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July 12, 2012

An AlAboutNothing 100,000 Hit Celebration

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A few days ago we hit the 100,000 visitor mark on this blog site.  For some sites, 100,000 is a mere drop in the ocean, but for us it’s huge and we can only thank all of you out there in cyberland that stop in from time to time and check us out.

We, unlike the commercial sites are all part timers and volunteers.  We have our volunteer judges Jojo, Andrew, Jenna, and Gabrielle to thank.  Our “go-to-guys” for P/C issues Marty (Owner of Cabana Geek Tech Services) and Aaron we send a big THANK YOU.

We must also thank our followers on Tweeter, Facebook, Email Subscribers, and WordPress, which is in our opinion by far the best personal publishing service in the universe.

Also on our “thank you” list are the folks out there who leave a comment when they stop by.  We appreciate all comments and know that it might take a few minutes to post, but each and every comment is read by our staff and added to our comment list.

We started posting in December of 2009 and in a short 2 ½ years we hit this milestone and plan to continue with our standard nothing topics and we are planning some new nothing topics in the future.  (2012 Olympics)

We have nothing else to report at this time but always remember if you are looking for nothing we hope we give you “all the nothing” you can handle.

One final comment to all of you out there in cyberland and that is to quote Dr. Spock from Star Trek, “Live long and prosper.” (We say this while doing the Vulcan Hand Salute)


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