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February 22, 2013

Favorite Daytime TV Show

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We have been fans of Ellen for about 10 years.  We watch Ellen’s show everyday and if you want to laugh, cry (joyfully), and dance all in the same day then this is the show to watch.  She usually starts the show backstage by tossing a “mint” high in to the air and catching it in her mouth.  Then after a short monologue she dances up into the audience and back to her chair on stage.  (One of these days we would like to see her take Tony, the DJ, with her).

Then the games begin.  Sometimes at the beginning of the show and sometimes at the end audience members are invited down to the stage for games and they really win some great prizes.  Currently trips to Australia for 7 days and 6 nights are the prize.

If it’s not a game, then she usually has some great guests and / or is helping out someone in need of a break.  Ellen and Shutterfly have partnered to help folks out there cyberland that are needing help.  We must say that Shutterfly sure seems like an awesome company and we strongly recommend that you all visit their site to see what services they are offering.  This segment is where we sit with tears of joy and smiling from ear to ear because of the folks being helped by Ellen and how she gets it done.  If you visit Ellen’s site you can nominate someone that you know needs help, or just send her a quick note.  (ELLENTV.COM).  We also follow Ellen on Facebook and get emails from her site of what is going on.

Finally when Ellen ends the show she says, “Be kind to others.” and that describes exactly the theme of her show.  She is always being kind to others in the way she chats with folks and the way she treats her guests.

We have nothing else to add except “Hito ni shinsetsu ni”.




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