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November 6, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Two Night singing for votes

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VioceWell folks two great nights of awesome performances once again.  This time the contestants were singing for the viewing audience votes and tomorrow night will be the results show.  Did you vote for your favorite?  The viewing audience will decide who goes through and who goes home.

There is something we don’t understand and it’s when a contestant says, “This week I am going to change it up and show my versatility.”  We have seen this time and time again, on all the vocal reality shows, and it never works.  Usually when they “change it up” it sound like garbage and the last two nights the contestants that did this sounded terrible.  What is the thinking that decides this?  The contestant has fans because the fans like their original style.  For example if you like someone who sings rock, the why would they decide to change their style and sing country?  We can see going from an upbeat song to maybe a slow song, but changing their style?  No way!  They got into the Voice with a certain style and when they change it, it broadcasts that they don’t  have a clue what style they are comfortable with.  Like they just don’t know where they are going with their music.  “Duh!”  I want to see the contestant that knows where they are going and stays true to themselves and their fans.

We have nothing else at this time except to say that we did not watch the entire Voice on Monday because we have been waiting months for the “November Nine” live from Los Vegas WPT (World Poker Tour) and because it was a live broadcast we wanted to see these guys just plain play poker.  So we did the remote clicking back and forth between the shows.  We did tape The Voice however and watched it later in it’s entirety.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow night.

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