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June 20, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – VEGAS (4 Days)

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, Debbie, Adam, Tyce, and Lil’C.

181 Dancers made it through to Vegas after the preliminary auditions. Tonight went through 4 days of several rounds ending with 35 dancers competing for the top 20 spots.  As usual there was drama, injuries, tears, dancers dancing for their lives, and some really great dancing.

One thing for sure is the Vegas round highlights are a blur.  This show only features a few dancers like Alexia and Cyrus to name a few.  We don’t get detailed with our reporting during Vegas “week”, but here is a summary of tonight’s show.

Day 1 Started with each dancer doing a solo is their specialty style.

With the solos completed 51 dancers were sent home.

Then the choreography rounds started.  Now the dancers learn structured dance routines taught by the choreographers from SYTYCD.  Remember also these routines are not necessarily the dancer’s specialty and this is where many dancers can’t handle the “new” styles and there are many new styles to some.  If they “nail” the routine they stay, but even some of the dancer’s that were dancing their specialty could not handle the structured environment and either were sent home or volunteered to go home.  Also all the rounds will be danced with partners, which adds a twist to some of the dancers.

Round Style – Hip-Hop – Choreographers Twitch and Comfort

Hampton Williams the genius Hip-Hopper that dazzled the judges and us with his solo could not handle the structured routine and volunteered to go home.  (His solo was just plain “sic”)

On the flip side many dancers that were out of their style with Hip-Hop moved on, in all 97 dancers moved on.

Day 2

Round Style – Broadway — Choreographer Tyce

More dancers were cut.  Over ½ have been cut to this point.

Round Style – Jazz – Choreographer Sonya

16 more dancers were cut

Next came the Group Round.  Now the dancers will choreograph their own routines after picking their music at random.  In previous seasons the group members were picked randomly, but this year the dancers could choose who they wanted in their group.

Day 3

After practicing their routines through the night, the Group Routines were danced.  There were some not so good routines and some outstanding routines.  When the final groups were complete, 61 dancers were left.

The partnered dancing continued with the round style – Cha-Cha.  Music “Let’s Get Loud”

There were more cuts, tears, and outstanding dancing.

<Alexia shined and moved on>

Hip-Hopper Cyrus danced for his life and knocked the judge’s socks off and ours also.  Cyrus moved on.  (Keep in mind that a few seasons ago the winner, Joshua Allen’s specialty was Hip-Hop).

52 Dancer are left.

Day 3 Late

Round Style – Contemporary – Choreographer Travis Wall

This round we call “The Fatigue Round” because the dancers have been going basically non-stop for 3 very long days.

The dancers were called to the stage after the round and more were cut.

Day 4

Joshua Alexander was injured practicing a new “Flip” move and taken to the hospital.

The Final Round was solos by each dancer, which is basically “Dancing for their lives” to remain a contestant.

At the end of the today 35 dancers were left.

Next week will be the choosing of the Top 20.

We have nothing else to report except to note that the outstanding performance for this reporter was the opening solo by Hampton Williams.  He is classed as a Hip-Hop style, but Hampton creates a routine so highly modified that we think a totally new style should be created.  (How about “HWing”?)  I don’t recall being completely awe-stricken by a Hip-Hop dance routine, but every time we have seen Hampton dance we are at a loss for words to describe how beautifully he dances.  You will be missed Hampton Williams.

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