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October 13, 2013

Flu Season – Get the shot

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germsIt’s Flu season again and we are strongly recommending that if any of you folks out there in cyberland have not received your flu shot yet, to get it as soon as you can.  We were about to get our flu shot about a week ago, but because we were not feeling well did not get it.

About ten days ago this reporter came down with bronchitis and because we were leaving last Sunday on a business trip we went to the doctor on Saturday to get some relief and ask the doctor if it was wise to travel.  The Doctor said it should be ok to leave on the trip and prescribed some antibiotics ( A Z-Pack – Take two pills the 1st day and one everyday for four days).  The doctor strongly suggested taking Mucinex DM 1200 MG with lots of water every day.  So off we went, jetting across the country on Sunday.

We started feeling much better on Tuesday, but Wednesday we woke up with the onset of a head cold with sneezing.  For two days we were going through Kleenex like there was no tomorrow.  Thank goodness Friday, the day of departure, things seems to settle down, and off we went again jetting across country.  Nearing the end of the flight we started to feel achy with a sore throat and the congestion starting again.  Friday night the cough and congestion started again and we felt like we were right back to the status we were before we left.

Yesterday we went back to the Doctor and sure enough the bronchitis was back even worse this time and because of the sore throat and aches and pains, the Doctor said that because our immune system was weak last week we must have caught the flu bug, probably from the all the traveling.  Airports / airplanes are at the top of the list for germ happy environments.  We left this time with prescriptions that make last weeks prescriptions candy.  Not only did we need to get a shot to free up our airways, we left with three prescriptions that need to be continued for ten days.

So folks here is our message “GET A FLU SHOT ASAP

We have nothing else to report at this time except to tell you that our next post will be about US Airways and the appalling way they treated passenger on Flight 868 departing ColumbusOH to Charlotte NC on October 11.  Be warned out there in cyberland, if you are thinking of upcoming air travel and like to be treated like cattle going to market, then US Airways is the air carrier for you.

As for our opinion of US Airways about the only way we would ever travel with that carrier again is if every airline in the entire world was sold out of ticket to our destination, and every train and bus service was also sold out, we might give it a shot after checking the donkey renting services.


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