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July 11, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Top 20 Performance


Tonight the dancers will partner with each other even though the audience voting will be for individual dancers.  Next week two girls and two boys will be going home based on tonight’s votes.

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Kenny Ortega


Highlights in order of performance:

1] Witney and Chehon    Style: Samba    Song: Jump
Whitney excellent job.  The judges thought that because Chehon specialty is ballet, his footwork needs to be addressed other than that he did a good job.

2] Tiffany and George     Style: Contemporary      Song: Turning Page
Both dancers in their specialty did a superb job in this routine.

3] Janaya and Brandon   Style: Hip-Hop (Soft)      Song: Take Care
The dancers told a story with their dancing and it was very nicely danced

4] Alexa and Daniel        Style: Jazz        Song: Hey ! Hey!
So far tonight this was the best dancing because this was an extremely difficult routine to dance.  Great job by both dancers.

5] Amber and Nick         Style: Ballroom Waltz    Song: Nights in White Satin
This routine was flowing, and beautifully danced by both dancers.

6] Amelia and Will          Style: Hip-Hop (Soft)      Song: The Love Cats
This performance was fun, entertaining, and topped off with brilliant dancing. Bravo!

7] Janelle and Dareian    Style: African Jazz         Song: Jungle
This was another exciting dance routine danced by both dancers.

8] Eliana and Cyrus        Style: Broadway            Song: Run and Tell That
We are not really Broadway Style fans, but we are now.  The dancers absolutely “nailed” this routine. Bravo!  One of the best tonight.

9] Audrey and Matt        Style: Contemporary      Song: Unchained Melody
With both dancers in their specialty this was flat-out awesome dancing.  Bravo! Wow! Perfection.

10] Lindsay and Cole      Style: Paso Doble          Song: Unstoppable
The dancers received a standing ovation from the judges and we agree that was the best Paso Doble we have ever seen on SYTYCD.  Of all the styles this is our least favorite, but tonight it was just plain great dancing.  Bravo!

Best of night dancers in their specialty >> Audrey and Matt

Best of night dancers out of specialty >> Lindsay / Cole and Eliana / Cyrus

We have nothing else to report except to remind you all out there in cyberland that July  28th is National (World) Dance Day.  Click here for more details

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