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September 24, 2013

The Voice 2013 — Auditions #1

Vioce  Did you all watch the premier last night?  It was great seeing the original judges back this season and the talent once again looks to be awesome.

The big question in this household was do you think the tattoo on Cee Lo’s head is real?  We were bouncing back and forth whether it’s one of those stick on fake thingys or it’s real.  Did Cee Lo take a tear off to get the tattoo?  We would think if it’s real, wouldn’t you worry about ink leaking into your brain?  Now we have to watch again (we would anyway) and check out the crown of his head.  Will it still be there?  Will it be the same pattern?  So many questions, and so few answers.

We wonder what the folks in the Petosky MI car pool think?  We would think the top-o-the-head tattoo was the main topic of conversation this morning on the way to work.  Then again, we wonder if Brandon and friends even noticed.

So tonight is the audition #2 show and of course we will be watching even though we ran out of Goldfish (Cheddar) last night and had to run out and get more.  This time we are going to “Original” flavor.

We have nothing else to report except give a shout out to all the folks who car pool to work.  They are not only are saving cash, they are saving the environment.


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