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June 13, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Auditions #4 Salt Lake City

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Adam Shankman.

The idea for these dancers is to get a ticket to “Vegas” to continue their journey.  If the dancer does a great routine they usually get sent straight to Vegas, but if the dancer performs a so-so routine the judges will send them to choreography.  In choreography the dance will learn a partnered routine and the dance again for the judges.  The judges will then decide whether or not to send the dancer to Vegas.

Tonight’s Highlights:

1] Whitney Carson #15345     Style: Cha-Cha-Tango
Whitney got a “Holy Moley” from Nigel.  We think Whitney just plain “nailed” her routine tonight.  She has it all, the looks, technique, and the grace.  To quote Adam, “You are #@!^% awesome.”
Vegas – YES

2] Lynn Gravatt #15275           Style: Contemporary (Spiritually guided)
Lynn was very entertaining but not very good in her technique.  A very sweet soul.
Vegas – NO

3] Deanna “Dee” #15081        Style: Contemporary
Oh my!  This was a beautifully danced routine and we enjoyed every moment.
Vegas – YES

4] Gene L. #15210                  Style: Contemporary (Praying Mantis)
Gene is a very unique dancer and we did not know what to expect before he started, so we expected nothing and we really enjoyed the entire routine.
Vegas – YES

5] Lindsay Arnold #15113       Style: Latin Ballroom
Lindsay danced with a partner and it was a fabulous routine.  She had great technique and the routine just seemed to flow so smoothly.
Vegas – YES

6] Mariah #15245                    Style: Crump
Mariah blew us away with a great (Buck) routine with really strong moves.
Mariah was sent to choreography.
Vegas – YES

7] Murphy Lang #15107          Style: Hip-Hop
Even though Murphy is not formally trained he was entertaining and performed a really creative routine.
Murphy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO

8] Derian #15078                    Style: Contemporary
From the first step we could see this was going to be a special routine and we were once again blown away.  Bravo!  (We think top 20 for Derian)
Vegas – YES

9] A duet Johnny Ahn #15151 and Whitney #15152   Style: Ballroom
This was a very good routine even though chemistry was lacking between the partners.  Overall we enjoyed it.
Both dancers were sent to choreography
Vegas – N for both dancers

10] Adrian Lee #15003            Style: Contemporary
Adrian just missed the top 20 last year and this year he is amazingly a better dancer.  This routine was an easy bravo!
Vegas – YES (Top 20 this year?)
By the way, Adrian’s mom also received a ticket to Vegas.

11] Rachel Adams #15251     Stlye: Burlesque / Jazz
We agree with Nigel on this one.  He said, “To much running around and not enogh dance moves.”  We might add there was also to much “grinding”.
Rachel was sent to choreogrphy.
Vegas – YES (Showed potential)

12] Leroy Martinez #15223     Style: Hip-Hop
Leroy not only inspired us, he also inspired the judges with his story and dancing.  That was one awesome Hip-Hop routine  We were not only inspired by Leroy’s dancing, but we were also inspired by his humanity.  Leroy works with a foundation for kids in Sacramento.  The name of the foundation is “The Peace Makers”.
Leroy was sent to choreography
Vegas – NO (we must sadly report)  Great human being – YES

We have nothing more to report except to remind all of you that next week starts “Vegas” week usually known as “Hell Week”.

And we would like to send “congat’s” to Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants for pitching a ”P e r f e c t” game tonight.  (1st one in Giant’s history)

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