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May 14, 2014

Michael Jackson’s music lives on with “Xscape”

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hqdefault It looks like Michael Jackson’s music will be with us for a very long time.  With the recent release of the  “Xscape” album that is being pushed as music Micheal never released, and was left on the shelf.   The guy was a genius and always will be the one who changed music forever and now this song is sounding pretty good.  We though it was odd having Justin Timberlake in the video even though we like his music, he is not even close to M.J.

The song is “Never Felt So Good”   <<Click here for  the video>>

We wonder where the album cover came from? A creative photo-shop employee or Michael had a vision and looked into the future and thought “Just in case I might need this someday I will take a picture to use as an album cover.”  We wonder?

The next few weeks will be busy in the music reality show world with The Voice (Best music reality show on TV) coming to the final soon and American Idol (The show that started it all) has a final coming soon.  When The Voice completes America’s Got Talent starts.  We will surely miss The Voice and will be looking forward to the new season with the two new judges.

We have nothing else right now except to say we hope you enjoyed “Never Felt So Good”.  We did.


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