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August 22, 2012

Wendy’s Baconator – Review

Recently Wendy’s has been running commercials in our area for the Baconator Sandwich.  When you look at the picture what do you see?  Do you see delicious looking hamburger that you can’t wait to taste?  Does it make you want to jump in your car and go get one?

When we see it we think “Man that burger will clog your arteries quicker than all get out!”  “Look at all that burger and bacon grease!  Yuck!”   We imagine someone on a steady diet of Baconator’s and after a few years they are sitting on the couch after just eating a Baconator and they get a chest pain.  At first they think its heartburn, but as the pain increases they know it’s the “BIG ONE”!  They have a tinge of panic whet they get short of breath and when the pain increases tenfold they go into full blown panic.  They jump up on their way to get the phone and find they are losing their balance because of the lack of breath.  They grab the phone and start to dial “9” and their legs give out.  As they are falling to the floor they hit the “1” key.  Plop, they are on the floor and they manage to hit the other “1” key.  They lay there after completing “911” weak, sweating, and gasping for air holding the phone close to their ear.  They are promising God that they will never eat another Baconator if only someone will answer their call for help.  Seconds feel like hours as they wait.  More promises to God and the call is answered…

Of course we are projecting what we think will eventually happen, but hey, clogged arties are written all over the Baconator is our view.

We have nothing else to add right now but if you want to go see what the nutritional value of this hamburger is < CLICK HERE >


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