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July 25, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 16 Results



The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Christine Applegate (Dancer?).

Tonight at the end of the show one boy and one girl will be going home based on last weeks voting.  All 16 dancers performed before the final results.

Going home tonight are Amber Jackson and Brandon Mitchell

To Amber and Brandon we say, “Let nothing stand in your way as you follow your dream and we hope to see you perform once again down the road as your journey continues.”

At least they did not have a “Bollywood” style this week.  The only time that a “Bollywood” Style routine would appeal to us is if we were in the lobby at the Hilton in BombayIndia for a “Bollywood” Convention and they happen to have the TV on with a SYTYCD “Bollywood” routine being telecast.  Back a few years ago they introduced a Russian Folkdance style and did not have any appeal.  They tried it again another week and once again it “bombed”.  We never saw the style again.  We hope the take a long look at the “Bollywood” style and come back with the same results.  It would save us a trip to Bombay.

We have nothing else to report right except to say that we think the new format for SYTYCD stinks.  One show per week with dancing and the results from the prior week all in the same night is not our “cup of tea”.  Ah well, that’s show biz.

Oh and by the way >>> 2012 Olympics start in two days.


  1. New format stinks; I concur wholeheartedly!! I feel like I haven’t gotten to know any of the dancers. There’s no connection between them and the viewers; this season is devoid of any real emotional connection. And the dance numbers???? Ugh!!! About as appealing as a visit to the dentist’s office. What happened to the show I used to love?? Super sad face 😦

    Comment by Jessica — August 8, 2012 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

    • Great description “about as appealing as a visit to the dentists office”! We agree also with the missing connection, we miss the “dancing for their life” and remembering what got the dancers on the show. We no longer make a point of watching and we hope they get back to the old format and once again make us fans.

      Comment by alaboutnothing — August 13, 2012 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

  2. The last 2 shows reminded me of why I loved SYTYCD in the first place; better routines, better music, more excitement. The top 10 and top 8 were paired with All Stars – I personally love this match up! What do you guys think?? I was shocked to see the judges let George go last week and Lindsay this week. She and Whitney were the bottom 2 girls. Whitney has tons of personality and looks but I thought Lindsay’s solo this week showed her amazing growth and talent. The top 10 tour will be in my area and I think I’ve changed my mind; I might actually go see them. Also, I’m calling the top girl – dark horse Tiffany Maher. She’s humble, sweet and showing she has what it takes to earn America’s vote. I think the last 2 guys standing will be Cole Horibe and Cyrus Spencer. But hey, I’ve been wrong before 🙂 I’ve also heard rumors (hopefully not true) that this will be the last season of SYTYCD. One perk of the format this season; dancers get voted off the following week in the same show they perform. I always hated having to wait the second night for eliminations. But this is also a downfall, as you guys know, we don’t get to form a substantial connection with the dancers. I would not be surprised if voting was down this season. Hope ya’ll decide to catch the last 3 weeks and find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

    Comment by Jessica — August 30, 2012 @ 11:12 pm | Reply

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