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July 4, 2013

Snapple Contest — Win Nothing!

snapple_nothing Folks, we have to tell you that we are really excited about the new Snapple Contest to win nothing!  Yes, folks, you win nothing and you will be happy to win nothing.  When we first saw the commercial on TV we jumped for joy to see that a huge company like Snapple realized the importance of nothing and they decided to run a national campaign to promote their product using nothing as the prize.

Just think about it.  You buy a Snapple drink pop open the cap and look inside the cap and see nothingWow!  You have won nothing and you are dancing around the store celebrating that you won nothing.

When we first started our humble little site here we thought about running a contest and the prize would be a fancy coffee mug with nothing printed on it.  Yes, folks, we had several conversations about this, but could not come up with what kind of contest.  So after many months we shelved the idea and were left with nothing and 20 gross of fancy coffee mugs with nothing printed on them.

With this new Snapple campaign we of course want to win some nothing like all of you out there in cyber-land would and we do like the taste of Snapple Iced tea, so we are on our way out the door to buy a couple cases of the product.  Soon we will be popping caps and looking for nothing.

We have nothing else to report at this time, but we would like to invite you out there in cyber-land to drop us a line (Post a comment here) if you win some nothing from opening a Snapple.  Please note what kind of nothing you won and how you celebrated.


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