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July 14, 2012

Toilet Tissue Issue

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We were watching televison and a Cottonelle commercial came on and a haunting question came to mind.  In our quest too attain nothingness we need too clear out brain cells that contain information that is clogging our cells and this is one question that needs to be cleared up.  The question is, “What is the proper way too hang toilet paper on the spindle?”  Should it be hung with the paper coming over the top or with the paper coming out from the bottom?  We have thought long and hard about this question for many years.

We remember once “back in the day” we attempted to resolve this question by taking a roll of TP and hanging it first with the paper over the top.  With a quick pull we spun off about ten sheets.  Then we hung it with the paper coming from the bottom.  With a quick pull we spun off about fifty sheets.  We thought, “Aha!” we have finally resolved this issue, the top way saves paper.  When we told other folks (guys), they seemed to think the paper coming from the bottom was the correct way.  So the question lingered on.

Now we have to admit that being male is a disadvantage right off.  We say this because women probably use about a thousand times (pure guess) as much toilet paper as men and they would probably know which way is correct.  So we asked five guys and five girls what their preference is and too our surprise the consensus the majority came out to “under”.  The main reason being that it is easier to find the first sheet.

So we decided to take this out too the folks out there in cyber-land.  We are including a poll at the bottom and we would appreciate your participation in filling out the questions so we can finally resolve this issue.  Just three simple questions, “Male or Female”, “Age”, and “Over or Under”.  We ask “age” because there may be a generation difference and we would like to know that also.

So with nothing else to add we say too you ahead of time, “Thank you for your vote.”


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