lincare, they agreed with what my insurance company said. I was told my account balance was written off, and no insurance claim was ever filed. My insurance company verified this. Lincare had me sign another paper reversing my contract with them.
    Two weeks after signing the form to cancel my contract I checked my bank account. I find that Lincare used the original contract I signed to automatically use my debit card to charge me $169 for which I don’t even have a bill. I don’t even know what I paid for. I called Lincare, they apologized, said they don’t how this happened or why, said a refund will be coming but they didn’t know when. I will receive a phone call when they know. Now my automatic truck payment is in jeopardy due to their shit.
    I am mentally disabled. My mother has Alzheimer’s and also uses Lincare. My wife discovered this error. I wonder how much money Lincare has taken from my mother without her being aware because she signed one of their contracts. I feel taken advantage of to the extreme. Who else have they taken advantage of? Beware of Lincare contracts.

    Comment by Donald Griffin — November 2, 2017 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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