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October 15, 2013

The Voice — Start of the Battle Rounds

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VioceWOW!” another great start to the 2013 Battle Rounds.  Last nights show was awesome with the onset of the team battle rounds.  There is sure some great talent once again this year and we will be enjoying every minute.

Did you happen to notice the feeble attempt The X-Factor has attempt to do to match the The Voice battle rounds by starting a “Four Chair Challenge” Round where each contestant on a team picks and sings their own song and the “mentor” for the team decides who stays and who goes?  A lame attempt on their part because 90% of the choices by the contestants were the wrong choices which shows that when the mentor on The Voice picks the song and both contestants sing the same song it’s much more dramatic because matching apples with apples is way better then matching lemons with kiwi like on the X-Factor. We send our “Boo!  Hiss!” to the X-Factor.

So did your favorite get through last night on The Voice?  Ours has not come up yet, but we eagerly awaiting to see.  Hope all the car-poolers have something to talk about on their early morning ride.

Oh and did you all notice that the tattoo on Cee-Lo’s head was missing last night?  So now we know, it was painted on or someone took the time to etch it on or he painted his head so that the tattoo would not show.  So many questions about so little nothing 🙂

We have nothing else to report at this time except to do a shout out to all the “cheetah’s” out there in cyberland.


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